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Meet Hollywood Yoga Instructor: Mary Beth LaRue

Everyday during late summer of 2015, I would wake up, pack up my computer and yoga mat, and then head to Wanderlust Hollywood for the entire day – writing and yoga-ing. On one August afternoon, I was sitting outside enjoying my tea and working on my project when Mary Beth LaRue sat down next to me.

She glanced over my way, kismetly asking, “You’re a writer?”

I smiled back, “Yes!”

She smiled back, “Me, too!”

From that moment on, it was clear we were kindred spirits. I took her class that evening which further fueled my creative energy. And I kept coming back. I found that her classes were not only a great workout for the mind and body, but also super strong in creative intention. When I started to write this yoga series, I knew I wanted to pick Mary Beth’s oh-so-familiar-to-me-kindred-writer-and-yogi brain to delve deeper into her own creative practice.

I wish I could say we met for coffee and talked, however as much I love the idea of coffee, my body usually can’t handle it like I wish it could – but thankfully, I drink coffee vicariously though Mary Beth’s Instagram posts. There might have only been coffee involved via social media, but we did delve deep regardless.

Heather Reinhardt: What was your “aha” moment on deciding to pursue the yoga teacher path?

Mary Beth LaRue: I was working as a magazine editor when I signed up for my first yoga teacher training. I was very unhappy at my job and so uncomfortable in my body. I saw training as a way to simply deepen my own practice. As soon as I immersed myself in the training I knew it was my path, despite major (!) fears of public speaking.

HR: Well I must say your fear never shows when you teach – you are super zen. What is the biggest impact that your yoga practice has created in your own life?

MBL: I remember someone telling me very early on in my practice that the more I practiced, the more things would fall away that no longer served me. After 15 years of practicing, I now know this to be true. My life has changed in so many ways, both big and small, and I attribute this to my practice on and off of my yoga mat.


HR: I agree – that is so true! One of my favorite aspects of your class is the way you intertwine the practice with creative intentions and inspiring mantras. After your class, I am always refocused and ready to take on my goals and to do lists. Knowing that this is how you teach, I can imagine it’s probably how you live! Tell us more about your other creative projects you have brewing and how they came about – or dare I say, how you manifested them!

MBL: Ooh, this question excited me! The main reason I love the practice of yoga is how CREATIVE the practice is – in every sense. I have a yoga-inspired coaching company called Rock Your Bliss with my best friend Jacki Carr. We lead workshops, retreats and online programs. I recently launch a mentorship for yoga teachers that I am really loving. I’m also working on an online program called The Creative Yogi. I love, love, love creating whether it’s sequences, themes, playlists or workshops. It truly lights me up.


HR: Your love for creating definitely shines – and inspires – when you teach! What is your top piece of advice about yoga, wellness and/or lifestyle?

MBL: Just do the next right thing. For you. There’s so much advice about how to eat, how to practice, what to wear. So boring! Instead see what works for you and keep reworking it and discovering.

You can find Mary Beth’s class at Wanderlust Hollywood.

Follow Mary Beth at –

Instagram – @marybethlarue

Twitter – @marybethlarue

Facebook – @mblarueyoga

Website – AND


Meet Author Heather Reinhardt 


Heather Reinhardt has her fingers in many pies (both metaphorically and IRL – she loves pastries). She is an author, speaker, make-up artist, Angeleno, yogi, yerba mate addict and expert manifestationalist.

Instagram and @heathereinhardt 
Twitter – @heathereinhardt 

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