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Meet Irina Busurina of Juicy Life in North Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Irina Busurina.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I’m European with Russian parents and Jewish-Hungarian blood, Latina-dance-moves and New-Yorker boldness, who has lived in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.

Here I share a few stories with you that would describe my adventurous path.

Coming from a diplomat family I was never into woo-woo stuff. Maybe you can tell me more about this date? 2002, 22nd of February at 2:22, I slid out of control on the icy ski route in the Austrian Alps. Rolling down the slope, I landed in a valley between two mountains. Lying unconscious in the snow for hours, my spirit floated above my body. I saw the beauty of white mountains from above, stained by the red dot of my bleeding body until the helicopter picked me up. The next day doctors told me, “You won’t walk again. Learn how to write with your right hand, you won’t use your left arm for a while.” I had broken my lower back, multiple ribs, neck, four fingers, my left arm was in pieces, and had a cracked skull… I was a left-handed artist and passionate dancer who had just started her life in Europe.

Doctors did not know this Russian would not let their opinions and her broken body predict the life she strived to live. Diving deep into the self-discipline and study of my Russian dance-theatre background along with yoga, energetic self-healing, thanks to my daily practice of talking to my body, three months later, I was attempting to run. Six years later, I not only ran but taught dance and yoga.

This was after studying architecture with no heart for it, comparing myself to others, I felt trapped and paralyzed in the routine. This life I didn’t choose, I didn’t like it, it seemed I could not change. While other students survived study nights on energy drinks and coffee, I was greeting the sun with yoga practice in the cool courtyard early mornings. I already arranged a job as a real estate project manager in an Austrian real estate bank.

On my graduation day, I handed my diploma to my caring mom and looked deep into her eyes, “This is for you mom. Set me free now. Please.” She carried her vocation with pride as the third in generations of architects. Puzzled, she had her hopes set on me. I worked in the bank position for six months. After the 2008 crisis, I saw a chance. I radically changed to painting but teaching yoga took off on its own. Ironically, my lovely mom enjoyed my classes and chats with old ladies after.

Five years after a dancing night, everyone was drinking around me, I was dancing with my soda-lemon water, high on life and the beat, in Valencia, Spain. A DJ friend convinced me to go to the Museum of Art and Science. I saw the Nebula galaxy in the 3D Movie theatre for the first time. It touched me deeply. I ran out of the room.

Once in a dream, singing OM in space, my neck exploded into a burning butterfly and the galaxy around me lit up. I felt I belonged there. The day after the Hormone specialist surprisingly commented on my new blood test: “Whatever you do, please continue. You have balanced out your autoimmune thyroid disease without the medication I was insisting you take!” This day I saw in my own body the connection between my emotions, thoughts, and my physical well-being.

That day in Valencia I crushed sobbing on the toilet floor, asking: “WHY??? Why am I HERE?”

Seeing the utter beauty of the galaxy activated those unknown emotions. Opening me up to divine guidance, I heard a voice in my head: “You are here to help them.” Like a little angry child, I replied: “But you better help me!”

Six weeks later, one email led to all the puzzle pieces falling in place. Now I learned how to let go of control and surrender. One yoga student found a venue, another made a website, third helped me with calculations, and another with branding.

I opened a private boutique coaching practice ‘Yoga Private Space’ in Vienna, Austria. People came with back pain but the root of it was often found in unsolved emotional knots combined with weak core muscles. I sat in meditation for hours and heard their sorrows instead of practicing asana. There, I watched in awe as my intuitive reading abilities became visible through my service when many various transformations in my clients’ lives appeared.

In the beginning, it was scary. After I consciously let go, within four months of trusting in this path, I made enough money to live in Asia for two years.

I became a ‘modern priestess’ as one of my students said. The studio guru-role wasn’t fully me for who I was destined to be. ‘Love and light’ didn’t sit well. The dark and ugly parts of me have been neglected and suppressed. I felt I was forced to play a role again. People didn’t trust their own healing, they needed a hero, an angel who saved them. I was not whole. The inner animal has been sitting in a cage, waiting, and pleasing others.

