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Meet Jerry Gregorio

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jerry Gregorio.

Jerry, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Well, I am originally from Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I come from a big Italian family. I am one of five children. Let’s just say my mom is a tough cookie for dealing with all of us haha!

I’m the middle child… I think that means I’m the coolest one right?! Na, I love my beautiful three sisters and my handsome big bro. My father passed away when I was 11, so things were definitely not easy. I have struggled many hardships throughout my life ranging from poverty, obesity, violence, abuse, substance abuse, tragedy, depression, anxiety, and the list goes on, but I never let any of that stop me.

Life hits hard there is no doubt about it, but that is also what makes beautiful moments that much more spectacular. I have experienced so much in such a short time here on this earth. I’ve had the privilege to work many Jobs and study many things.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life, so I just tried a whole bunch of stuff to see if anything would stick. A few highlights are Personal Training (CPR certified as well), Certified Electrician, Gymnastics/Karate/Sports Instructor, Culinary Arts (Chef), Boxing/Martial Arts, Weaponry Training, and last but most definitely not least, attended the Police Academy.

It turns out none of those were for me. I went to California on vacation for the first time and  I truly felt like I belonged. So, a couple months after I got home from vacation, I sold my car and moved out with just a backpack. I was homeless but fortunate enough to have many friends and people help me along the way. In fact, I couldn’t and wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my family and friends. Seriously. I’m so blessed to have encountered so many loving and kind individuals! It all started with trying to get a meal. And the rest is history. Someone told me about how on sets you can have amazing food for “free.” Let’s just say that’s all it took!

With that being said, I am extremely thankful for the trials and tribulations, as I truly believe they sculpted me into the person I am today. I thank God for refining me and taking me on a wild journey that would ultimately lead to one of my biggest passions, Acting, (and of course my eventual purpose(s) which is yet to be fully known) in regards to acting. As it turned out, all of those jobs truly primed me for the many different roles and characters I portray and will eventually portray and helped me in overall just life. I am very lucky to have experience in so many different categories, True jack of all trades haha. God is so good though! I have had such an incredible spiritual journey as well and felt it is my duty to give back in love. In fact, I am looking into starting a non-profit which I am extremely excited about!

I love my profession so much and am immensely thankful for the opportunity to work in such an exhilarating and profound industry. I have worked many jobs within the Entertainment industry such as Acting, Modeling, Fitness, Voice, Singing, Stunts/fighting, and have even worked behind the camera in production as well. This industry is one of my major passions (along with Music and fitness), and I am extremely grateful to be a part of this crucial and impactful Art. This is a quick summary of my story (haha but for real) and thank you for the opportunity to share.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I think I probably covered most of Obstacles/Challenges in the last question, but really it’s been just life. You know what I mean? We are all dealt cards, and it’s truly how we play them that matters most. Work with what you got/get and pray for the next cards to line up. That’s my philosophy anyway.

But in all seriousness, even though I have faced many obstacles/challenges (and still face them today), I am still so thankful for those obstacles. They force change and growth which is what I’m all about.

Many people have it way worse, and so I look at it that way. We all have a story, but it’s about highlighting the Good in every situation. I’m just thankful!

We’d love to hear more about what you do.
My job is all about staying as consistent and persistent as possible and doing the work with thanksgiving.

Appreciating the process and trusting in faith. Being present and in the moment, extremely vulnerable, while expressing myself truthfully, in imaginary situations.

Fitness is also a HUGE part of my life and my job. I workout every single day and love pushing my body past it’s limits. That’s how I got into doing stunts, which is also within my industry. Staying fit is my lifestyle. I’m in the middle of creating a fitness website that will be released soon too! I can’t wait to share! Also, I have many different inventions I am working on in my free time and phone Apps that are all in development, as well as a book!

Never a dull moment with me, I should probably sleep more huh?! haha! I am excited to see where things will go, so long as I am blessed with another day.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
Whoa, this one is hard to answer! What would I go back and change… Well, I’ve lost many people in my life, so I would spend more time on relationships (family, friends, etc.) and not worry so much about myself or the future.

Really just enjoy the moments for what they were/are and love more, ya know?! I’m trying my best to do that from now on anyway. But people make it so dang hard!! Haha, just messing around, but kind of for real hahaha! Na, I love people for real!

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