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Meet Jameka L. Joiner of Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel and Luxury and Bliss Designs

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jameka L. Joiner.

Hi Jameka L., please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
Welcome to a world of creativity… I am the Founder and Creative Director of the Luxury and Bliss Brand. A parent company that includes (Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel, Luxury and Bliss Designs, Luxury and Bliss Inspires, Luxury and Bliss Events, and The Bliss Foundation), all built on the foundation of 1 Peter 4:10. I have always had big goals and dreams and found myself being blessed to “create,” even more so as I flourished. Ever since a very young age, I have had and eye-for-design and an entrepreneurial spirit. I did not know at the time but later learned that creativity was my ultimate gift no matter what vehicle it was placed in. As is such, I have used that gift in many vehicles over the years. Starting in middle school when I started my very own solopreneur venture as a hair designer. I used to braid all of the neighborhood kid’s (girls and boys) hair as well as family and close friends. At that early age, I visualized myself as one day opening up a full-service salon that had a daycare, cafe, and fitness center; for busy moms who wanted to look cute but didn’t have time to spend all day in a salon. I then went on to going to cosmetology school concurrently while in high school in pursuit of this dream. I designed hairstyles for sometime out of my home but never figured out how to grow into my vision. As time went on and as a young adult, God started dropping downloads in my spirit. As a true woman of faith, I knew that what I was being directed to do would be something big, however, I still did not truly “see it” for myself, nor know how to get there. I recall being in church one day and the pastor (through his message) clearly stating to, “Dig Ditches.” This meant to build multiple business. Then one year around 2012, while doing my vision board, God blessed me with the business name of Luxury and Bliss. The amazing part of that vision board is that God had led me to put on there “Luxury and Bliss, A Billion Dollar Company.” I had always been afraid to repeat that saying because I could not “see it.” I had come from a background where a poverty mindset was strongly within my timeline, so although I could not see it, I always felt and thought differently.

Fast forward, I found my gift in another vehicle of planning and designing milestone parties, graduation parties, baby showers, sweet sixteens, holiday parties, office parties, book launch parties, etc. for family and friends. I then decided after years of doing this as a passion to turn it into a business. I had a big dream for this business. I named it Luxury and Bliss Events. At the same time of wanting to start this business venture, I was working for a major telecommunications company. I did both for sometime and designed office parties etc., but found myself with a desire for more. I planned and designed my very first wedding for a coworkers daughter. She had 150 guests and I designed the entire wedding from start to finish for $300 and referrals. I mention this because I learned that so many entrepreneurs struggled with knowing their worth such as I did with this wedding. However, I received so many great reviews and the husband and wife are still my friends on social media till this day and that is invaluable. As far as the telecommunications company was concerned, I knew I was more than waking up at 3 am to leave and commute on a drive 2 hours each way for a company that told me what my worth is hourly and what my value was by numbers. So after working for the company for over 16 years, office mergers, surpluses, and given the opportunity to retire at an early age on three separate occasions. I decided to step out on faith and accepted the third offer in 2016. I then attended college full-time for the very first time as an adult college student at Riverside City College from 2017 to 2019. I received two degrees, one in Entrepreneurship, the other in Information Systems and Administrations, both with Honors. At the end of my second year at RCC, I also started attending Cal State San Marcos – Temecula and became a certified wedding planner. This was a major accomplishment for me because there were not too many people in my family with college degrees, and my daughter was also in her third year of college to earn her BA in Business Administration. As your child’s first role model, I wanted my daughter to know and see that anything is possible no matter the age or life’s events. While attending Cal State San Marcos, I worked directly under my professor with her event planning business as an intern. She was well known all over Temecula (wineries, resorts, and country clubs), and I was afforded the opportunity to meet many great people and participate in beautiful events and styled shoots.

As time went on later that year in 2019 and being a big visionary, a lady by the name of Kathy Romero (A celebrity wedding and event planner) crossed my path. I told myself that I was going to train under her one day after seeing her on TV as the wedding planner of Keyshia Ka’Oir and Gucci Mane. I researched her and also learned that she trained under and worked directly with celebrity wedding planner Preston Bailey. Not too long after and quite swiftly, I found myself on a plane to New York with my daughter to train under her just as I stated. That was in August of 2019. In December of 2019, I officially formed Luxury and Bliss Events into a “real” brand. The vision of creating Luxury and Bliss Events into a well sought after wedding and event planning company was short-lived. The entire time of this journey, from Dec 2016 to Jan 2020 I was also taking care of my mother who passed in Jan 2020. Then in March 2020 the pandemic was announced. With these two major life events, my vision and dreams were a big blur, and being in close contact with the public with the pandemic for my line of business was not a safe option. Then in April 2020 my aunt passed (The Oldest Sister), and in August 2020, my other aunt passed (The Youngest Sister). My mom had a total of seven siblings including her and we were all very close, and the three all passed from different forms of cancer. When three very important people in your life pass back-to-back like that, you find yourself reflecting on life. All the struggles and having more valleys than peaks, and the point of it all. “But God,” Everyday after that, I would get on the floor and I would lay on my back, with my body stretched straight out, called the “on the floor ministry,” and cry and pray for understanding and direction. God did not allow me to give up on myself nor my dreams. He placed a great support in my life, allowed me to meet new people, and started telling me to find joy in my day. He told me that I was my current purpose, to release things that no longer served me, and slowly, but surely, started having me to dream and envision again. God then started showing me business names and said I would have seven business ventures. This made me think back to my pastor saying to “Dig Ditches.”

