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Meet Glyn Owens and Stella W. of The Roscoes Wild Child in Greater Los Angeles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Glyn Owens and Stella W.

The Roscoes Wild Child began at Compton College in 2013 when a group of students formed a band in a classical guitar class to jam out and play local clubs around Los Angeles. Founded in Blues and Rock n Roll the two genres blended to play the genre of Blues Rock. The band originally consisted of two guitarist with small 10 Watt amps purchased off craigslist, one bassist and a drummer and a microphone stand that was held together with duct tape. However, due to venues pushing young artist to do pre-sale tickets at a high volume the band was whittled down to two, Glyn and Rigo.

The duo went on to be offered a record deal by a major label with terms that would have left the artist in debt for years once the math was added up. A smaller indie label showed interest but demanded a certain look (clothing attire and health lifestyle) and only play certain instrument brands. The band pasted. A self-titled debut album was recorded over the years and finally released in 2018, with a music video and two live recordings attached to the long-awaited project.

Stella W. and Glyn met at a gig in a seedy dive bar in Silver Lake. While Glyn was loading in his equipment, he suddenly found himself attracted to the wrapping, pace, speed of the snare drum. Glyn went to introduce himself after her set to which she replied, “Yeah, I know who you are.” The two began to rehearse together and she would eventually go on to replace the Rigo to other unrelated reasons. Glyn and Rigo still remain good friends. Stella grew up on the East Coast rocking out on pots & pans while wearing her brothers close. Stella’s style blends ’60s rock n roll hitting as hard as John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) and precious of Kieth Moon (The Who) with a splash of Hip Hop throwing the music into all different types of genres.

Continuing the tradition of performing as a blues rock duo, The Roscoes Wild Child soon found a small yet growing following overseas in England. Playing an intimate music festival in Lechlade, England in 2019 saw the bands major potential and put a fire in their bellies. Stella incorporates a variation of style when it comes to drumming, such as laying down a hip hop at the beginning of a fuzzy blues song and throwing a surf rock groove into a straight forward rock progression giving the song a little extra flavor. Her cracked cymbals allow the sound to reverberate sending the “splash” sound into a cracked echo effect into the airwaves. Using one rack tom she moves with lightning speed during drum solos to make sure each note bounces out differently while coming right back into rhythm.

Glyn uses a variation of riffs and power chords in throughout the songs all the while keeping the tradition of blues well and alive. Using the style of blues and jazz, Glyn attempts to create guitar solos from different genres to lay down over different types of songs. Such as playing power chords and laying down a smooth R&B guitar solo to tie it all together. His pedalboard is set up to give the listeners the best feeling when the music enters their ears and coats the soul with the love of blues rock.

The songs are written from first-hand experiences of love, heartache/break, good times, laughter, pain, struggle and triumph through relationships with loved ones, family, friends and cosmic beings as they make their way through the universe. The Blues songs are full of raw passion, open chords and the push to achieve something more than a bad feeling deep in the soul. The Rock songs deliver raw energy pushed out of the speakers overlaid with R&B lyrics pulling from different cultures around world, such as Greek & Hindu Mythology tied together with Spanish influence bringing it all home unifying different cultures as one in the process.

The Duo don leather pants, one shirtless the other hair flowing in the wind and boots for gliding across the stage and floor. During live performances they push their instruments to the max, sometimes blasting through snares, blowing out tube amps by mixing too many Drive and Fuzz Pedals all at once; leaving sticks with bloodstains, sweat pouring from every inch leaving the fans wanting more as the last note drips from the amplifier.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
The road is never smooth, that’s why Stella lets Glyn do the driving. The struggle in Los Angeles is real; filled with shady promoters who slap together shows with outrageously different genres of music, such as featuring a rap artist who will have to follow the act of a Screamo band, causing most fans or audiences to leave early in the night never to return, causing your time slot to be played for an empty venue. The band was at first caught up in doing pre-sale tickets for major venues such as the Whiskey A Go Go and the Viper Room but soon found out friends and fans don’t want to fork over $15.00 for a venue they’ve seen you at twice and think your & 25.00 t-shirts are too expensive causing the artist to lose money playing. We’ve steered more towards smaller venues and becoming friends with other bands of a similar caliber encouraging each fan crowd to stay for the show. It’s tough getting people to come on time, especially in L.A. traffic so one has to misconstrue the truth a little and saying your set is at 9:00 P.M. when you take the stage at 10:30 P.M. We aren’t in this line of work to be rich, Instagram famous or anything of that nature so we attempt to find gigs that may pay us for gas and be free to our fans as they entice them to come, buy merch and beer.

