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Meet Hunter Janos

Today we’d like to introduce you to Hunter Janos.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
Yo! I can! To start, I think I might be from outer space, but somehow, I still have an LA birth certificate. I moved around a bunch growing up- from Santa Monica as a baby, to Pasadena, then Glendale, Highland Park, and then Hungary- because my mom was Hungarian. We moved back there when she was passing. I’ve lost a lot of my family over the years as many of us have. I’m headed to Budapest again though too in August to pursue a Master’s at MOME! So excited! I’m graduating from the Experimental Animation department at Cal Arts in a couple of days too! Such an amazing experience. REDCAT just screened my graduation cartoon, ‘Upside Downtown’ which felt so lovely to see on the big screen. That school helped me develop the courage to come out as queer and gender nonconforming and helped me articulate my voice as an artist.

It also helped increase my capabilities as a designer, animator, and teacher, because I’ve been a Cal Arts Community Arts Partnership teacher since starting there 4 years ago. and now I want to apply those skills to being a multimedia artist and teacher anywhere I can! I am proud to have made connections worldwide with artists that I have now grown close to. I’ve yet to have my own solo show in an LA gallery, although I’ve been showing in group shows, screenings, and performing music a lot around Downtown for a while now. I had my debut as an Artist in New York though too this Summer at the Bio Design Competition in the MoMA! I know in my heart though that my story has just begun though, I’ve got lots of stuff in the works!

Please tell us about your art.
My work is often centered around themes of perspective and shifting points of view, because it’s my belief that reality is infinitely more complex than we understand it to be, and it has no one true perspective. I have been painting a lot on mirrors lately to express this focus of shifting perspective. I also designed and developed a headset that allows the wearer to see in all directions without having to look around, which is also in line with my goals of expanding human perspective. I make all sorts of art though, from stop-motion and computer graphics animations, to virtual reality biz, live action videos, paintings, sculptures, hologram installations, rap and music performances with my collaborator Darcy Haylor, as well as combinations of all these! But it’s all usually influenced by science fiction.

I’m an Afro-futurist! Another thing that is a theme in my work is how I also often use highly saturated color to express a wide ensemble of emotion. It just comes more easily to me to use bright colors, because I want to give life to my works– and that’s why I animate too. In the end though I wish to advance human thought by influencing people to step into each other’s shoes, and consider alternate realities, as well as reality beyond perception. Living as who I am, I have experienced many hardships, as a result of people seeing me in ways that are entirely projections, and I just want people, especially those who make harmful assumptions and judgements– to realize that what they believe is entirely subjective, and that the views of us all are extremely limited.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing artists today?
As always! Making that money is got to be that challenge. Its hard out there you! But with that comes the challenge of staying true to who you are as an artist and not selling out, the challenge of taking care of yourself and those you care about, the challenge of facing those who want to see you fail, and the challenge that is growing and changing with the world around you. I wish everybody good luck with all that jazz though.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
All you have to do is look inwards! for we are all one… haha also it wouldn’t hurt to visit my website,! You can also follow my Instagram @hunter Janos to find out about my upcoming events, shows, and performances if you like going to fun things! And if you’re feeling v excited and need to have an object of my creation in your possession asap, you can buy my paintings on!

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Ashlyn Des Roches

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  1. Scoonie Gee

    May 21, 2018 at 22:04

    You/ve been extremely talented every since you were a little kid! All that know you, know that…and know the world will know! Congrats on your amazing journey and finding yourself in the process!

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