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Meet Krista Umgelter of Feel Good

Today we’d like to introduce you to Krista Umgelter.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Krista. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I was working for a small international marketing agency in the South of France and living only a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean shoreline. My lifestyle was very comfortable… a small boat, a beautiful garden apartment, a charming cat, friendly work environment, great colleagues, an incredibly interesting job and an active lifestyle which included scuba diving, boating, canyoning (rock climbing in mountain waterways), skiing and kiteboarding. I traveled often, thanks to the 5 weeks per year vacation time which is standard in Europe. When I was at home I enjoyed renovating antiques, living spaces and usually had an art project going.

It was upon returning from a three week vacation in the Caribbean that my health began deteriorating FAST, in every way. I went to doctors, then more doctors and all types of alternative health care professionals. No one and no test results were able to indicate what was wrong. None of the drugs, homeopathy, herbs, treatments or other suggestions helped, they actually seemed to speed up the decline. As time passed it got more depressing. Soon professionals were convinced my conditions were psychological and the result of mental illness. Nothing made me crazier faster than hearing professionals tell me my health decline was not physical, as I truly believed.

With the passing of more time, and still no answers I began to wonder if my conditions were in fact related to a mental illness. With that doubt, I located a well-known psychiatrist and began seeing him weekly. After only a month he told my very clearly “Krista you have to find a doctor who can figure out what is wrong – you do not have a mental illness”. It was helpful to hear that, but I stayed under his care as I navigated the medical maze with my elusive medical problems. He kept me grounded, focused and moving forward as I saw more doctors who invariably would tell me that my problems were psychosomatic when they were unable to determine what was wrong.

I kept looking and kept coming up empty handed. Eventually I decided I had to go back to school and find the answers myself. Little by little my new understanding led me to private laboratories who were offering unique types of lab work and gave me the names of medical doctors who used their services. Once I had the right doctors using the right labs I began to get some answers. Blood, urine and stool tests by these private labs revealed heavy metal poisoning. I remember getting the lab results – I had three times max levels of mercury in my blood, many more times maximum levels in my urine along with a lot of lead. How did healthcare professionals not see my symptoms as directly related to heavy metal poisoning? It was so obvious. My body had been primed for the problems with lots of heavy metal exposures from my hobbies (renovating antiques, living spaces and art materials). My diet was a very healthy whole foods based diet, but I ate fish a couple times a week. My body crashed upon returning from a 3 week stay in the Caribbean where I had been served two big portions of fish two times a day. It was a recipe for disaster.

Once Pandora’s box was open, as my mom often referred to it, subsequent biopsies over many years would indicate several different, but related auto-immune diseases.

Even though I had begun proper medical treatments, my health was not returning and so I kept on with my studies looking for solutions. I completed studies in nutrition, herbalism, holistic and alternative healing techniques, environmental factors, became a hydro colon therapist. From there I branched out into hypnotherapy, interactive guided imagery, dream work, art therapy, family/systemic constellations (not astrology, but based on Bert Hellinger’s work) and other spiritual types of practices in an effort to see the bigger picture of well-being.

Years passed and I continued crawling my way back to more body function. It was painstakingly slow and arduous. It required an extremely detailed and strict diet, herbs, supplements, medical and alternative treatments and a personally appropriate lifestyle.

I began giving talks about what I knew, offered classes and began working with kids and adults via phone consultations, office visits or in their home. I knew what questions to ask, I listened, asked more questions and followed my nose.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I like Dory’s advice in the movie Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”. My swimming has landed me everywhere I have traveled and been in life. I am still swimming and expect to be swimming until my departure from this lifetime.

Feel Good – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I work with individuals who are stuck and are ready to start swimming. Or maybe they are already swimming, but without making any headway. I am a wholistic personal tour guide of sorts. I know the territory and my clients tell me what is going on. Most people have so much of their energy caught up in some future goal that they can’t really see what is happening right now. I am looking at the big picture of the here and now while drawing all the priceless information that each client has about their person and life.

I show up for each client, no matter why they have sought me out, with every tool in my toolbox. The solution may be held in one single puzzle piece or we may need to identify several pieces of the puzzle over a couple months to get things turned around and mobilized. While working with people I am also teaching them how to use their own inner guidance. I don’t want people to think I hold some magic key, I want them to know how to find the doorways and how to locate the keys when the door is locked.

I am not scared to tell someone who isn’t reaching a career objective to clean up their diet so that their person is laser clear. I think outside the box and understand how upbringing, emotions and ideas have people programmed in ways that may be keeping them from recovering their health or from living the life they want to live.