That my soul-search travel plan was “to have NO PLAN” – disappointed and frightened many of my clients, “So, you really don’t know when you’ll come back?”

“No, my spiritual guidance has shown me to follow the path of excitement and joy.” Three full stamped passports, 47 countries, five new invented workshops, two designed retreats, two started books, dozens of psycho-therapeutic courses, embodiment dances, shamanic practices, spiritual festivals, meditation retreats, tantric educational sessions and many love stories derived from this journey all starting from one intention: “Become whole. Not happy”.

My next steps unfolded when a creative director of a new yorker block-chain company interrupted my coaching session with him, saying, “Your work is needed in Los Angeles.” This time I just started building up my new life in Brooklyn, Bushwick. A few months after my grandmother’s death in Russia, I arrived on a one-way ticket to LA.

Nothing held me back in Europe anymore. I knew just one person (his nickname was Spark) in this city of Angels in December 2019. With just two months to dream and execute, I downloaded the essence of my dream in half-sleep. Crossing the garbage factory on a train from San Diego I got this revelation. People can’t fully experience the light without making peace and walking through their darkness. Can you also love the shadow, threatening sides of your beloved as well and their light, fluffy-bunny chocolate sides? How many people break apart or come together during those transformative times? Only by integrating your shadows can you remove the barriers you built up around love and experience divine union.

The Temple of Love landed in my headspace. I became obsessed. Number 2 appeared again. We hosted a 22 hour, an experiment with 22 humans, on the 22nd of February 2020. Meeting my six angels, my co-creators at different events, I just knew within seconds, they were my team, my Temple family, the extension of my dream. It was on the adventurous and collaborative path of creating ‘The Juicy Love Temple’, a deep dive retreat to demystify Love. We played with passion, sensuality, commitment, and emotional intimacy.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The hardest thing is when people you love, family or friends doubt your dream, can you relate? Fair to say they are ‘trying to protect you’ based on their experience or inability to imagine or manifest things in their reality. I learned I needed to be careful who I share my dream within the beginning. Later on, when your dream becomes a business idea with a foundation you can share it even with your outspoken critics to make it bulletproof!

After a great dance on the boat of the Daybreakers, feeling high on love and oxytocin, I almost forgot about a scheduled video interview with the first person interested in my deep dive event. I moved to the terrace to find some quiet apart from the dance area. Within a few minutes, he committed. Jumping like a puppy, I ran to share the great news. One dear friend, a realist working in the corporate arena wished me well and added his caution.

“Irina, relax. You just arrived here. It’s not Moscow. You’re so Russian. Here things work differently. Start small. The first little workshop here and there. People will get to know you, you build up your name and your brand…”

“Yes my love, you’re right. I’m a fiery Russian,” I chuckled. “Ah my darling, I’ve already played small a dozen times in a dozen countries ago.”

A world-class British MTV choreographer Del Mak carefully taught me, “If I give you one tip about LA, nobody cares what you’ve done in your home country, baby.”

My phone buzzed. Confirmation received from the video call person. I turned my phone face to my realistic friend: “Magic is working. Oh God! You better believe in your dream.”

Being a person of my word became the most important thing. Traveling around conscious communities in Europe and Southeast Asia, a mindset ‘go with the flow’ served me than on a soul-search but HERE on a limited time visa, each day was a lifetime to be used in action and dedication embedded in each second.

When offered a joint, by one friend, a collaborator laughed, “Dude, leave her. Irina doesn’t do that stuff anyway. She is on her mission. Her dream keeps her high.”

My soul was yearning and implementing the years I spent preparing from Asia and after. I was guided.

I met the kindest, most creative, and supportive people, especially the man I fell for and quarantined with for months. I learned a valuable lesson there.

His reasoning logical side wanted to protect and care for me. We do not choose how we are getting loved.

“Are you sure it’s wise to host the Temple with just three committed people?” three days before my event.

The fiery Russian in me raged, “HOW DARE YOU TO DOUBT MY DREAM?”

