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Meet Ifeanyi C. Oshun of Goddess CAT Beverly Hills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ifeanyi C. Oshun.

Ifeanyi, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
My Goddess CAT story started way earlier—in my teens, because all of those experiences were grooming me for what I’ve become now.

Every person I met, every job I held, every lesson I learned all lead me here.

They were the oxygen and the adverse situations life presented me and you—those situations none of could control—like global financial crises, unruly governmental changes, layoffs and crushing unemployment…well, all of that became my flame.

And the rest is history, but there’s still more to come. This is my story, but it’s yours too.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Smooth road?! Hahaha what is that?

I think every entrepreneur will agree that there’s nothing “smooth” about choosing to own and operate your own business—you have to be quite mad to try it as well as determined, motivated, ambitious, confident, passionate and imaginative, but as they say, “no risk, no reward.”

Entrepreneurship is NOT for the faint hearted or for sheeple—you have to be fiercely in love with your dreams and visions and deaf to naysayers.

I feel a lot of the struggles for us have to do with lack of clear funding for entrepreneurs. There seems to be so many programs to assist those who make poor life choices, but for those of us with grand dreams, it seems governmental structures want to squash us at every turn—it’s more difficult to get loans, insurance, and qualify for homes, yet we pay taxes that seem to benefit everyone else, except us.

Despite being punished for having the freethinking entrepreneur blood, I’d never go back to the rat race. No way. It’s too soul crushing.

So, let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Goddess CAT Beverly Hills story. Tell us more about the business.
I actually have four businesses, but I’ll focus on my oldest one—Goddess CAT, which I created in 2006.

I actually started Goddess CAT in 2006 because I couldn’t find a decent job after graduation— the maddening process felt quite impossible during that time, right before things really got ugly in 2008.

I kept getting the “you’re overqualified” line after endless dead-end searches and waste-of-time interviews which led to a chaotic, frustrating and mind-numbing existence that every college student is actively avoiding because that’s why you’re in college in the first place!

Or so you thought.

You spend all this time “doing the right thing”—go to school, be a great student, get a job, meet someone, get married, 2.5 kids and the house blah blah blah…you follow this inane plan to bust your butt to get this paper that says “yes, you did indeed bust your butt all these hours!” only to get out in the world and find NO work. None. After all that indoctrination and intellectual regurgitation. And if you find something, you need 2 or 3 of those jobs just to survive. I shudder to think if you have a family to support.

It’s a cruel lie. Truth is, there is no real “plan,” except the one you create for yourself out of your own passions, dreams and desires.

Sooo…I had left my “secure” job as a Probation officer for another job with a Fortune 500 company because in the law enforcement world, I couldn’t finish up my Journalism degree because of my interfering, grueling schedule where I worked 8-16 hours in the jails and drove 4 hours a day from San Bernardino/Redlands to East L.A. for 5 days a week.

Then, I was rewarded with two days off: one day to sleep because I was so exhausted and the other day off was to prepare and get what little life I had left in order for the work week ahead. Rinse. Repeat.

When you do the math, that’s not a life…it’s the rat race. It’s slavery.

However, that Fortune 500 job laid us off while I was in the process of going back to university and so when I filed for EDD, I was denied because I was going back to school. Yes, you read that right—denied the money that was basically taken out of my work checks since age 15 ½. Oh, the irony.

Basically, if I hadn’t gone back to school, I would’ve qualified. Again, people being punished for making good decisions, but I digress :).

So, here I was—20 something, with no job, no benefits, no money, and no family support, but I still had to finish school and pay my mortgage, student loan, car and school fees. Health insurance would run out in a year or so. I was with my then boyfriend (who married me later) and his friend had given him an old MAC computer he didn’t want anymore.

During my last year working in the Probation Dept., I was going through so many spiritual changes where I embraced Goddess culture and that’s when I had the idea for Goddess CAT.

