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Meet Jazzman Collins

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jazzman Collins.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Jazzman. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
At age 13 supermodel jazzmoneè was born.

My home town is fort worth Texas, I started my modeling career at 13. I knew modeling was my purpose at a young age. My mom used to do runway shows when she was in her 20’s. I seen my mom do a show and when she came out on the runway, I couldn’t stay in my seat. I told her, “Mom, I want to model”, so my mom being the mom who supported EVERY single thing I wanted to do, put me in my first show “World Wide Fuze it”. That was a huge show! The HUSTLE, BUSTLE, QUICK CHANGES the epitome of a runway show I experienced it. It shocked me into the modeling world and made me want to pursue modeling even more. After that show she said to me, “now you still want to be a model” I said absolutely. And it went from there, I booked every casting I went for (a huge blessing).

My mom was my manager when I first started, then I got signed with DMG and Arquett in Dallas. After my contracts were up with both, I went back to freelance. When I turned 15, I was known throughout all of Dallas, but the pay wasn’t there. Which at first didn’t bother me because I was able to do my passion and help someone bring their ideas to life. It wasn’t until I seen models from agencies like page parks, dragonfly, and Kim Dawson who were doing the same show and getting paid. My potential was being seen but not respected.

I had done shows people told me I’d never been able to do without an agency. DIFFA Dallas, the pin show, BMW design and dine, World Trade Center, etc. At 16, it was settled I had outgrew Texas I had struggled like no other I had learned so much. It was time to find a new. So at 16, I was working at six flags attending a fine arts academy in my junior year. Is at my mom down and said, “Mom, I’ve outgrown Texas there’s nothing here for me for us anymore. We need to go to California.”

My mom looked at me and said moneè we can’t just up and leave. I have a job and we don’t know a soul in California. I told her, “I’m going with it without you mom” but really I had no clue how I was going to get there. I came home from school one day and my mom had things packed and I said what’s going on! She said my job let me go so I figured that was a sign so I’m sealing what we can’t fit in the car and we’re driving to California. And we did just that and with us was my older sister and my niece we told not a soul. My mother drove 20 hours no sleep just restroom breaks all the way to California. When we arrived we didn’t have a place to stay we parked in a grocery store parking lot and sat and my sister blew up and my mom said we have to go back. I was to close no way I was going back I screamed no I’m not going I’m running away I’m staying. Long story, my sister went back to Texas. My mom’s friend knew a lady we could stay with that was a huge nightmare but a blessing we’re not on the streets or in the car. Then my mom connected with a photographer we knew in Dallas who lived in California nice lady with a lot of dogs we stayed there for two days while there my mom found out through the photographer that one of my moms fridge used to model with was in California as well! And she was super nice and allowed us to stay with her. During that time in 2017, I got a job at Arclight cinema and my mom got a job as well.

We still found time to do go sees between our jobs. My first go see was at LA Models. I had heard Tyra signed with them after she came from Europe and no one looked like me on there roster so had a good feeling. I went in the first question was “how tall are you?” I replied 6’1 they said “no” didn’t even look at my book. I’ve never cried so hard in my life, I felt like a failure I felt like I let my mom down I felt like I let all the girls who looked up to me down, I felt like I was true to the stereotype of my hometown. It wasn’t that I’ve never heard a no in life or even in the modeling world. It was the fact that they didn’t give me a reason (their site say women 5’11 to 6,1 for runway division) and that everyone else was so sure that California was where I needed to be and that I would get snatched up, but what they didn’t know was talent didn’t seem to matter in this day and age. I approach the car gasping for the wind that had just been knocked out of me and my mom said “moneè, that’s just one agency baby there’s plenty out here plus there’s in and out seasons we will try again.” So on we went to Wilhelmina, Ford, submission for Next agency, wildflower, etc. you name it. The answers where either No, or we will email you if we’re interested. I finally went back to LA Models and they told me I was too ethnic and to high fashion for the la market. Again I was being turned down in living my dream because of my ethnic look and being too high fashion things I had no control over. So I decided to go freelance and from 2017 to now, that was the best choice.

I’ve done all of la fashion week, Palms spring fashion week, Style fashion week, Art hearts fashion week, Metropolitan fashion week, Juxtaposed fashion week, Bridal fashion week, Telemundo, IFSM, NewYork Fashion week. I’ve been in 3 editions of Black hair magazine, blue jean magazine, LA Times, Brides of North Texas, I’ve been presented with model of the year award, etc. I’ve also broken into acting I made a Camio in “Oceans 8” and many more tv shows. Currently doing two films that shoot the end of August.

