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Meet Hollywood’s Hottest Fitness Trainer: Alina Astilean

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alina Astilean.

Alina, co-founder of FitFean, is a rising star in the Hollywood fitness trainer market. In addition to running FitFean, Alina is also the co-founder and CEO of a mealprep startup called One More Prep. Alina notes that their “focus on nutrition allows [them] to provide an entire package for [their] clients, which really helps with the development of a strong approach to overall health and wellness.”

Meal prep and fitness training sounds great, but we asked Alina to really dig into what sets them apart from the competition.  Alina shared the following:

“Our training goes beyond the 3 or 4 hours per week we spend together with each client. We want to see you achieve results just as much as you do, so we work together to make sure every piece of the puzzle fits. We help you with making the proper adjustments to your nutrition, learning to use exercise as an outlet to manage stress, & actually including health & fitness as a part of your day to day life. Our style of training varies based on each clients needs, and can range from strength and conditioning, endurance training, plyometrics training, core and flexibility training, muscular hypertrophy, and physical rehabilitation.”

In speaking with Alina we were blown away by her energy, her drive and her ambition.  She partners with other trainers who specialize in diverse niches such as rehab and MMA and boxing so that each client gets the best possible experience.  Her professionalism, dedication to clients and holistic approach to health and wellness make her one of our favorite personal trainers in LA.


  • 1-on-1: 1 session per week $110 per session, 2 sessions per week $100 per session, 3 sessions per week $95 per session; 10 session package $90 per session
  • Small group training (2 to 4 people) $55 per person (pay as you go;) $50 per session for 10 session package

Contact Info:

  • Telephone: (909)-856-9918
  • Email: /
  • Instagram: alina_astilean
  • Facebook: Alina Astilean or FitFean

We love Alina because she is on the path to changing the world of fitness, from starting her own meal prep company to developing personalize routines for her clients at FitFean.  #Baller

Check out her work below:













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