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Meet Graphic Designer: Arturo Morales

Today we’d like to introduce you to Arturo Morales.

Arturo, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I studied in Orange County my AA in Liberal Arts and a certificate in 3D Animation, short after graduation I worked for SoftMirage as a 3D Artist doing architectural visualisations, later the recession came together with the war on Iraq, it was really sad to see people that had been working there for years had to go… I was one of the last ones, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any other job in my area of expertise, every door I knocked it was the same response: we are letting people go instead of hiring. I was sick and tired of not working and running out of my savings so I decided to move to Mexico where my mother lives… I worked in province as a hotel manager (I know, nothing to do with my profession) So after a year I move again, this time to Mexico City….Here I had a better chance to work in my industry of interest, I was hired as a Graphic Designer, I worked there for two years, again, business wasn’t doing so well for the small agency that I was working for and they had to let me go because I was the highest salary but I took this as an opportunity instead of a disappointment.. I always wanted to travel around the world so I picked up my stuff and started my trip to Israel, then visited Europe, some countries in Africa and then went off to the World Cup in Brazil… after being in my own continent I decided to go back hitchhiking, bus or whatever, so I visited all South America… Since I always have been on the artistic side I took this opportunity to take good photographs, I just started (a couple of months ago) a blog of color photography and a blog of black and white of the same pictures…. When I arrived in Mexico through Belize a friend from Holland visited me and we travel the southern part of Mexico together, when she went back to her country I visited my family and I was in the dilemma of either going back to the USA or living in Mexico City (love this city) so I thought to myself I don’t find a good job in Mexico I will take advantage of my dual citizenship (since I was born in LA) and go back o California… Good enough I found a job at the Integer Group a unit of the Omnicom Company, now I work for an important international brand and my work it’s seen all over South America!

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and career?
Luck has played an important role. Is just matter of being in the right time at the right moment. Competition is huge out there and when I was called for an interview in my current job I couldn’t felt happier and I knew I couldn’t screw up. I was just coming back from a year+ trip around the world and I didn’t know anyone in the city to help me out to get into a good company so I did not have anyone to network with. So I think at that time I was really lucky to get an interview, after that it is all on you, it depends on the effort you put into your work.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Passion, you put it on every piece you make. You cannot be successful if you don’t have a passion for your work or feel love for what you do. At the end of the day, you know you are making things even if you are not being paid. For example, if I take the effort to make a good photograph I do it for the love of sharing what I saw with my own eyes to the rest of the world, just to share some emotions and it will take only a few seconds for people to judge and see this photograph but they will never realize, how much time I waited, how cold was it, how smelly it was, or if there was unsupportable noise or whatever… but all those things you do when nobody is watching or realizing is what it counts.

Tell us about your favorite and least favorites things about our city.
LA is a beautiful city. What I dislike is the traffic, I think the government should spend more on effective public transportation, like in Europe that you can move from country to country within hours with these high-speed trains. It would be amazing we could do this from state to state! And I am sure LA would be the main point. And there is much to love about LA, the buildings, the architecture, the diversity in cultures and within that we have different food, music, customs, so that is the best of all, the perfect melting pot.


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