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Meet Jacobo Fe

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jacobo Fe.

Jacobo, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
Currently, I’m a UCLA graduate student in Screenwriting & TV writing. In that sense, I can say that I’m doing what I love, scriptwriting, in the place where I should be, where my aim remains, Los Angeles. My child dream is obtaining an Oscar by the Academy as a screenwriter with the immense desire of dedicating someday such achievement to the many people, mentors, family and friends, who believed in me during my long and hard journey. I assume that big challenge with the impression of a smiling child and the fortitude of a grown man.

During my young trajectory, I have consecutively been awarded with three of the top artistic scholarship from Spain: Faro Program by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture & Sports of Spain (2017), the singular national Award in cinematic studies by the US-Spain Fulbright Commission (2018), and Mutua Madrileña Foundation Grant (2019), one of the maximum distinctions for a student at provincial level. The support of my homeland has been essential to reach LA and becoming the man I am nowadays. If things go well in the future, I would love to create a scholarship to aid new dreamers from my land to follow my path, reach their own goals and continue my legacy.

Together with the development of my writing skills, I have successfully completed three study fields: Film, Business Administration & Law; while living in five diverse countries. After receiving an Excellence Scholarship by the Community of Madrid in 2012 due to my grades during high school and the Exams to Access University, my undergraduate studies mainly took place in Spain in the University Carlos III of Madrid (2012-2018). However, during that period, as I’m a lively spirit, I also temporarily moved to the University Ca’Foscari di Venezia in Italy (2016) as an Erasmus student. Then, I went to New Delhi, India, where I did an internship (2017), and, immediately after, to Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand, as an international exchange student (2017, as well). Done with my undergraduate studies, my fifth destination was finally Los Angeles, U.S.A., landing there 2018.

Besides my facet as an author, I have developed varied profession, especially, fashion model. It’s true that working out is an essential in my daily routine and, so far, modelling has substantially supported my writing career, gaining experience in 10+ countries. However, my objective is becoming a professional film writer focused on the historical genre. That’s why my creative process combines long months of research with inventiveness… And I will do everything I can to prove that my scripts deserve a place in the big screen!

Has it been a smooth road?
It’s been incredibly difficult to be where I am right now. I am not certain if I will be able to complete my feat. But the mere fact of being in LA, chasing my big dream, is enough reason to wake up every day with a big smile on my face. I’m lucky enough to be developing my passion and, even if I never get the coveted Oscar, I will die knowing that I did what I could to achieve my goal. That’s a great relief.

The fact that I’m now a foreign student at UCLA is not the result of chance. I’m a dreamer, but not a passive one. However, I admit I’m very lucky in one aspect: growing in the family I am part of. My father, Juan Luis, an architect, taught me to dream big, showing me how ideas that start on the floor can eventually reach the skies. My mother, Silvia, a psychologist, revealed to me how to love others, expressing empathy. Moreover, my little sister and big friend, Sara, is likely one of the few persons I would die for. It’s sad to realize that every step I take closer to my dream takes me further from my family. But I know my dream is more important for society than my own feelings.

At the age of 5, I made my first `film’, taking photos of LEGO scenarios and adding dialogue as a filmed graphic novel. I wanted to be a “Mini-Spielberg” using “mini-tools”. During my childhood, I kept writing and drawing regularly, improving my skills and completing hundreds of tales, scripts and comics, entertaining the strong desire of becoming an artist. At the age of 19, I became one of the youngest published Spanish authors in the historical genre with “Perfectus Imperator” and I made a promise that became my vow for the rest of my life: ‘I’ll win an Oscar as a writer’. Since then, every day I wake up with that idea in my mind, heart, and smile… And the resolve to shape it.

