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Meet Hermosa Beach Photographer, Artist, Fashion Designer and Creator: Josh Savage

Today we’d like to introduce you to Josh Savage.

From the beginning, Josh’s vision was casual fashion — comfortable, high-quality clothing, designed to suit your active lifestyle, whether you’re a musician, a badass or just plain SAVAGE. With edgy designs that express your love for the Extreme Lifestyle, Josh Savage, and Savage Heathens LLC not only defined the Complete Savage Fashion category, but set the standards and established the trends that left Heathen’s screaming for more.

Today, Savage Heathens continues to support the enjoyment of music and fashion at all levels, from garage bands to accomplished professional, and by all age groups, from young to wise (older). Savage Heathens extended family includes Musicians, Actors, Businesswomen, Businessmen, Kids, Students, Party Animals and HOT Ladies around the world! Savage Heathen’s professional sponsorships include: in MUSIC: Saint Dog(Kottonmouth Kings), The D.R.P., Primer 55, Cool Nutz, Potluck, D.G.A.F., BIG BANG, Bad Habitat, Craze8, The Sindicate, Big Bang, Mohawk Yard, Chaotic Karisma, Kingdom Under Fire, THe RoDeO cLoWnS, Heart of the Alien, DJs: DJ Skrewball.

Josh, tell us more about how you got started with photography.

After being a part of all aspects of the fashion world my photography bug began to grow and my need to create images based on my ideas was taking over. I loved working with the same photographers that took my first images for my clothing line. Not only were they my first influences but they were also more than willing to teach me how to shoot for what I was looking to capture.

I attended Portland Community College and took a few photography classes but they just were not what I was aiming for. I did grab a ton of artist influence during my attendance. Marcel Duchamp is by far my #1 hero. I loved his way of thinking – wayyy outside the box that challenged the viewer to question if art is really what they are looking at. The contemporary artist Chris Burden is a great influence of mine as well for pushing the limits of how my art is viewed.

Moving to LA in 2014 was the best choice I made to let my creativity flow. I work for a fashion design company call JUSTFAB and I am completely surrounded in fashion. I am very thankful for the opportunities that JUSTFAB has brought my way and look forward to what the future of fashion and photography have in store for me.

I am always looking to shoot and develop my portfolio with any and every artist there is. I have yet to find my forte in photography and I’m still trying to find that little speck of awesome to help me blossom.

Has it been a smooth road?
Life, in general, can always be a struggle but I try to negate those ideas and stay focused on what I have going for me at the moment. Always stay in the moment and never look back. I have definitely had my obstacles but nothing will ever hold me back from my goal to succeed.

Who, or what, deserves a lot of credit for where you are today?
Every person that I had the chance to work with in Portland Oregon will always have a huge influence and inspiration on my works or art. The local bouncers, dancers, artist and bartenders in the Pacific Northwest were all a part of me developing as an artist. After moving to LA it has become more of a struggle to find like-minded artists as I did in my hometown but I am always looking forward to networking and meeting anyone interested in collaboration.

Do you have a favorite type of client or project?
I really like to push the limits on what is accepted by the general public. One of my latest projects I call “Dirty Laundry” is shot in local laundry mats in the South Bay area (Hermosa, Redondo, Manhattan) where the beautiful models prance around doing their laundry in the hot weather. By the end of the shoot they are in their undies and it can cause some raised eyebrows from the public around. Every shoot I do I like to tell some sort of story with a beginning, middle and an end. My more risky storyline shoots can be rushed and even push the line of the law, but either I am still focused on the image and idea I am trying to capture

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