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Meet Essence Wall of dj.shErOck*, shErOcksYoga and blkTemple in Silverlake / Los Feliz

Today we’d like to introduce you to Essence Wall.

Essence, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I was born in LA but in ’97 the young shErOck left for NY. I was always in the arts in some way. Almost anything to do with movement and music is what pulled me. For a moment of my life, I recorded an album and figured I’d go to London to live and perform my way into a record deal. That didn’t fly as I thought it would so for a hot second I returned to LA, chucked the artist thing and was immersed in Kundalini Yoga (YUM) while still trying to figure out how music would play an essential part of my life. But I got bored with LA and went back to NY. No matter what city I was in, I always knew the best DJ’s and where the party was. I begged a few homeboys to show me the DJ ropes…no one really stepped up.

But one dear friend so kindly gifted me with DJ equipment and I taught myself how to spin, lied my way into a beach bar gig in Thailand which led to another gig back in NY and before ya know, I was rOckin with brands like CoverGirl, MasterCard and NIKE to name a few. While in my DJ groove throughout NY, Miami, Africa, Europe and abroad I decided to take my yoga practice to the next level and get certified. I was introduced to Laughing Lotus Yoga NY where I fell IN LOVE with yoga in a whole new way. It was full of mysticism, philosophy and to my hearts surprise music was a major component to the dance-like flow. It was so exciting to find a practice that I could share with deep passion and infuse sound vibrations to inspire feeling and movement the way it lives in me.

In 2015 I returned to LA to give myself a little NY break and ended up finding my current yoga hOMe One Down Dog where I’ve been getting my teaching life on! I’m so grateful to be apart of such a beautiful and open-hearted community. As of now, I’m based in Cali, hosting retreats yearly (in Bali, Honduras, Mexico..etc), still DJ’ing in NY and co-creator/owner of @blkTemple (a BIWOC + Allies) Sacred Sanctuary for healing journeys thru wellness and the arts with my love Malliha.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Some roads are smooth and others are not. With DJ’ing there have most definitely been ups and downs. In NY, where I started and eventually developed an amazing foundation performing for many brands there were plenty of times when booking gigs seemed far and few. But eventually, I found the rhythm and flow. Yoga in NY was a magical journey but also started off with some bumps in the road. After being certified, it was difficult to land a teaching gig. I had to be persistent as fuck. Finally a studio took notice, appreciated my references and hired me. Eventually, I was also on the schedule with offerings at my yoga hOMe Laughing Lotus NY (now LL Studio). There’s literally no place like it and I felt honored to be involved with such a vibrant community.

The next struggle was leaving it all and relocating to LA. Man, a very different culture and vibe after being in NY for almost 20 years. I felt super misunderstood. I would rarely DJ in LA and when I have it’s mostly been for private or corporate events. It’s cliquey. With yoga, it took over a year for me to find a studio that could appreciate my vibe, my rawness, my wildness and welcome it. For a moment, I started trying to wash down my energy to fit in but I had to get over that. Finally, when introduced to One Down Dog it was so awesome to be seen and able to be my full self. What a freakin’ gift it is.

Then there was my heart’s desire to start up my yoga retreat vision. Talk about making some real strides of believing in self. Believing other people would spend their money to travel across a world of oceans with you to do yoga, go inward and trust the life-changing journeys you will take them on. Scary zone. Not an easy thing to convince myself of but I took a leap and after my first one, I would’ve said I failed but it taught me to see what I gained, how I learned what not to do and what ways I needed to grow. Now I’m incredibly grateful to be in my 4th year of hosting what’s been shared as some powerful retreats that leave people so in awe they continue returning each year. It’s a magic I can’t fully put into words.

Lastly, my most recent endeavor has been blkTemple. My love and I wanted to create something for the BIWOC + Allies community that would embody a space to feel held, heard and safe to explore the various ways of healing. It took some time to find a groove and create the kind of programming that would truly inspire this community to show up for themselves and just as we could feel the vibration rising we got hit with this pandemic. Now this is the realest struggle of them all. Figuring out how to survive and thrive above this standstill that’s carrying so much uncertainty and fear. Our prayers are so high right now.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I pretty much am my company. As a DJ and yogi, I just bring my energy to the dance floor. I specialize in awakening your highest vibration and stimulating you to find your courage to live life as fully as you possibly can. I’m known for using music, movement, the breath, philosophy and whatever natural modalities one can tap into as a way of exploring and enjoying the art of self-discovery so we can live more freely. And I feel proud in knowing with every class I teach or event I play that people sincerely feel my intentions and it encourages them in some way to want more for themselves. My mission is to inspire you to desire more for you but to understand it’s all within you.

As far as blkTemple, the uniqueness is that there’s just not enough out there for us by us. Plus we aren’t focused on one type of healing and instead we’re offering the diversity of art therapy, cacao, yoga, breath-work, free dancing, vision board-ing, panel discussions, sound vibrations, poetic expression and so much more into a culture that doesn’t usually have access to this without traveling outside of there communities. We’re still building and creating.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
Absolutely nothing. I’ve learned the lesson is in the doing what you cannot change. Keep growing. Keep showing up.

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Yoga images in dress by Nousha Salimi

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