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Meet Erick Dell ‘Aquila of Wedding Photography LA & OC in Long Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Erick Dell ‘Aquila.

Erick began his photography career by working for a small photography company that specialized in family, maternity and newborn photography. He began by being an assistant who helped during photo sessions. Less than a year into the job, Erick bought his first full-sensor DSLR with the intention to fully dive into photography. He tells us that he was relentless with practicing, reading, and learning about his camera and the settings. Above all, he took photos of everything he could, particularly his dog Buddy. After Erick got enough practice, experience and knowledge about photography, he decided that he would continue his passion for photography by specializing in weddings and special events. That is how Wedding Photography LA & OC got created. Before Erick shot his first wedding he knew that he was good at photography, and he absolutely loved it. He wanted to be incredibly good at it, and his desire has not stopped to this day.

Today, Erick is not only a photographer, but he is also a videographer. He tells us that he has gained enough experience over the years that his camera and photography are second nature for him. Erick is the prime photographer and videographer for his company, which is a rare thing as most people are either a photographer or a videographer, but rarely both. His biggest desire is to become as good a videographer as he is a photographer, as he tells us that videography requires more precision and a gentler hand because of the continuous manual focusing that it requires.

Has it been a smooth road?
Erick tells us that becoming a skilled photographer was an easy road, as in order to become good at it, all he had to do was place all of his desire and emphasis in studying and practicing photography. Erick tells us that he places the same emphasis on videography today, although it is more challenging. He says “all you have to do is have the time, desire, and your full heart into it, and you will be good at it.” Photography was easy, videography is a welcoming challenge, but other factors about the business are not.

He goes on to tell us that becoming a “good photographer” can be easy, becoming a “successful” photographer is a different story. Erick tells us that one may have all of the skill in the world, but photography can be a tough road for many as there is so much competition in the business. There are so many photographers, especially in L.A. that anyone who is looking for a photographer can book a session, a wedding, or a special event with anyone who has a decent profile and very low prices. In photography, you have the elite photographers, the mid-level skilled photographers, and then the amateurs, Erick says that a lot of couples and families who look for photographers for their events end up signing with the mid-level and amateur photographers because they want to save money and they go with the ones who charge low prices. The consequence is that the client suffers the consequence at the end as they end up sacrificing quality, creativeness and skill. Erick says that clients do not know that in the end their product (e.g., their pictures and videos) will not compare between those who do photography for a living, as opposed to those who charge very little. What happens is that most clients shop around and they call those who charge the least, and offer to do just about anything to book an event.

The most difficult thing for most photographers can be having enough money to buy top-of-the line equipment. As an example, Erick says the personally uses nothing but Canon equipment. All of his cameras, lenses, and flashes accumulate to over $12,000.

That price includes the tripods, monopods, lights, and microphones he uses. The benefit is that good expensive equipment generates amazing pictures and video footage, the problem is that most photographers cannot afford such expensive equipment.

So, let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Wedding Photography LA & OC story. Tell us more about the business.
Erick says that his company specializes in Photography and Videography for weddings and all types of special events. If you are having a party, an engagement, a surprise proposal, an anniversary, a grand opening, a baptism, a family reunion, a Sweet Sixteen or any other special celebration, then you should call them or email them. The number of pictures and the length of the videos depend on the number of hours requested. None of the pictures have a company logo and all of them are given at the highest resolution.

All videos are in HD.

For videography clients receive a “highlight video,” and also an extended video with some of the most important moments of their event. Erick says that they have a traditional yet trendy style that adapts to the new times. He believes that clients will see that their photographs and video footage will have tremendous meaning that will make them cry of joy or elevate them with happiness.

Erick suggests that new clients should take advantage of their new editing style called the “Dream Look” which was implemented in late 2016. This style of editing consists of very rich, colorful, vivid, and sharp pictures. In addition, he says that they are trying something new, which is to offer a free engagement session when clients sign up for one of their photography & videography packages.

As a business owner in the wedding industry, Erick is most proud about the mid-range prices that his company charges for their services. Most elite photographers charge over $3000 or $4000 for a wedding, but Erick’s company has prices that are between $1400 to $2500 all depending on the package or the hours that are requested.

What sets Wedding Photography apart from most elite photography companies is the fact that their prices are very reasonable given the quality of the pictures, the professionalism, the turnaround time (21 days or less), and the creativeness when it comes to angles, poses, and detailed information that is given to clients in order to prepare them for their big day.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
Erick says that he sees the photography industry is evolving each decade. All photographers should adapt to the changing times in terms of equipment, creativeness when it comes to shooting, and editing styles. Just look back at how pictures looked in the 90’s and how they look now. Pictures today look more vided, live, and advanced.

Highlight videos today look nothing like what they looked like in 2006, especially 1996.

Every 5 years or so, photographers have to change the way product is generated and given back to clients. For example, photographers don’t just need to have an amazing website, with amazing photographs, but they must also provide quality pictures, well edited in a timely manner. Photographers today must show amazing professionalism and they must look like professionals (no longer showing up to weddings in shorts, t-shirts and hats).

Clients are beginning to learn that price does matter, but that they should never pay “too much” or pay “very little” for something that will be part of their history for the rest of their lives. That means that as the times change, people will see that to pay over $4000 for a wedding will be too much and ridiculous, and to pay $1000 or less is not a smart tactic as the product has reflected what they paid.


  • Photography Only Between $125-$200 an Hour depending on the type of event.
  • Videography Only Between $150-$200 an Hour depending on the type of event.
  • 6 hours Photography & Videography Services $1400 (liable to change during the year).
  • 8 hours Photography & Videography Services $1800 (liable to change during the year).
  • 10 hours Photography & Videography Services $2500 (liable to change during the year).

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