Goddess CAT actually started out as “Goddess Cosmetics, Accessories and Toiletries” because that’s what I sold—I created a line of organic cosmetics for all skin types and complexions that women and men could wear because while working in the modeling/entertainment industry, I encountered some “make up artists” who didn’t know what to do “with my dark skin.”

Keep in mind this was 2006, so make up was like 50 shades of beige and 2 shades of black, even though in reality it’s the opposite. We women and men of color come in a myriad spectrum of hues! And—side note—can we just agree it’s ridiculous to call yourself a makeup artist when you can’t do everyone’s make up—that’s like saying you’re a hairstylist, but you only work on redheads and blonds! Really?

Then, I sold my own fine art and showcased several pieces from fellow artists in my gallery as well along with clothing, jewelry, and bags—all “Goddess” inspired and the “toiletries” were the natural skin care line I also had available.

I started online in 2006 and then opened my brick and mortar shop in Long Beach in 2009 and then moved to South Santa Monica Blvd. not too far from Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in 2013.

When I opened up in Long Beach in 2009, that’s when I added more spiritual components. My spiritual awakening and epiphany stage in 2005, following life transitions and the GFC slamming the world into a financial storm helped me know I wanted to use my spiritual gifts to assist people during this time.

By now, in addition to my herbal knowledge, I had been doing astrology, Tarot, chakra balancing and other esoteric studies for decades which I combined with my experiences in Psychology, Nursing and Law Enforcement. Now, was the perfect time to bring all of this to the fore and Goddess CAT transformed from “Goddess Cosmetics, Accessories and Toiletries” into many other names before finally becoming “Goddess Culture Artfully Taught” also known as Goddess CAT Beverly Hills.

I created this business from my unique experiences and personal gifts to become a life coach for others—Psychology and Nursing taught me the traditional sciences and theories behind how our minds and bodies work, however it also showed me how our society has fallen away from real healing and entered into a phase of over-medicating ourselves instead of getting to the root problems of our diseases by acknowledging that we are mind-body-soul. There is NO separation. It’s all connected and for real healing to occur, you must address all three—and my holistic healing experiences supplemented this.

My love of science makes me ask the right questions to gain the proper answers—you won’t get any airy-fairy responses from me as to why these holistic healing modalities work. I break down the science and the spiritual theories behind it so my clients can fully grasp how and why a modality works.

I’m not into hippy dippy mentalities—I believe true healing comes from balance across your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and for that to happen, you must study the laws that structure our very Universe and existence.

I basically marry Science and Spirit together!

Law enforcement gave me the experiences to teach and structure my clients as a coach—when you’re dealing with hundreds of inmates and few staff, you need to be organized, perceptive and comfortable calling a spade a spade—if you want to survive and be good at your job.

Therefore, I let my clients know that I will absolutely get to the core of their issues. I am empathetic, but I’m also a realist. I will soothe you when you need it and I’ll get on your butt to make you believe you can rebuild your life again because you can.

I’m most proud of the honesty, integrity and customer service Goddess CAT provides. Most of my clients become lifelong friends—I’ve had a client tell me one hour with me was worth 12 years of therapy. I’ve had clients say “you saved my life” and mean it. It really touches me because you just don’t know how deeply your presence, energy, words—even a smile! People don’t realize how we affect each other because they’re not always aware of what others may be going through right then and there, but it counts. All of what we do or don’t do counts.

Clients constantly update me on how they’re rebuilding their lives from new relationships, new jobs, new life directions they would’ve never took if we hadn’t met, feeling confident and excited about life again, emotional and mental breakthroughs they receive because of sessions they had with me. It excites me that I’m able to have a positive, life altering change on those I meet because of my business!

It’s a wonderful feeling and really, in every job and career I’ve ever had, I always found myself teaching and mentoring others. No words can really describe the how profound it is to see this karma boomerang in action…we are connected on levels you may not always see and truly, whatever you do for someone does ripple back to you somehow, some way.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
Luck…ha! That’s an adorable word…I love it, I do, but I define it differently than most people, I imagine.