Since I was a child, I have always thought my reason for existence is to contribute to the world as a screenwriter. However, firstly, I ventured to study Double Degree´s in Law & Business Administration. At first glance, the reasons that pushed me to pursue these studies seem ambiguous. The truth is I realized that my passion for film and literature was so enticing that I did not need an external force to get introduced into these fields. Instead, through university I studied the pillars that anchor society: business & law. I needed to study these areas to write about them accurately. Nevertheless, as my desire to learn was fervent, I took Supplemental Training in film-making. Simultaneously taking this multipack of studies was tough, but I completed the Double Degree and the Film Training (402 credits) before standard dates.

In these years, with the wish to discover the ethic foundations that intrigue my thinking and the impetus to find inspiration, I moved to different parts of the globe to live in diverse environments. I was continuing my studies all while living in Spain, Italy, India, Thailand and the U.S.A. Without giving up on my dream and studies. Something extremely complicate. For instance, when I went to India, I was a non-attending student, so, once I returned to Spain, I had to take eight final exams in a couple of weeks, in which I passed them all.

Equally, It’s been a challenge to finance my trips or projects by my own. They are the result of fellowships, prizes and, above all, the incessant effort to enhance my skills. My hunger for learning has helped me in developing many professions, especially modeling. I study, write, and work out daily, no matter what. And I have legally worked in every place I have lived in as a multi-employee.

Close to turn 26, my goal remains stainless, shining even when it rains: I am going to inspire the audience to achieve their own social goals by using the art of screenwriting. Spain, land of renowned authors like Cervantes or Machado, has only one single Oscar due to the work of its writers! It’s time to get a new one to honor my country, and, overall, to those who helped me during my journey, with their love and kindness.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
My goal as a scriptwriter is to inspire viewers by using the 7th Art as a vehicle to transmit both ideas and ideals. I believe I can make a better world through my words which will eventually transform into moving pictures, creating an ability to convey messages with a supra individual purpose.

The purpose of my work is not only to offer something entertaining, which viewers might forget about once the credits roll but to leave an imprint in their minds through the screen, including educational and humane messages: promoting values such as personal improvement or critical thinking. This motivation is rooted in the pillar of my beliefs: the greatness of an individual can be only measured through their increase in value to society.

Personally, I attach special significance to the framework that is the root of all cinematic work, the spirit that brings life to the production: the plot. The storyteller must assume the tacit responsibility of achieving a spectacle that provides a notable social message. I guess that’s the beauty, and the social relevance, that masks the profession I deeply love. And also my personal goal.

Through my program at UCLA, I have been developing a script that takes place during the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt, a yell for discriminated collectives. A harsh criticism against racism and imperialism, promoting a way to overcome difficulties. Also, I completed an adaptation of my own novel, a script that offers an alternative version, in a parallel reality, of the unfolding events that provoked the Roman Empire to fall. Finally, I’m currently working in a script focused on the true story of one of the main British pilots, ace of aces, during the WWII…

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
L.A. is a very particular place, where people from diverse origins and with different purposes join together to create something bigger than themselves. Art. It’s where I belong even though I wasn’t born here.

In the city of stars, you can prove you deserve to be well rewarded due to your job and entirely live from doing what you love, particularly in the film and entertainment industry. Not many cities can offer that. Art is constantly undervalued in most of the places in the world. Not in this city. L.A. is pure Art, and the artist who combines talent, persistence, resilience and hard work knows that this place feels like home. Being here, even if it’s for a short period of time, it’s the summit of any person who loves art. Even if you are still “nobody” in your field, you will find people willing to help you, people who think like you and share your interests. It won’t take you long to form a loyal crew you can row with until reaching the desired coast. Fate is always uncertain, but being with people like you makes the journey entertaining.

However, the popularity of L.A. and its extremely Bohemian feel brings two main problems. Firstly, it’s very expensive staying here, even more if you are a foreign alien. Secondly, some people who live in L.A. tend to be very superficial, just focused on appearances, and with the constant need of showing off. Not everybody can handle fame and money in the proper way… Be careful with the pirates, even if they have a yacht!

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