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Meet Hannah Pink

Today we’d like to introduce you to Hannah Pink.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
My story begins with my sweet little family in Orange County – just mom, dad, and me. I started dancing at age 7 and consumed that wholeheartedly growing up. I continued to balance academics and the arts until 2013 when I saw Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 tour in Anaheim. I vividly remember that night and thinking, “THAT is what I want to do the rest of my life.” From there, I began training more seriously within different studios and gained opportunities to work with renowned choreographers (Justin Giles, Stacey Tookey, Kathryn McCormick). I eventually earned a position on The Collective, which is DanceMakers’ assistant program. I traveled and worked with them in my junior year of high school. That experience had the biggest influence on shaping me into the person that I am today. In June of 2018, I graduated from high school a year early and moved to LA to pursue dance as a career. I haven’t looked back since. I have been living in LA, auditioning, working, and trying to make my dreams happen!

Please tell us about your art.
My medium of art is a movement. Essentially some may call it dance, but I see it as sequences of movement that feel good in the body. I freestyle/improv often to discover more about my movement quality and expand my vocabulary in different realms. I also sometimes create phrases of movement with friends to see my own ideas in action, rather than always being the canvas for others (which is still SO FULFILLING). When creating, I often times find myself reverting to pedestrian moves that are relatable to someone who doesn’t consider themselves a “dancer.” I always think when doing someone else’s choreography or my own, “How can I make this relatable for everyone that sees this?” People get excited about art when they feel like they belong and understand it. They want to be a part of a world that is not their own on a daily basis – our job as the artist is to take them by the hand and let them know that they belong.

What do you think about the conditions for artists today? Has life become easier or harder for artists in recent years? What can cities like ours do to encourage and help art and artists thrive?
Artists today have such an advantage with social media to showcase their work so easily to the rest of the world. With being so many artists on social media, it also allows for constant inspiration and a push to further what your creativity can do. That is if you create a healthy relationship with social media rather than slip into the comparison game. It is also a business platform for artists to get noticed by other artists and even create job opportunities – how amazing is that!

At the same time, I do think that with the increasing amount of art being put out (whatever the medium may be), things are starting to look similar. Purely because we are intaking so much of each other’s work, it starts to influence our own. We feel like there is a standard or an expectation of what our art is supposed to look like. I feel this in my own work sometimes, and that is when I have to step away from social media and get back to working on what defines me as an artist.

Los Angeles is already such an inspiring city for artists around the world. I think the more we push boundaries here, incorporate the culture of the city into our work, and collaborate with one another, the more our art will evolve.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
My main platform where I showcase my work is my Instagram @hannah.pinky
Here I share projects I am involved in as well as my own work. If I have a performance, I will most likely put the information on there for friends and family to come and enjoy!

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  • Instagram: @hannah.pinky

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