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Meet Jason Christian of Jakked Wrestling Comedy in The Pack Theater

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jason Christian.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I’m a comedian and wrestling fan who has performed at UCB, iOWest before they closed their doors and The Pack Theater, when I learned that the podcast “You Should Love Wrestling” was ending their monthly show at The Pack I requested to take over the show. I turned it from a live wrestling podcast into a full wrestling themed variety show called Jakked Wrestling Comedy (named after my own initials as I host the show as a bad guy superfan version of myself) complete with commentators, matches, referees, etc. We started with a half hour and grew to a full hour over time.

Each year when GLOW on Netflix came out my wife Chelsea Christian, who is my technical director, would help take over and produce an all women’s show we called FLOW or “Funny Ladies of Wrestling”. Even if no more seasons of GLOW are coming we hope to continue to have special FLOW shows at least once a year.

As the show grew, I dove further into the world of professional wrestling and began training. I trained with Brian Kendrick at Santino Bros, Peter Avalon a Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s school in Oxnard and with Master Flame & The Divine Brothers at MPW. As a result, I began to get more involved in the wrestling side as well, starting as ring crew, then doing backstage interviews with wrestlers, reffing matches, managing talent at ringside and eventually even wrestling a few matches. As a result of this wonderful silly show, last December I managed to have a match with one of my heroes in wrestling, the Japanese comedy wrestling legend Kikutaro.

Jakked Wrestling Comedy has been running now over two years and we’ve reached the point where more and more wrestlers in SoCal are eager to try out their comedy chops on our stage, add that to the comedians, improvisors and stand-ups who also perform for us and it’s a pretty spectacular show.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
The journey has been rough getting started. We’re a no-budget show. Our admissions are donations that go toward keeping the theater up and running, so all expenses come out of pocket. My various co-producers such as Tyler Davidson, Miles Roberts, Erika Curry and Bob Koenig all have helped tremendously. Initially, the biggest challenge was to get wrestlers involved. At the indy level many pros with name recognition work at a variety of different rates, down to the fabled “hot dog and a handshake”, which at the start was a hot dog more than I could provide. But as our show grew, our name got out and those who did the show tended to have positive things to say. So by finding wrestlers who were ok donating their time to have fun at a show that was about what they loved doing, we were able to get some momentum.

The other huge factor in getting wrestlers to do the show for free was my training. By going in as a middle-aged, out of shape comedian and taking the blow up drills and beat downs, paying my dues and showing up each week to shows and training sessions, I believe I earned a degree of respect. I still don’t call myself a wrestler, but I do believe anyone who knows me can’t doubt the respect I have for the business and that I put in the work to show those who do this day in and day out that I’m not just a fan.

Please tell us about Jakked Wrestling Comedy.
JWC is the Muppet Show, but instead of puppets, it’s pro wrestlers… and sometimes also puppets. We are a variety show that includes improv, stand up, sketches, character bits and most importantly live wrestling matches. And I should add these aren’t your standard, two comedians pretending to “rassle” I’ve been fortunate enough to get many amazing pro wrestlers to come perform at the show from worldwide companies including WWE, Impact, ROH, AEW, NJPW and from local promotions such as PWG, Santino Bros, CWFH, MPW, OCCW, WPW and more. We’ve had names such as Brian Kendrick, Tyler Bateman, Scorpio Sky, Bad Luck Fale, Gentleman Jervis, Eric Watts, Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas and more participate.

I’m incredibly proud of the reputation we’ve built and the insanity we are able to put on stage.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
Some other names I have to give a shout out to. My wife Chelsea Christian who makes all the slides puts together the music and essentially builds the tech for the show. Eric Watts, Tyler Davidson & Derek Smith for being the first three pros to take a chance on this show. Erika Curry for being our long-time ring announcer, helping with social media & helping to produce the show. Our longtime ref and my good friend Sheldon Price, who has performed at nearly all our shows. Bob Koenig and Miles Roberts who have both stepped up from performing to help produce the madness. The incredible photographers Devin Chen & Justin Cotterell. And every single pro wrestler who have done the show.

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