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Meet Jiggs Love of The Scan Truck


Today we’d like to introduce you to Jiggs Love.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Jiggs. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
It all began with my innate curiosity and passionate desire to explore and create the unknowns of life. My incredibly intuitive mom realized my deep passion for art at a very young age and always nurtured my creativity and gave me outlets to express that energy. She often tells the story of when she found me digging through the trash looking for trinkets to glue and sew into one of my junk art amalgamations.

This led into a deep dive into the world of storytelling and creating mind expanding visual art. After film school, I moved to LA and spent over ten years working in the film industry; from the art departments to post-production while moonlighting projection art at underground raves. Eventually, I took the leap to start a projection mapping company with my soul brother Benlloyd Goldstein creating vibes for festivals, nightclubs and hotels. The melting pot of all my various skill-sets, fascinations and unique relationships along the way led me to an exciting new 3D digital medium and eventually to the current creation of photorealistic assets and worlds.

Once my goals were clear, I was ready to take the risk to make my vision a reality. My intuition guided me to create something bigger than myself and unique to the industry. I saw an ever growing need for photo-realistic 3D assets on various Film and VR projects. The idea was to create a 3D scanning studio, using photogrammetry – a process of capturing a 3D model by taking hundreds of still images of a human or an object from different angles. In our industry time is gold; why not bring our technology to clients via a mobile service and provide the convenience of 3D scanning at any location? The dream of pulling up next to The Rolling Stones tour bus and in minutes capturing the likeness of these legends was too vivid to ignore.

The wild adventures of building a “mobile spaceship on wheels” transcending space and time began in my garage. I teamed up with one of my best friends and soon to be business partner Vladimir Galat. Our initial idea to fill a niche in the digital world turned out to be quite the physical and mental undertaking. My garage became a digital playground portal filled with computers, cables and cameras as far as the eye could see. Vlad and I used those tools to combine creativity with technology in an innovative way. At a certain point it almost seemed like the complexity was so overwhelming it didn’t seem possible.  Vlad was instrumental to dialing in our system and took everything to the next level filling a gap energetically and technically. In addition, we were blessed to have a community of industry professionals from past projects that contributed to getting us off the ground. A project of this caliber required top-level technical expertise. For many months it was all hands on deck, my wife Nikola and sister Tatyana wearing multiple hats from cabling, labeling and vibe control to helping keep us all fed along the way.

While stress testing our camera rig, we simultaneously built our custom 33 ft. production truck. Halfway into the project, my wife Niko and I received the epic news that our magical baby boy Rad was on his way! His spirit already evolving made so many things clear to us and guided the new direction for our company. We doubled down, took out more loans to purchase more cameras and sign a lease on our new warehouse studio. With my son on the way, time and money was running out. We had to build a strong foundation for the company and establish ourselves in the industry. Our mobile set up had to be on the level of leading brick and mortar 3D scanning studios so cutting corners was not an option.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The roads in the world of production are known for their bumps, twists, and turns. We maneuvered through these obstacles by making lemonade out of lemons. One of the greatest challenges was getting the camera rig stabilized in the truck with proper shock absorption. All the computers, cameras and sensitive electronic equipment had to be secured to withstand Hollywood’s potholes. A custom onboard 20,000 watt generator had to be built so that the truck could be self-powered on remote locations. This build was the perfect melting pot of technology and creative thinking outside the nodes. We could never have reached the finish line without the help and expertise of our team of humble crushers. Aaron Thoman played a crucial role in engineering the hardware and writing our proprietary software. Christopher Lee was brought on as the lead character artist and quickly established himself as a key member of our family. ICVR has been instrumental dialing in our post-processing pipelines and creating hyper-realistic avatars with us as a team.

My wife Niko has been everything to me on our journey in life. Her emotional support and sharing of this grand vision made it possible for us to grow. Her gift with words and transformational communication has created many deep relationships and alliances for our company. To say she has worn a lot of hats through this process is an understatement; my gratitude for her is infinite. We’ve always thought of our Scan Truck as being “Powered by Positivity” and this intention has supported and guided us through thick and thin.

My wife and I had our son Rad the same month we launched the company to the public at the Virtual Reality conference VRLA 2018. It was amazing to see how much positive loving energy Rad added to our lives during that hectic transition. The honor of being a new papa played a huge role in taking the leap into the Hollywood VFX industry and finding my voice in a new arena. Showcasing The Scan Truck on the floor of VRLA opened up a lot of doors through the connections we made with the leaders in the Film, TV, and music industry. Brian Adler from Protagon saw the value in what we were doing and took a chance by introducing us to our first major motion picture Venom by Marvel. Our first major project, 3D scanning Tom Hardy, turned out to be one of our most challenging experiences. It was a true test of our system, our quality and our ability to maintain composure in a fast-paced and stressful environment. The success of this project strengthened our reputation and catapulted us into the world of big-budget feature film industry. We were ecstatic to see that our service was in high demand and in a short time, we were hired to work on the biggest films and TV shows in Hollywood. Our spaceship transported us to exciting locations to scan legends like Harrison Ford for Call of the Wild and Matt Damon and Christian Bale on the race track in Long Beach for Ford vs. Ferrari. We teleported from a celebrity mansion on Monday to the set of the Avengers on Tuesday scanning the entire cast to a post-apocalyptic set of Terminator on Wednesday. We were ready to hop in The Scan Truck at a drop of a dime and go where the production needed us. Vlad and I were ( and are ) known as the “Ghostbusters of the VFX industry!” Once we established ourselves, we felt it was critical to give back by creating the Virtually Conscious sector of our company. Through this program, we have been able to donate services to meaningful projects that help make the world a better place.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about The Scan Truck – what should we know?
The beginning of 2020 was looking bright for The Scan Truck. We were building huge momentum and were riding the wave. Our truck was booked solid through the Spring. We were gearing up to do a cross country tour to scan in multiple cities for the biggest project we’ve ever been a part of. Nobody could have foreseen what happened next. Life threw us all the ultimate curveball – COVID-19. Within a few short weeks, Hollywood’s production screeched to a halt with all of our clients canceling or putting their projects on hold. Before we knew it, we were in the midst of an unprecedented time of a mandatory quarantine and a shut down of non-essential businesses. Our space-time continuum slowed down with the rest of the world for the first second since we launched into hyperspace.

We reset our intentions allowing us once again to see a new perspective. We realized that we were in a position to solve one of Hollywood’s biggest problems. With physical gatherings having been restricted, actors, musicians and artists could still create content through the use of digital media, specifically with the rise of Virtual Productions and the need for hyper-realistic avatars.

During this digital evolution, we are now helping creatives find their voice through the use of avatars in virtual worlds and helping grow new platforms with innovators worldwide. Will Smith is an early adopter of our technology. Will hired us to scan him so he could create endless content for social media and marketing campaigns without limitations. Once the avatar is created, the possibilities are endless! We will continue to follow our intuition along this wild journey and create positive waves with our craft while humbly learning daily. I can’t wait to see what adventures are next for The Scan Truck Family in this wild galaxy.

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