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Meet Holly Zee

Today we’d like to introduce you to Holly Zee.

Holly, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I’m super into health and for me it is the complete package, the spiritual, the physical, the inner and outer.  We are all a work in progress and my road has been so full of twists and turns to be where I am at this moment.  I never planned on being a brand ambassador/influencer, lifting others up through my writings, photos, etc.  I have learned that life always changes just when you think you got it down! 

I had planned on being an actress. I trained in NYC, became SAG and did some off-Broadway theatre, blah, blah, blah. I then got married, moved to LA, divorced, and life happened. I have always gone for the underdog and then realized I am the underdog!  I even went straight for the real dogs and worked in dog rescue for a few years. I currently still have the second rescue I ever saved that I named Angel. She was in really bad shape at North LA Shelter, abused by humans and let’s just say to this day she can only walk on three legs. I saved her and she also saved me. My other rescue is Bandit and he chose me. He ran at me and jumped in my arms, all 25 pounds of him and to this day is glued to me. He also saved me as much as me him.

Needless to say, how I love animals. Better than most humans, lol.

I started a 501c3 in 2012 that went to detention camps, prisons, skid row, you name it, to share Gods love and hope. I was asked to speak in some rehab homes and it was a blessing for me.  I left it in 2018 and started getting on Instagram a bit more and began to receive offers of brand deals. I just recently began handling it as a business because I put so much work into the photography, copy, etc. that it’s becoming a business and it is only fair I get paid for my work. I have discovered a love for photography and have developed a keen eye in composition and style. So when I go under contract with a brand, I am basically a one man marketing agency.  Within the last year, a company reached out to me that an Olympic skier supposedly owned and they asked me to represent their beanies.

At first I was like…oh cool… until I started looking closely at the photos and the furry ball at the top of the hat looked like real fur! I wrote and asked and they proudly wrote back that yes, it is real mink from China. I very nicely sent her or him a video of how the minks (and dogs-cats) are skinned and explained how I would love to work with them on a faux fur line, that I would even design some. They sent an email back that they would get in contact with me in a couple of months so we could work on that and of course I never heard a word. That one bothered me the most.

I get at least two to three offers a day from a social media influencer agency I am signed with for possible brand ambassador/influencer work but for the most part, it’s items I can’t promote, for any pay scale…like food that I know is GMO, etc.  As stated earlier, I’m super into health and for me it truly is the complete package, the spiritual, the physical, the inner and outer. Which means….please be honest Holly and do not promote things you would not take, wear or use yourself. Currently, I am in negotiations to rep an international skincare line out of Florida. They sent me a box of their skincare to try out because I have to love it to rep it, and so far I am loving it. I have also met with an international hair care company and trying their products, which makes me smile,  because I am always changing my hair colors and also using extensions and wigs. I actually did have my hair blue for almost two years.

Same with the clothes I have worn on IG.

First, they have to cover my body, wink*,  be strong,  beautiful, well made, and or have a positive message to lift people up, like TruthSoulArmour has.  Words are vessels of power. We need to choose wisely. Life is much too short to spread hate and negativity, and we were never promised the next second or the next day.  We need to be so careful who we allow into our life-force. We need to put on our armor every day!

In 2010 I produced, created and acted in a short film that won some awards. But I did not put on my armor or guard my heart and I let some people get involved that had no integrity, so I decided to shelve the entire project. One thing I did 2010 that I will never shelve is to get Proverbs 4:23 tattooed on my arm. This tattoo not only refers to love, but we also need to guard our hearts against greed, envy, hatred, gossip, bitterness, etc.

I also am a Praise and Worship dancer and have danced at CBS studios, Barnsdall Theatre, and JITA in Burbank.  I give God all the glory for the things in my life. The bad and the good. I know he will take the bad and turn it to good IF I just hold on long enough by faith. Faith is truly the evidence of things not seen. If we can see them, why do we need faith? lol

About three years ago, I went for my Zumba license to start teaching. I had been boxing since 2011 and was very active, so I decided to get my licenses in Strong by Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Toning, FirstAid/CPR/AED, and Ca State Certified Arthritis Foundation Program Leader. Because of my Zumba Gold license, I work in the top memory care facility helping people with brain impairments from former football Heisman trophy winners to Alzheimer’s patients.