I have been told by agencies no because of my teeth (click agency In New York). I have been told by Designers I might be the only one who can fit their gourmet but they don’t like black girls in their clothes. And I’ve also been told you can’t be anything else in life but a model. I just wonder why is it agencies don’t see it enough to sign me? Or enough to not focus on how many Instagram followers I have (Wilhelmina and ford asked me that)

At the end of 2019, I registered for possible acceptance into Coco Rocha model camp a model who I’ve looked up to since I started and she hand-picked me to be apart of the camp. So on Sep. 26, I will be flying to New York to grow in my passion of modeling and continue my purpose. And I’ll make them see so clearly till they can no longer deny me. Who knows jazzmoneè might be the first worldwide known supermodel.

I’ve learned in this business you MUST have STRONG self-esteem and love yourself. And remember the hands us models seem to put our lives in as far as career choices they are human they feel jealousy, they have bad days, they feel superior, sometimes they let there ounce of power go to their heads and their ability to care and see clearly go out the window. It’s just the society we live in. What matters is that YOU do things that make you a better you. I’ve worked with amazing people in my lifetime as well as horrible people but to make a diamond, it has to go through the ruff. So I will continue to pursue my dream while going to college and majoring in biochemistry. Because this is bigger than me and success is inevitable.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I only speak truth so forgive me if I offended anyone by what I’m going to say. And just to make it clear, I’m not using this as an excuse. But being a human in today’s society is hard enough BUT being a black female is even crazier. So imagine having that plus being 13 and Naïve to the fact that a dream (that comes free) has a cost that presents you with challenges and labels you a less than for things you can’t change.

I stepped into a career that has a definition explained as Model – a system or thing used as an example to follow or imitate. With the similar word being replica. The birth of modeling and foundation was built around the Barbie doll, there’s wasn’t a black Barbie doll until Donyale Luna or Beverly Johnson, or Iman. And even then replicas of the white barbies were made in abundance.

Yes, it’s becoming more “diverse” but we still go through challenges. Like not having my shade of makeup, or not knowing how to do my hair EVEN after I spend money on a 100% human Brazilian wig that can be flipped dyed fried and tossed to the side, or being told straight up to my face I don’t like black girls in my clothes even though I was the only one who could fit that garment. Or being labeled as a bitch because I spoke up about being pushed to a stumble repeatedly every year by the same assistant manager that you thought the first two times might just be having a bad day and needs a hug… I’m not a confrontational person I’ve never been my height just intimidates people but I’m a friendly giant) or how I go into an agency and get told I’m to ethnic. OR get this one how their terms of diversity is putting black girls in a box by only signing my beautiful dark melanin sisters with the short fades blond. Because when they hit the runway, that’s the closest they can get to us girls of color being replicas like the Caucasian girls who you can’t tell apart.

Life struggles.

It’s just me my mom and my niece. When we came here in 2017, we had no place to stay. When we found one the lady was so rude, there where days me and my mom took turns not eating all day Because whatever money we did get was expected to be payed for rent. The same lady (I will never forget this) put us out in Chris eve at night while it was raining. Just us three girls had to pack up our little Honda’s Senada in the cold rain while this lady who we’ve never missed one payment of rent sat in her bed telling us we have to leave because my mom’s job let her go. The lady didn’t even give my mom a chance to find a new job or me to find one. My mom didn’t want me to work because I had to watch my niece. We didn’t know the lady but my mom’s friend is the one who introduced us to her.

Then we went to a long time friend photographer’s house stayed there for two nights until God sent another blessing and my mom found out an old friend she used to model with started out here. Though the photographer. She gracious enough to take us in and we stayed there and I worked at Arclight cinema and my mom was in accounts payable. We had to do double shifts and I had to do morning till midnight shift just to pay it but we had a place to lay our heads so we took all that came with it. We paid her rent and things were good. Then we hit a bump. The lady who put us out on Christmas Eve called my mom’s car people and we had two payments left on that car but they said because we drove it out of state and they weren’t notified by us, they repoed it which seemed strange. But it was always like when we took five steps forward we took three big ones back. As time went on, the current lady found us a place to live and now we have our own one bedroom place not in the best neighborhood but a blessing for sure until we can do better.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I am a model. I specialize in runway. I am known for runway and print and Handel every job with punctuality and professionalism and care.

I am most proud of who I’ve become as a woman and a human. How I took what this world and career of modeling has thrown at me and molded it into greatness and inspiration to young girls and people period. I get a lot of strangers who’ve seen me somewhere or dms on Instagram or just people who’ve never seen me before tell me I have a certain spirit and I always tell them they’re worth more then the stars in the galaxies I’m just like you and if I can do it so can you and even better.

Every human is different but in answering, I look at life as helping others in any and everything I do. I do what I do because I love it. I have a passion for it. Fam doesn’t matter to me. I can’t really say what sets me apart because I don’t know what others do. But from others, they say my walk is one of a kind my personality is genuine.

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