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Meet Jenny Segura

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jenny Segura.

Hi Jenny, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
I’ve always had my love for art in all forms whether it be through music, fashion or designing. Due to my passion for art and being creative, I dabble in a little bit of everything creatively. I am an Artist, Freelance Graphic Artist and Photographer and… I am also a DJ which I do purely for the love of Music and the Art of DJing.

No matter how hard I tried or even emerged myself into other ventures and hobbies, I would always come back to Art and music. Which led me to take matters into my own hands a few years ago and I became self-taught in graphic design and I’ll be honest, it was a rough start to begin but as time went on, things had just become natural like I’m truly meant to do this.

For years now, I’ve had a deep passion to design and run my own apparel line. I literally have old pages from years back of designs and layouts that I’ve only imagined could be real. Sadly I myself put doubt in my mind that it could never happen and so those ideas were kept hidden and locked up in my sketchbooks. Every now and then, my sketchbooks would reappear randomly as I would be going through stuff and I would skim through them admiring them but then would tuck them back away telling myself “Nah, you can’t do this”.

Well… God put me to the test; it was almost like he was calling me out to challenge me and see how badly I wanted this dream that I keep playing with. It got me thinking and I just decided why have I let so many years go by without doing anything with my ideas and visions. No matter how hard I try, this dream is not leaving me so I have to do something about it.

I lost my job and well finding another job was not going so well. I was being turned away left and right and I couldn’t figure out why. I have years of experience in customer service, dispatching, case management, etc. so why isn’t anyone hiring me. I became discouraged and just starting putting myself out there and be open to whatever job I could get just as long as I could make some kind of income.

Then it hit me and I said to myself, “Why am I doing I’m so quick and ready to run back to the corporate world?” The whole time that I was working, I was spending hours and late nights after work putting in research to really figure out how I can progress myself into a graphic design career. So there was the sign I was being turned away because I have a bigger purpose to fulfill my dreams. Then once I figured it out the next step was putting everything into play and I had to scale down all my ideas and really put the vision together.

Fast forward just a bit and I can proudly say I made the decision to enroll in school and got my Associates degree in Graphic Design. I’m currently working to advance my artwork and photography and I continue to work on ideas to launch the apparel line that I have envisioned.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
The experience as a whole challenged me and pushed me to levels that proved to myself how strong I really am. I was going to school in the morning and working two jobs a day job two days a week and a night job four days a week just to make ends meet while going to school.

Talk about a struggle but it really tested me harder than I’ve ever been tested before and I can honestly say that through the struggle, it helped me find myself and pushed me to have confidence in myself. God has blessed me with talents and I have been hiding them for too long.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
I dabble in a little bit of everything creatively. I am an Artist, Freelance Graphic Artist and Photographer and… I am also a DJ which I do purely for the love of Music and the Art of DJing.

I love to be creative and during my time in school for Graphic Design, it was then where I was really able to focus and be a little more creative. I have never really showcased my artistic side. I was learning new skills and I felt motivated to show my art skills. I’ve never been afraid to show my creativity through photography and DJing. I feel like that side just came natural but I was most hesitant to show my art.

I’m very big on emotions and I feel as though my creativity is easily sparked by music and a lot of my artwork is musically based. Some days my creativity can weigh heavier on music and I will just want to focus all of my creative energy on creating a DJ mix and then there are days where music will lead me to be creative through artwork and I will just want to paint or draw all day. However, I choose to be creative I will always go off of pure emotion and how I’m feeling and put all of that energy into what I create.

What would you say have been one of the most important lessons you’ve learned?
The most important lesson that I have learned and continue to learn through this journey is that there are going to be obstacles to overcome when you are chasing after your dreams. These obstacles are meant to make you stronger and just because it gets a little tough, don’t ever give up.

It’s ok to take a little break just to recharge and gather yourself but don’t ever give up because no matter how long it takes, all the hard work and dedication is leading up to something great. Stay true to yourself.

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