An Israeli company, as well as an American company have hired me to work with Holocaust survivors.  I love the survivors.  It is so fulfilling to teach them Zumba Gold, fitness, and all things that bring them joy.  It opens a bond for us and sometimes they tell me what happened to them when they were children. One of my students that has the numbers tattooed on her arm decided that she would bring me clothes from her former dress shop. She would take me before class into a little side room and open a bag full of beautiful clothes from her former store. She would have me try them on and give her approval on the fit. I loved her and I am so grateful to have many wonderful people like her. They are survivors and I am very much connected with survivors. I also teach regular high energy Zumba every week in a gym, also privately in homes to such great people. One thing I miss and I must do is get back to my boxing training. I loved boxing so much. It was a big part of my life.

I am working on my new website I named AmericanBadazz.  I plan to continue to grow as a brand ambassador/influencer online but I have some ideas for some fashion that’ll possibly be on my website in time. Maybe even write a book, LOL. I have lived LaVidaLoca for real, I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly and know for a fact, life is about choices and consequences. I choose life and positivity!  We all get handed lemons and how we make that lemonade is up to us… Do we sweeten it, drink it and share it? Or keep it bitter and spit it out on others?

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It is awesome that some people actually have those “charmed lives”. Good for them, but that was never me. From the time I can remember my mother would shake me, dig her nails in my arms, (I still kinda hate pink nail polish to this day) asked what was wrong with me, why couldn’t I be like other people, what was she gonna do with me, hit me, curse me, and her mother beat my dog in front of me, beat me for getting out of hot car in the summer, and my father was always working. Anyway, as a teenager I walked in one night and everything I owned was in black plastic trash bags on the LR floor. So I grabbed them and left. Got a job and a boyfriend that beat the crap out of me, black eyes, bloody lips, you name it, that would be me. Finally, I didn’t care if I lived or died. I tried to escape from him and he tried to kill me. I ended up in the hospital and he ended up murdering one of his former girlfriends three months later.

From there, I hung out with the most notorious biker gang in the world probably, but it was a piece of cake compared to what I had been through. For the most part God protected me and they really ended up being my Angels.

I got married along life’s journey, and he chose to have an affair with someone that pretended to be my best friend in my house. It was so devious and hurtful. I tried to commit suicide and since I obviously didn’t succeed but spent seven days in a hospital with no visitors, it ended up being the best thing that ever happened to me; almost. It forced me to get help.  I learned that the little girl that blamed herself for everything; that it was not her fault. None of it. I went to therapy, meetings, church, and got healthy, and got God. I have finally learned I am worthy, we are all worthy. We all have gifts, not all the same gifts. If IG had been around years and years ago, I would never have gone on it because I would feel too ugly, too dumb, too fat, too old, too any and everything…. You name it, I repped it! Lol.  I was my worst enemy, because I did not know any better.

I would have to say I still have struggles, I still battle those “suddenly” moments at times. I took the last month or so off from posting on IG because I needed to focus on some private things and needed to pray about these private things.  I think it is good to have parts of our lives remain private. It is important because there are a lot of crazy people out there and we have to be careful. We need to protect our friends and family. We never know who is who. I have had some very strange DMs come my way. I would never jeopardize the people I care about. I had a stalker that had a heart attack in the Spring and he died. He stalked more than just me. He was very evil. I had met him in person years ago on an acting gig. Now it’s a thousand times worse with people pretending to be something they are or are not on the internet. If I had a child, I would never post that child’s picture unless I was set to private and knew every single person I accepted as a friend or follower.

That being said, I was always set on private until several years ago when I was cast as lead in a superhero series. I was told I needed to be set to public. The funding fell through on the series sadly, but through that I discovered I am able to affect people in a positive manner through IG. I get emails as far away as Iran, Ireland, Indonesia, and India thanking me! A beautiful woman in Indonesia even made a poster of me to hang in her dance/fitness studio! It is moments like that, that keep me moving forward. It is a huge blessing to know I can help others and I guess it is time to get back into sending out powerful positive inspirations.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I am the one and only person in the company. My attention to detail is what makes me stand out. I don’t have a bazillion clients, so this allows me to focus on the needs of my clients. I always go above and beyond the call of duty. I also love to be creative and shoot photos for other people, showcasing them in cool environments in their best version of themselves. I strive to be a person of excellence. I recently was approved as an Amazon Influencer and I am excited to get into that.  Being an Influencer, no matter how small or large can make an impact. Teaching Zumba and fitness is also another way to make a huge  impact.  Impacting peoples lives, one word, one photo, one dance move at a time, with my faith in God makes it all possible and worthwhile.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
I define success as making an impact, a positive change, in other peoples/animals lives. I enjoy being an example of putting the KIND back in ManKIND.

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