As for music festivals… totally different beast to try to perform at. As we are unsigned it makes music festival booking 1,000 x harder as we have to email sometimes 16 months before asking if we can play the following years festival. When we do get festival gigs, we then scramble to find a way to get there and set out emailing and calling other clubs/venues in that city, state or country to get gigs and have a fun/wild successful tour. A successful tour consists of people coming up to us after a set and asking, “what did I just witness? Where are you guys playing next? I have to tell my buddy” The other issue we sometimes have, but become more and more rare, is dealing with the issue of race. We receive notification from venues and festivals saying, “We love the music and feel, send photos along with an EPK” with some responses replying with subtotal negative comments along the lines of “we’re looking for rock not rap or hip hop… oh we didn’t know he was the frontman” or in one extreme case in London when a man of Irish descent approached Glyn before a set saying “I’m not staying if you’re playing, really don’t like the Blacks”. Having tough skin and growing up around a mini United Nation of friends, Glyn always brushes off said responses with a smile and a new drive to try harder and come up with new ways to get booked.

The band has also been criticized on race via podcast or local radio shows in other states going along the lines of “a wanna be Hendrix with another white drummer” or “this guy is from Compton shouldn’t he be fluent in rap instead of rock, what’s the deal” Stella receives some brutal remarks at gigs, with men constantly hitting on her after a performance focusing more on her looks rather than her style. She’s more of a firecracker than Glyn when it comes to those matters. The Struggle is REAL… but gives the band more of a drive and ability to write and perform more passionate songs. And for the record Screamo & Hardcore shows are the BOMB especially at a backyard show in Compton, throw us in the pit.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
We believe we are unique because we operate as a duo and keep the rhythm during guitar solos.

Fellow musicians know us for our sounds, such as the wrapping on the snare and the fuzz coming from the amplifier.

Fans know us as “Glyn & Stella”. Those uninitiated or who see us through other people’s social media know us as “That shirtless guy in leather pants!!”

Our style is also unique because we play in leather pants and cowboy boots and Glyn is shirtless. He plays shirtless because stage lights are hot causing tons of sweat and who want to keep ruining shirts.

We never stay in one spot while playing, moving all about the stage, interacting with the audience by inviting them on stage, dancing with them in the crowd while playing and handing them fireworks to shoot off during the set.

The name “The Roscoes Wild Child” is also something different, to which people usually ask twice and a follow up about the meaning.

Most proud that people invite us out to play and rock the stage with them and hold us in such high regard as we try to remain humble to it.

What were you like growing up?
Stella W. grew up in the Boston, MA, learning the art of percussion by banging pots & pans on the floor while in her older brother’s baggy pants. She made her way to California to further grow her career in music playing in a few bands such as “No Love 4 These Dames” and “Sonia Dahlia” before joining The Roscoes Wild Child. Glyn grew up in Compton, CA raised by both parents and three other siblings. His parents listened to mostly classic R&B and jazz and because his Dad was a pastor, they weren’t allowed to listen to Hip Hop and Rap or watch the Simpson’s. Glyn older siblings would sneak hip hop and rap cassettes into the house and they would all listen to them late night when they were supposed to all be fast asleep.

Glyn grew a passion for being out and about with his friends in the streets; anything from bike riding from city to city, shooting off illegal fireworks, dirt bike riding in the streets, running from the police on foot and the occasional playing with fire. In High School Glyn’s friend, Julian used to sing lyrics from the “Superfly” album by Curtis Mayfield. Going home Glyn tapped into the internet and was immediately obsessed with Mayfield’s style of playing and vocal arrangement. Glyn saw an interesting footnote on a website page with an interesting first and last name spelling. He went on to ask his dad, “Who is Jimi Hendrix” and his dad replied, “Look up “Purple Haze”. Upon the fuzz riff hitting his ears Glyn’s taste in music opened up tenfold.

Another friend in High School, named Nick Cherry once asked Glyn, “Dude could you hold my guitar?” Once Glyn grabbed the fresh Fender Stratocaster Squire, he immediately knew he loved how this felt in his hands and wanted to learn how to play it, and fast. Acquiring an acoustic guitar the following Christmas from his parents Glyn, quickly gave up as it was too hard. Two years later he enrolled in a guitar beginners course at Compton College were and under the guidance of Professor Uch, he moved quickly from beginner – intermediate – to advance classes – assisting during lap. He picked up Classical, Spanish, Hard Rock, Jazz, R&B, Rock ‘n’ Roll and his favorite Blues. He honed in on his Blues skills the most discovering a multitude of artist to draw inspiration from.

Glyn uses his wild upbringing on stage, mentally connecting with Stella on stage to pour the music out of their instruments to flow into the audience’s ears to surround the heart and encapsulate the soul. Both their unique upbringing brings a unique feel, sound and style to the Blues Rock they’ve grown up to play, love and share with the universe.


  • All music is free to download and steal off the internet
  • $25.00 for a band t-shirt

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