I have had lots of “good luck” where I’ve met awesome friends, celebrity clients and regular clients and some “bad luck” with cock blocking landlords and gnarly competitors, but really it wasn’t bad because in the end, my business was fully protected from all those negative situations so it was truly ALL good.

First, let me share what I DON’T believe luck is; I don’t believe luck is this arbitrary force that pays attention to some and ignores others.

No, you are a co-creator and so, you create your luck within this canvas called Universe, God/dess, Source or whatever you want to call it.

The Gods help those who help themselves, so just sitting around and “wishing” for things to happen, isn’t going to do anything ever. You’ll frustrate and burn yourself out, wondering why nothing ever goes your way like it does for others.

I believe what we call “luck” is a combination of the person doing their mundane part—meaning, they do everything to be prepared, alert and open to receiving their good along with letting go after they’ve done their part and allowing Spirit and Synchronicity to take over. It’s a process of balance.

They create their positive mindset for what they want to achieve by doing their inner work—eradicating negative beliefs, cynical and blaming attitudes. They actually think of and imagine what their perfect desire looks like and what steps must be implemented to make it happen. They practice gratitude for what they have now. Then, they follow up with this by doing everything in their power towards that goal before they let it go and they’re detached from the outcome, not trying to control the how or when.

For instance, if someone came to me and ask for a fertility candle or charm to help them have a child, that’s Spirituality, however, they still need to do their mundane part i.e. have sex, fill out their adoption papers, do IVF or whatever. That’s the regular part that goes hand in hand with how Spirit will manifest.

Notice, it’s not their job to figure out the how. It was just their job to take inspired action, like coming to Goddess CAT and asking for help in the first place.

If you do your regular part fully by doing those inspired steps, then let go and believe—you will get what your desire, provided it’s for your highest good.

Now, if you added some spiritual “luck” on there, you’ll see that perhaps you’ll conceive easily on the first try or those adoption papers get pushed through faster than normal. You’ll notice how all of sudden, events, people and circumstances line up with ease.

But that’s not luck! That’s Spirit and Science working together…also known as metaphysics.

Some people who are unfamiliar with Spirit will right that off as a “coincidence,” without realizing there’s no such thing as coincidences. Everything in life is part of a larger pattern—spiritually and scientifically.

The sooner you learn this language of patterns also known as Law of Synchronicity, the easier it will be to see how your “luck” is made and can be made by you again and again!

The Spiritual world has spiritual laws that keep everything in place and they work just like the physical, scientific laws that keep this world together as well.

I’m not going to go into all that Law of Attraction stuff, because the information is everywhere and has been for some time, but I will say that people do need to understand that the LoA is one of numerous Universal laws that keep the cosmos spinning.

I say this because so many people may feel disgruntled by what LoA information they may have gotten because they felt it didn’t work for them and they’ve gotten sidetracked by asking questions like “do kids attract their illnesses?” etc. without understanding there’s the many, many other laws happening like the Law of Karma, Law of Synchronicity as I mentioned above, Law of Similarity and others.

When you’re a Goddess CAT client of mine, I explain this in detail when relevant so you can understand with clarity how these laws work and why. Again, Science married to Spirituality. No hippy dippy rah-rah blah, only actual answers that lead to your personal empowerment, which is why I created my business to help you and others like you.


  • • Personal Reading (Tarot/Pendulum/Astrological): $139.99/hr. Does include channeling and we do offer Animal readings as well.
  • • Coming soon: Monthly General Readings $49.99/month
  • • We have various Goddess inspired and holistic oils, healing essences, jewelry, and natural skin care starting from $9.95

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  1. Dina-ForeverLoveSpell

    July 27, 2017 at 07:45

    It was like she is speaking to my soul! I am a spell caster and this explains what magick is. Doing our part, in spirit, and in life, and then expecting, believing and letting go. The letting go part is so hard for my clients to get. That is why the law of attraction works for only some and not other. Not everyone finds it easy to let go of their wants and desires. But that is what is needed to get what we want. Well said. I’m going to be visiting her shop very soon.

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