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Meet Gary La Casse & Joey Arroyo of Boyz In The Kitchen Catering in Burbank

Today we’d like to introduce you to Gary La Casse & Joey Arroyo.

Boyz In The Kitchen Catering was born out of an apartment in West Hollywood by Executive Chef Gary LaCasse and now current CFO Joey Arroyo, business partners.

Gentlemen- tell us about how this all got started.

We had this idea that we could prepare and sell food that was better then what we had experienced on a catered company picnic we attended one summer in West Los Angeles. We created new recipes and started feeding out neighbors to get some feedback to see if we were good enough to sell…well apparently…we were…the business really took off when a connection through Gary who prepared a gourmet meal and served 10 doctors at a small dinner party. The business grew from there…BITK booked two more dinner parties that night. Word of mouth gave BITK its momentum along with an event planner connection through a friend of Joey’s who heard great things about our food. They asked us to do a tasting and you could say the rest is history!!! Law firms started calling, pharmaceutical reps used us on a daily basis and finally we tapped into productions and never looked back. We were on our way…

We found a large kitchen at the Toluca Lake Tennis Club where owner at the time Paul Ramsey gave us the opportunity to open the restaurant in exchange for a deal on the rent. It was a challenge, we grew fast and the restaurant “Ramsey’s Bar and Grill became successful.

Boyz In The Kitchen, INC. is now located in Burbank. We specialize in all types of events; corporate, weddings, movie and television productions, photo shoots and private parties up to 1000 people. We have all our own chefs, pastry chefs, production coordinators, servers and bartenders. We are Full Service!!

What makes Boyz In The Kitchen successful is first the great food, always fresh, homemade and plentiful…we make our food with passion and love…what is unique about “The Boyz” is that we are “chef owned and operated!”

We are always taking part in some aspect of the daily creativity…cooking, creating new recipes, shopping for the finest ingredients, jumping in wherever is needed to keep the business growing…

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Owning and running a business on a daily basis is never totally smooth and the daily challenges are never really a struggle if you have the passion and the love for what you are doing…

Please tell us about Boyz In The Kitchen Catering, Inc.
Boyz In The Kitchen creates every dish from the freshest ingredients. Produce and Meats are delivered daily, fish is picked up fresh every morning when needed, we do not even have a freezer!!!!!

When you call BITK, you will have a friendly professional person pick up the phone and answer any questions you may have, either help you with a menu by making suggestions or create a theme to go along with your event.

We specialize in creating exactly what you are looking for, budgets big and small, the same quality and professionalism goes into time spent helping you feel comfortable and satisfied knowing that you will be getting quality food and service from first phone call to the hand shake and thank you at the end of your event.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
If I had to start over I honestly don’t think I would do anything differently, it’s been a long fun and interesting journey. I look to challenges as opportunities to grow and never have been afraid to jump right in to a project. It’s always been fun!!

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