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Meet Jenny Koesling of Vive Aguanile Luxury Healing Candles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jenny Koesling.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Jenny. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
When starting my candle business, I was living in Laguna Beach and was stepping into my intuitive gifts. I developed deep-listening skills and clairvoyance that came on pretty strong in my healing sea-side bungalow. Shortly after I went online with my candles, I was selected through the Emmy Awards gifting company to place my candles in the award winners gift bags. I thought it was junk mail. My Texas mother demanded, “That’s 818! You better call them!”

After hanging up the phone with the gifting company, I smiled like the cat that caught the canary. My vision and goal-marker at that time was to place my metro-spiritual brand of healing candles on the shelves of the luxury marketplace. Namely, at Nieman Marcus and next to Jo Malone. When I was told that they had been putting off Jo Malone’s people because they wanted to bring in something unique and interesting… I got my bird.

What I learned over the years is that you can’t kill the vision. You can pick it back up when you have the means and when you have the motivation. I would love to say that I never dabbled in other interests. I did, though. I simultaneously worked with my eye for design and my ears for intuition, which assisted me in tightening up product image and my message.

And in fact, there were loads of miracles along the way but I was not ready for success overnight. I had to learn lots of life lessons. However, these miracles placed before me were like booster rockets and kept me focused. They told me to stick with it. One of those miracles included living down the street from Oprah for $600/month. Another was teaching candle making to Emma Stone. Another was hearing that someone received my love candle in the mail. I did not ship it to her. Nobody had.

All I know is that my mission to create healing candles to assist with the life journey has been a teacher to me in becoming very resilient. Very resilient. The more I learned to overcome obstacles and keep shining my light on the world, the more of these little miracles showed up. They pulled me forward.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
As mentioned previously, I learned a lot about being resilient while building my brand. I’m fact, I was in the fetal position on my sofa in 2009 after losing my corporate job, when I heard the background music to a movie that hit my consciousness like a root canal.

It was a passionate Salsa song called ‘Aguanile’ and I researched it to find out that it was a cultural term that means to get rid of the negativity from your home or soul. That was when The Divine stepped in and said DO THIS. It was a gift. I got the message. I had an interest in aromatherapy and I started making my first candles.

Bringing down the information for the recipes, the intention and name, the signature aromatherapy blends, the aligned healing stones to bury inside… all of that came in the 11th hour.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Vive Aguanile Luxury Healing Candles – what should we know?
I have created a line of luxury healing candles that offer multi-layers of support. This includes aromatherapy, energetic healing, healing crystals and a guidance card inserted into the packaging which discusses the candle’s intention from the mouths of the Archangels. The supporters of my brand describe them as ‘Angel Candles’ for short.

I am pinching myself to be creating them in the City of Angels, and I’m excited to keep expanding my line. But what I’m most proud of, is that I get to step fully into my gifts to make this happen. And I plan to use all my gifts in this lifetime. Using our gifts is an invitation of limitless possibility.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
My lovely mom. She has funded some of my early work and in between things. She’s made me look clearly at the challenges, and backed me up when I wasn’t sure of my purpose.

I am currently being mentored by a very well-known designer who is a self-made woman, business mogul, author and in the licensing stage of her career with her products. Stay tuned. She’s a powerhouse and I’m on board.


  • Rebirth, 16oz candle, $44
  • Shangri La, 16oz candle, $44
  • Ritual, 16oz candle, $44

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  • Instagram: @viveaguanilecandles
  • Facebook: ViveAguanileLuxuryHealingCandles

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  1. Renee White

    August 15, 2018 at 02:34

    Hi Jenny!
    I’ve learned about your business through your cousin Gary Koesling, he speaks very highly of you …I hope I get the chance to meet you someday.

    • Jenny Koesling

      August 17, 2018 at 03:53

      Hi Renee!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and extend such kindness. I sincerely appreciate your interest and will look forward to meeting you through our dear Gary anytime.

      All the best,

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