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Meet Gina Casazza of Gina’s Energy Health Coaching in Sherman Oaks

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Today we’d like to introduce you to Gina Casazza.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I was born and raised on Long Island and I was always interested in health, thanks to my mom! She taught me how to eat properly, read labels and ingredients, and stay active. She also taught me that no matter what anyone tells you listen to your heart and do your research. She was big on researching. She always wanted us to ask questions and figure out the answers through research then believing the first thing someone told us.

The life changing moment happened for me back in 2011 I went completely deaf in my left ear. The doctors called it, Sudden Hearing Loss. I couldn’t believe that at the age of 21 I went deaf in one ear, I said to myself: “Isn’t that something that is supposed to happen to “old” people?” They told me I had two weeks to get it back or it’s for life. Well two weeks passed I didn’t get it back. I didn’t believe them when they said I could never get it back. In my gut I was always going to get it back, so I went to 5 different Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors in the period of one year. I even went to Dr. House in Los Angeles one of the best ENTs in the world to get my hearing back. Every single doctor said that this is permanent I won’t get it back. I truly would not allow myself to believe that.

Something inside me told me I could get it back. You hear stories all the time of people defying odds and I was going to be one of them.

Fast forward 4 years year later, I live in Los Angeles and I was going through a dark time where I was loaded with sadness and anger. I moved far from my family to be in LA because my gut told me this place was for me, but my heart was still in NY missing my family dearly. A friend introduced me to Dr. Wayne Dyer. I started reading all his books and watching his movie, The Shift (highly recommend). She also introduced me to essential oils, which I started to extensive research on and they changed my life! I started yoga, meditation, and studying herbs for healing. I came across Craniosacral Therapy through a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This is therapy by touch, were you are fully clothed and the therapist helps move your energy throughout your body. I found Emma Julaud in Burbank who is truly amazing! After 5 months the tinnitus in my ear that I had for the past 4 years was completely gone. I then started studying with a healer. We focus on the reason why I lost my hearing. What was happening in my life at the time. I studied many different therapists. One in particular Louise Hay who teaches us that when something happens in your body it is because of our thoughts and energy. At that time, I was graduating college, I didn’t want to hear from anyone about getting a 9-5 or finding a stable job with health care and good pay, or going to get my masters.

I wanted to be in the entertainment business (which I work in today) and not work a 9-5. With all that stress, pressure, and influence I shut off my hearing, literally.

Through confronting, lots of positive self-talk & energy work all hearing in my ear came back 100%. The same thing happened in 2007 when I was diagnosed with a thyroid problem (Hashimoto). At this time, I was 17. I was going into college. I had no desire to go to college. My parents wanted me to go and they were paying so I had to go. This is when my thyroid problems started to arise. I refused to go on medicine. I didn’t want to be dependent on any pill and I knew I really didn’t need it. The funny thing about our mind, first you make your belief and then your belief makes you. Far too often when a doctor tells us something we go, “Oh yea I have that, that sounds right? What do I do? We don’t question it. We just believe and then that belief becomes reality.

When you study energy work like I have you come to understand that every problem that arises in our body is through a feeling. Thyroid problems are all about creativity being blocked. At the time going to college was blocking me from making a career for myself in the film industry. During my first semester in college I lost my grandma to a drunk driver, by the second semester I decide to make college work for me. I took all classes that were hands-on and came out with a 45 minute documentary called, One Fatal Mistake that is about the effects of a family due to a drunk driver. During this time my creative juices were aligned and flowing. By the end of that year I had no thyroid problems.

See as Marisa Peer says, “When you understand how, when, and why then you are in power to fix it.” My job as your health coach is help you understand the how, when, and why. ​This 6 year roller coaster brought me to healing myself and opening my own energy health coaching business the help others as well!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I don’t believe any road is every smooth. Plus, why would you want it to be smooth? That’s so boring! I was taught health by my mom young and it was always an interest of mine, but the journey really started through personal tragedy and that was losing my hearing. For 5 years I said, “When I start getting interview for losing my hearing and I got the question if you knew going to Argentina would take away hearing in your left ear would you go?” My answer was always, “Hell no!” Well now in my 6th year of losing my hearing and getting it back the answer would be, “Yes, I wouldn’t change a thing in my past.” The struggle is what lead me on this road.

My depression, my anger, my sadness that forced me to learn new things to find my happiness, to find me! I wasn’t falling in love with myself everyday like I am now. I wasn’t experience new things like yoga or mediation. My mind was always thinking 500 different things and my body was going in 500 different directions at all times, a true New Yorker. Now I do one thing at a time. I stop and mediate. If I am late somewhere, I am late somewhere. If thing don’t go my way that’s a blessing in disguise. I don’t get upset. I don’t get angry at trivial things.

When I first started I wanted to jump into my business and 600 clients, but if that happened I wouldn’t be able to give them the proper coaching. The business started out really slow with one client after launching 3 months later. Then came my second and my third, and with each new client I learned with them. I was able to get into a groove and figure out who I am as a coach. Starting out slow seemed like a huge bump in the road because you invest so much in your business the first year and you want to make a living, but starting out slow is what helped define me as a coach and what worked and what didn’t work. Plus, each client is different so I am constantly learning and growing to be a better coach thanks to them! The bumps are the lessons!

Please tell us about Gina’s Energy Health Coaching.
Gina’s Energy Health Coaching is definitely not conventional. I studied conventional health coaching with City American Health and The London Health and Science Academy. however, I base my coaching off of my own life experiences towards a healthier me and through unconventional therapists and healers like Marisa Peer, Louise Hay, and Dee Wallace. To me health coaching is like therapy, but with recipes and meal plans.

For Gina’s energy health coaching experience, I focus on changing your thought patterns because we are what we think. Which is why diets don’t work. 98% of diets fail. My job as your health coach is to help you change your thoughts and take new actions to improve your overall well-being. I help you create new habits in your life and teach you how to listen to your body when you have a pain or illness.

For change to be permeant you need to know how to communicate with yourself. I work on positive self-talk and changing our thoughts to form new actions geared towards a better lifestyle. You’ll find that just by changing your thought patterns you’ll make an incredible shift to a healthier happier YOU!

It sounds simple because it is! Plus, with my health coaching I create meal plans gear for each client. Everybody is different, everyone is different there is no one plan fits all.

What works for you might not work for someone else. It can be a lot of trial and error, but once it clicks it’s for life. I share with you my own healthy recipes, because I love cooking so I am constantly creating new recipes!

With my teachings I don’t just focus on what you eat I focus on how you feel about yourself, and any problems you have with your body. I have cured myself of thyroid problems and total deafness in my left ear and I want to help others do the same!

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My grandma was one of my favorite people on the planet growing up. I spent almost every weekend with her. Every chance I got to spend with her I took it. I use to hide her car keys when she came over, so she could never leave. She was young at heart. She reminded me that no matter how old in numbers I got I could always have fun and stay a kid. My grandma was one big kid! Unfortunately, she died from a drunk driver at 62 years old when I was 18. However, when I was a kid my mom had a no junk food household. She was really into health and she wanted her kids to be knowledgeable and know what they were in their bodies and start young. Well as kids all we want is candy and sugar! I remember my favorite cereal of all times was Oreo O’s. They are discontinued now (that’s how and they were for our bodies), but I loved them! My grandma would always sneak me a box. I would ask her to pick it for me on the way over. I would always get a bowl or two in before my mom found it and threw them out! I still think of that cereal and how special it would be to share a bowl with my grandma, even though I know now how unhealthy they are for me!

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