Around May of 2020, quotes and messages started dropping in my spirit. I did not know at the time what it meant, but I would start putting each individual quote in the notes section of my phone. Then I started seeing T-shirts everywhere. My reticular activator was activated. It seemed like the design of any type of T-shirt would be presented everywhere I looked. For example, if I went to watch a YOUTUBE video (non Tshirt related), beneath it would be T-shirt advertisements. So one day after realizing that I had over 500 quoted designs in my phone, it was as if God said, “It’s time to start a Tshirt/Apparel business for faith and inspiration to others. I started the research on how to start a T-shirt business and a few months later after lots of learning, trial and error. The gift of my creativity allowed for Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel to be born. I turned those quotes in my phone into over 500 T-shirt designs (currently 589 to be exact) and I did a soft launch with about 20 designs with family and friends on Black Friday of November 2020. The T-shirts were designed to spread the love of God and Inspiration through Luxe – and -Trendy Faith Apparel. A lot of times people are feeling a certain type of way and don’t know how to use their voice. Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel is an expression of their unspoken words; to uplift and give them hope while inadvertently inspiring others and looking and feeling good at the same time. After Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel was launched and starting to dream and envision again, God gave me a reason. My Big Why! Coming from a background of hardship and struggle, lack, scarcity, mediocrity, and a survival mentality, no one in our family had ever left a legacy for the next generation. Every generation after the next has always struggled to just barely make it by. So one day at the end of 2020, God put it in my mind and heart to have a big reason why, which was to become a millionaire and leave not only a lasting legacy for my daughter, two nieces, and family, but to also help, to inspire, and to show others along the way. After deciding to become a millionaire, my reticular activator was once again activated.

First, I went into the grocery store and at the checkout stand there was a magazine called “Getting Rich.” It was the only one there waiting just for me. I had never before paid attention to magazines at checkout. On the back cover it had Oprah, Sara Blakely, Mark Zuckerberg, and Warren Buffet. Then, every time I went to watch a YouTube video, there would be a video waiting for me about a particular millionaire. One day there was a video with Ed. Mylett and he was interviewing John Assaraf, the founder of Neurogum and starred in the movie “The Secret.” Whatever he said that day truly resonated with me and led me to research him, and fast forward, I have been mentored by him ever since. As a result, I have learned how to release that scarcity mentality and learning to release limiting beliefs. I am now a part of a great group of like-minded people and I know that one day, I will be able to accomplish “My Big Why” of leaving a lasting legacy. Lastly, on this gift of “creativity” journey and God telling me about seven business ventures, I recently started my newest business project called Luxury and Bliss Designs. It’s a forward-thinking freelance design company. Specializing in designing websites, social branding, and brand identity for women in business who embrace bold, innovative, and visionary ideas. As the founder of the Luxury and Bliss brand and a natural~born creative, I absolutely love seeing ideals birthed into something incredibly amazing and I am forever grateful for the dreams and visions that God has blessed me with. This is my passion and something that I know that I was called to do. I dream, I envision, and I create. Sometimes I consider myself to be an ordinary girl with an extraordinary vision, but then God will remind me (usually through someone else) that I am extraordinary. He chose me and created me to be amazing!

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
It has not been a smooth road. It was more of a mindset than anything. As an entrepreneur at heart, I assumed that building solid foundations for each business venture would be quick and easy. I would set timelines for myself and put pressure on myself. Not realizing that one, I had to learn new skill sets that I had never known before. Two my ideal of a realistic timeline was not so realistic, and three I had no real systems or processes in place. I first had to learn how to self-manage. I have always been great with calendaring, but I would cram too much into a single day. So I started learning how to do the “Top Three.” The top three most important things in a day. I also had to learn how to cut-out-the noise. When building a business, you can become overwhelmed with everyone else’s “expertise” or perspective. I tried to consume it all. God then started telling me that I had everything in me. So I started going silent on social media and detoxing from information overload in order to focus on quality work. I then started actually following my mentor’s advice, which I’m still working on, which is to create solid plans and processes. My mentor always says a business without a plan is called “hopeium.”

As you know, we’re big fans of Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel and Luxury and Bliss Designs. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about the brand?
Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel is an online luxe~&~trendy faith and inspiration T-Shirt/Apparel store. Our T-Shirts are custom made unisex premium tees & apparel that are lightweight, preshrunk, and printed on high quality ~ super soft material. It’s comfortable and flattering for both men, women, and kids; and is printed and shipped from California. We specialize in helping people to use their voice, express themselves in unspoken words, uplift and inspire them through our tees while inadvertently inspiring others and looking and feeling good at the same time. What sets us apart from others is our stylish and innovative designs. We are most proud of being able to serve others through the creativity of our design and spread the love of God through luxe and trendy, faith and inspirational t-shirts/apparel.

As well as working as a mother-daughter company with my daughter Desiree as the brand model. Luxury and Bliss Designs is a forward-thinking freelance design company. Specializing in designing for women in business who embrace bold, innovative, and visionary ideas. We specialize in setting businesses up for success by creating an online presence like none other through website design and social branding. Captivating their audience with creative designs, bold tones, and story to tell. Allowing their online presence to speak for itself… We offer: Logo Designs, Social Media Banners (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Etsy, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Instagram Icons and Bio’s; Facebook and Instagram Post Design. E-Course Design, Business Card & Letterhead Design, Flyers, Brochures, and Banner Designs. Ecommerce, Design, Website Design, Website Redesign, and Brand Identity…

If you had to, what characteristic of yours would you give the most credit to?
The quality that I feel is most important to my success is patience. I am able to remain calm, recognize when I need to slow down and understand the meaning of delayed gratification.


  • Luxury and Bliss Faith Apparel pricing ranges from $21 to $48
  • Luxury and Bliss Designs ranges from $297 to $3700

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