Those three people are my dream becoming a reality. Angry, I closed myself in a living room walking in circles.

Three weeks before I was on Venice Beach walking with a beautiful goddess friend. We made sacred rituals. While she was dancing I sat on the beach. On the sand, I prayed and drew 22 circles and sensed the energy of those people.

My lover was right in one sense. The action was missing.

I started calling people I just met in the same business, asking for advice. I mostly heard, “Not sure”, “Not possible”, “It won’t work out…”

My inner transformational visionary didn’t give up: I asked WHAT WOULD work. Tell me who to call? Who to speak to? What to do? This is my dream. I came to this country for it.

A few hours before the event was to begin, I received a call from a man on the way from North Hollywood to downtown LA. This villa was offered for the event by one of the many California angels I met. Just as I was carrying the flower boxes up the stairs, this guy on the phone became the last signed 22nd person.

This is what I love about the LA community.

Twenty-two people stepped forward to believe in my dream and supported me because they also answered the call of their dreams. They know none of us can do it alone.

On the 22nd of February, 2020, deep transformations traveled from person to person, learning the secrets of their own inner lights and exploring their darkness. Love realizations were born.

I will always remember the one talented woman who recognized she no longer needed to rely on her external beauty which she had depended on for years. At that moment of her breakthrough during the Love Show, she raised her arms, crossing them and a swoosh sound whipped through the room. In a silent voice in the public audience of strangers, she claimed her desire to be loved for her own inner light. She finished her story and switched on the lights of the whips, that she raised above her head. I saw a few young women wiping their tears.

This is the magic I believe in and create wherever I go and for the people I serve.

Juicy Life – what should we know? What do you do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I’m a ‘juicy life’ coach. J.U.I.C.Y? Joyful, Unapologetic, Inspiring, Creatively successful, and Yummy! I help my clients to bring joyful balance and crystal clear clarity in their relationships with themselves and their loved ones to reach emotional stability and professional growth. Once I take the client under my guidance for at least three months, I am there for them for life. My clients can count on my additional support when they need me after intense private or professional events, and even for urgent emergencies.

One of my clients, a genius, who exchanged his drug dealing hobby to launch a new stock exchange business, a female client who survived lymphatic cancer three times who decided to leave her 5 years-long employment and become a successful kundalini yoga teacher. Another corporate female client has recently shared the great love-letter received from her husband after 10 years of marriage after three sessions working together.

As an international speaker, the author of two upcoming books: One-way Ticket to Freedom and Emotional Mastery, I am a nomad at heart, who studied spiritual traditions and eastern mystic rituals and combined them with western personal growth tools like exercises from neuro linguistic programing, parts-work therapy and landmark forum.

Sessions are experiential, fit to the moment and the client’s needs, full of symbolism that creates change in their reality. There is nothing predictable about my approach. I read each client’s field, energy, needs and tailor make the activities and follow my inner guides for the words needed to activate real and lasting change. Clients repeatedly say things like, “You are the doula of my dreams, bringing things to reality in my life I never thought possible.” Clients come in crying and leave laughing catching the high vibe that is my constant state.

Currently during pandemic I have started my new group program ‘The Cocoon Project’ to meet the needs of my clients. Each session is designed for badass female leaders who want to get to know themselves so they can guide themselves to the place they want to be in their life, learning the tools to manage judgment, stress, self-criticism, turning pains and frustrations into their secret power.

‘The Cocoon’ is a transformational 10 Weeks group coaching program with live-calls and personalized assignments to support my amazing ladies on a mission during these challenging times. Especially, if you reading it right now I offer a 20% Discount. Visit this link to find out more:

Here are the ways you can access the power and vitality of creating a JUICY LIFE for yourself:


What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
It’s impossible for me to share just one:

Developed strategies for UN managers for maintaining and upleveling productivity with an ambitious ego-driven team and keeping their emotional balance.

Intuitively downloading and sharing the message of the unborn soul of the baby in my client’s womb where she then chose to keep the baby after seriously contemplating abortion. The child is now three years old.


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