Each person is a very complex mixed bag of elements. It is important to look at the various pieces and understand how seemingly unrelated aspects of our persons are connected. A dietary change may be what is needed to get that work promotion! A personal care product maybe the source of stomach bloating. One diet soda in an aluminum can maybe the reason you can’t lose those last 10-15 pounds. Being downwind of that golf course or cemetery maybe the cause of your respiratory issues or sleep disorders. Your auto-immune disease may be because of the electrical lines outside your residence. A repetitive dream is definitely showing up again and again to communicate something EXTREMELY important. One ingredient off in a supplement may be why it is working but not as well as it could.

My client’s changes come easily because I respect each person’s deep source of information. When a person’s choices are congruent with their whole person then forward movement is comfortable and productive.

I have a lot of tools for capturing the insights and clarity that will light up the direction for each step. Each individual and every situation are entirely different. I don’t ever approach anything from the same standpoint. I don’t believe in one size fits all approaches. They may get a person on the boat towards a solution, but they negate the uniqueness of each person and situation. At some point, one size fits all approaches often become the obstacle rather than the solution. What is right for one person or situation will be a disaster for another.

I use my extensive knowledge in nutrition, herbalism, holistic and alternative health and mind/emotional/spiritual understanding. I want to know… What have they done? What do they know works? What doesn’t work? When is it better? When is it worse? What happened? Why the gap? Would interactive guided imagery or hypnotherapy bring insights or the direct answer? What about art therapy? What are their dreams telling them? Would systemic, family or altar constellations provide the insight or create the necessary shift? Are their food choices and personal care products or exposures having a negative influence? Have they investigated all the possible options for health recovery that most doctors are not advocating? What part of this person has been underutilized, but is their best asset? What are the observations and comments of loved ones?

I know the territory. Each person shows up with the details and the ability to recognize the right doorways.

What sets me apart from others is my humility, honesty, patience and ability to take the high road. I involve each person in every way by showing them all the options in an unbiased manner and allowing them to naturally gravitate towards what feels right at that time. How I work is entirely unique. I am not scared to ask the tough questions or gently show where they are getting hooked and stuck. My goal is about helping people get from here to there and empowering them as they do. If I am not the best match then I will refer them to the person who is. Sometimes the best work a professional can do is to recognize when a client (or potential client) will make forward progress by working with someone different.

When clients are tapping into their inner knowing, with the help of my guidance, and I am guided by mine, some pretty amazing things happen.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I finished my bachelors in 1992 when the economy was in bad shape and college graduate opportunities far and few between. I decided to sell everything I owned and move to Paris to study French and make the unlucky economic situation an opportunity.

I returned to Southern California about 18 months later as things were making a comeback. I was sending resumes and interviewing daily to get on a professional career track. What I had not counted on was being less than 10 miles away from the epicenter of the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake in 1994. It devastated the job market: buildings were condemned, people were laid off and companies instigated hiring freezes. Vast areas didn’t even have water or electricity.

A week before the earthquake as I was accumulating one depressing interview experience after another, my mind went wandering off to paradise. It stayed in dreamland long enough for me to drop a resume in the mail to Club Med. To this day I have no idea why. I never expected anything from it because I knew I wouldn’t fly to Florida for the mandatory interview process. A couple days after the earthquake I got a call from a French man named BooBoo. He invited me to go meet the head of personnel who had flown out to California to repair his mother’s home from the earthquake damage. It was only a few miles away from me and with nothing better to do I headed off to meet him. We didn’t have electricity or water so I didn’t look too great, but my clothes were clean. He was a very nice man, we had a lovely chat and I went on my way.

It was such a casual “nothing” type of conversation that I never expected anything to come from it.

Not even 24 hours later Club Med called to let me know my plane ticket would arrive by FedEx the next day and that if I wanted a one year contract working at Club Med Martinique that I was to be on the plane leaving Los Angeles on Saturday in four days.

It wasn’t a clear decision for me at the time. A part of me wanted my life to be more settled (which I now know is only ever an illusion), but the idea of working for club med a sort of fairy tale. My mom’s childlike joy instantly made it clear that I was being offered a once in a lifetime opportunity… and LA’s post-earthquake situation was very grim. Four days later I jumped on the plane, went to work for Club Med and never looked back.

Unlucky earthquake or lucky aftermath?

When I hold too tightly to the idea that something is “lucky” or “unlucky” my vision is clouded from seeing what is truly happening.

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