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Meet Hollywood Photographer: Tyler Match

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tyler Match.

Tyler, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
First off, I am a dating coach and I started off working as an Intern for Project Hollywood. A Dating Coaching Mansion in Hollywood Hills turned into a business. It was made famous by the book The Game by Neil Strauss. I was working for a coach named Vince Kelvin who was recently featured on a CNN show called In the Life Of with Lisa Ling. A lot of my photography and cinematography (hidden camera footage and seminars) was showcased on this CNN segment. Within a quick montage of Vince Kelvin’s demonstrations of being a Dating Coach. I’ve worked with multiple dating company’s sense then and started expanding my photography services to clients.

What sets me apart from other photographers is that I have over 5 Years of experience, not with just filming and photography for pickup and online dating. But an equal amount of years getting rejected, flaked, cursed at, blocked, banned, stalked, and oh yeah… “catfished” a couple times (Let’s just say it wasn’t the parts I ordered.) Realistically, people want results and all these experiences finally led to major advances in online dating. This is a different kind of business compared to other photographers. This is a “you got to get these guy dates off tinder or you’re not gonna eat this month” kind of business. The quality of the picture was important, but the content of the picture is what tips the scale from “lame” to “whoa…” *liked*

It’s funny how one bad pic or tasteless humor can ruin an entire online dating profile. Even if 99% of it is fantastic.

I’ve had an array of guys coming to me for online dating pics, including clients who are handicapped, divorced, looking for a prom date, wanting to grab attention from a co worker at work/school, guys who WERE virgins, they were all genuinely really swell people.

A lot of these guys just wanted a girlfriend or wanted to move on from a past relationship.

Fear is a huge factor in approaching woman in person and so online dating solves this issue. It has made it very convenient for people who want to socialize or just talk without actually meeting until both parties are comfortable to take it to that step of the relationship.

In the nature of Tinder or Okcupid girls and guys don’t “fully examine” an online dating profile until after they’ve sent a couple messages. What does “Fully examine” mean? It means she’s asking herself “Who am I investing in?” “Is this guy for real?” “Should I go through with this?” Overnight, girls transform into expert private investigators. Looking through your profiles, social media (if it’s linked or you shared it), Seriously, though, it’s an option to learn more about someone you’re attracted to without any consequences not- EVERYONE DOES IT at some point.

When I first started. I didn’t really think about tinder being a form of social media until a lot of my past clients were saying that girls they used to know from school, work, old social groups were blowing up their notifications on Instagram and Facebook. With compliments and curiosity.

“OMG you model now?” “Hey! What’s up.”

And so, when I started treating tinder as if it was social media but also keeping in mind that tinder is a dating social media app and playing the tinder game correctly. Social media photography became a very relevant factor in getting the footing right online for my clients. The profile is setup to have great conversation starters sprinkled throughout the profile, and a good range of lifestyle, and personality driven pictures. This tinder photography puts your entire profile into consideration and treats it as an ensemble piece. Meaning It’s not just the new pictures alone that will get you results but the entire profile that will push you into the 1%.

PRO TIP- You have a picture with a semi-attractive woman in it? Use it or lose it?
Yes, Use it but not on your tinder profile. INSTEAD put it into your Instagram.

Tinder is a game of hot or not so it shouldn’t be taken too seriously but at the same time. You play the game wrong and it’s almost like you don’t get to play at all.

Girls turn their “standards” on high and it’s basically “hot or not” with less guilt in mass rejecting guys. And that’s the “Social Media Barrier” between Instagram and Tinder. Tinder is social media “hot or not” while Instagram is just social media. Putting a picture of you with a girl on a “hot or not?” looks tacky, try hard- your “tank meat” isn’t going anywhere sir. Hence! You put the picture in Instagram instead because it’s connected to your tinder but doesn’t have the “hot or not” stigma surrounding it plus if you have “comments” and “likes” then more to you. That is great “pre-selection.” The idea that if a guy has girls around him then he must be something about him. Some great examples are boy bands and Justin Bieber. They commonly use pre-selection to set that right kind of image for their target audience.

Has it been a smooth road?
If any road were smooth we’d be flying. Bottom line is these pictures have to produce results and It was a big challenge because the only way to do was to test different variations, combinations, colors, with all shapes and sizes.

I would run software on my computer to have Tinder on and swiping overnight. Swiping everyone to see which variation of pictures and bio would produce quality results.

Each test was run with 4-6 different variations of pictures.

The variations were:

Social shot
Some of clients had absolutely zero pictures to work with and weren’t even aware that you can do well just by showing you the fun side of your life.

Is there some part of you work that is particularly difficult?
I guess the hardest part is making sure the shots produce some kind of story people can fall into and articulate the client’s personality, attractively.

In my new E-book the Tinder Template It say’s:

“When it comes to online dating the only thing you need to really focus on is what are YOU doing to give the viewer an experience. That’s it! If someone says to just put who are on your profile… DON’T!

When you don’t know the people who are seeing your online dating profile. Your first impression should be all about… how are they experiencing YOU. After the match, the rest of the online dating interaction should PROVE that you are genuine.”

And so… the challenge is making the bio, pictures, and social media features blend together in a way that sends a natural and refreshing experience to every viewer.

What are you striving for, what criteria or markers have you set as indicators of success?

The word success holds a lot of weight. It can mean so many things to many different people but to me, it shares a great deal of weight with the word “Steps.”

Moments of success are just steps towards an end goal. Some may go as far as thinking there isn’t even an end to success Because when it comes to being successful it isn’t because you have a lot of material things or have a lot of fame. But many what makes success is 2 things. You’re good at starting things, and you’re good at getting them done.

People can have all these material things but in life what’s really important is knowing how to be a “finisher.” That is a skill-set on its own. These people who are finishers learned how to motivate themselves, they know how to get themselves to execute the first step towards their goals which lead to the next, They very good at being persistent and believe that they should keep moving to push and break new boundaries. All these attributes are skills you can learn… but overall that is what true success is. Mastering the skill-set to being a finisher.

When you know how to push and motivate yourself. That is an ability that will get you any amount of “success” in any field of interest. You’ll appreciate success more because it won’t be about what they got but more about who they are and you can even see and feel the aura of their drive to execute when you see them working. You can sense the vision they have when they are creating. The motivation is present and the success is there happening right in front of you. You may or may not see it but this person won’t stop until it happens, Like when Leonardo Dicaprio Finally won his Oscar.

So, what should we be on the lookout for, what’s next in store for you?
I’m expanding my business more and going to be offering some really cool products. Things like messaging advice featuring full-screen shots of real conversations and then breaking them down from match to date. I’m also going to be making videos of how I got many of the candid pictures and vlogging so people experience the challenges and rewards of capturing each sudden moment.



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