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Meet Hollywood Entrepreneur, Stylist and Owner of 1515 Home: Brandon Hood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brandon Hood.

Brandon, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I began my career as a freelance wardrobe stylist in Nashville, creating portfolios for local up-and-coming models and photographers. Fashion turned to film when I took on music video projects and then later to movies in Los Angeles. Wardrobe was taking me from Los Angeles to New York and in between, during which I dabbled in art direction. Because of this, and by request of my wardrobe clientele, I branched out into interiors and it’s taking me from wardrobe stylist to life stylist. My present focus is on launching my own home décor brand, 1515 Home, late fall of 2016.

Has it been a smooth road?
Gaining acceptance by such a tight-knit community as the fashion industry was never easy but I’ve been blessed with amazing clients that trust my vision and allow me the creative freedom that I need. Starting my own décor brand now is, of course, a challenge but the ultimate goal will be well worth it. To be surrounded by beauty all day and share it with others, there is nothing better.

What is the most difficult part of what you do?
Paperwork. Necessary but not fun. I feel like the technical stuff and the paperwork is the biggest burden that any creative person has to bare.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
I’ve always had the same pillars of happiness/success, I knew from a very young age what I wanted and where I wanted to be. Professional success though would obviously include things like financial security but, for me, just being able to be creative on a daily basis and show up to a job that I love is the greatest success. Not everyone is that blessed.

So, what should we be on the lookout for, what’s next in store for you?
Besides the apocalypse? I’d like to see my brand grow from online to maybe a small chain of boutiques. I want to see it become successful enough to be able to support other local artists and charities.I’d like to use my powers for more good than evil.

Contact Info:

  • Website: /
  • Instagram: 1515home
  • Facebook: 1515home
  • Other: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterist: 1515home


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