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Meet Emmanuelle Blanc of Unleash Your Inner Wealth in Glendale

Today we’d like to introduce you to Emmanuelle Blanc.

Emmanuelle, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
There’s nothing as exhilarating as stepping out into the unknown. That space where fear may try to tell you don’t go – play it safe. You come to a point where you know that the only way you can constantly breathe in fulfillment is by letting your fear meet faith. When all you have to stand on is the promise of a possibility, it only becomes your reality after you take action.

My story begins in a small town in France, in my humble household with my mother, father, three older sisters, one of which was my beloved older sister, Marie-Claire. We lived just about one hour away from Paris, a city that would eventually begin my journey of wildly beautiful adventures. As early as age five, I had to learn how to adjust to drastic changes. My parents got divorced and my sister, Marie-Claire and I stayed with my mother while my three other siblings moved with my father. I wouldn’t imagine as a child, but my humble beginnings were what paved a way for success beyond my wildest dreams and what became the unshakable foundation that produced creativity and strength when everything around me was being stripped from me.

I always had big dreams and aspirations for my life, and one of these dreams took me out of my small town to the big city of Paris at age 15, in search of adventure and possibilities that did not exist in my small town. By the age of 21, my heart was set on the sights beyond the horizon of Europe to the holy land of India. With naïve courage, my ultra-curiosity took me from New Delhi to the Himalayas, making friends, climbing mountains, meditating with the yogis, hiking through the jungles, riding boats down rivers, sipping chai with locals, learning about the incredibly rich culture of India, while the whole time developing an unconscious competence in the fashion industry.

After seven years of traveling in India, I settled down in Goa. My heart knew that it was time to make my dreams of being a fashion designer out of my head and into the world. My father’s wise teachings taught me the art of conquering fear through bold action so the fear of failure wasn’t my first thought; I had to be resourceful if I would make this dream a reality. I started where I was, I used what I had and I did what I could. India had brought so much unfamiliar beauty to me so I returned the favor. Every day, in the market, I brought a taste of France to the people, selling crepes and saving all the funds to launch my fashion business. I sold my French pancakes until I had enough to launch my business, Miss Be Fashion.

Many may wonder, Emmanuelle aka Miss be, how did you know it would work? My answer to that question is, “you just do the work”. I learned this lesson years before when my friend came across a manuscript, I had written during my days in France. I had left the manuscript with her when I set off for India. She saw the potential in this little detective story and submitted it for publication on my behalf without my knowing. Do the work with all your heart and your gift will make room for you.

Fate had it that on my way to creating a successful fashion business, one of my designs would change EVERYTHING, giving Miss Be Fashion a competitive edge that had customers waiting in great expectation every single week. And I delivered high fashion to the nightlife week after week.

The success did not stop there. While becoming a 7-figure iconic business with 18 wholesalers in 15 countries, a 15 tailor workshop, and eight storefronts in five countries, Miss Be Fashion appeared in 250+ magazines, five times in Vogue, and I even dressed Miss India and Miss Hawaii to name a few.

While at the peak of my career as a fashion designer, a series of events occurred that would take me down a new path. It began with an earthquake in Nepal that would cause me to lose my entire workshop staff, customers and my business. Within months, I had to face the loss of three loved ones, one of them being my beloved father, my hero, the one who taught me how to courageously face the uncertainties of life. The pain of losing my father and two dear friends was already a lot to bear, and while dealing with this excruciating adjustment, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

This illness hit close to home in more ways than anyone would imagine as we had already lost my beloved sister, Marie-Claire, a few years before. A few months prior to my own diagnosis, my mother also came face to face with a life-threatening illness. Now, here I was adjusting to the news that I too would have to go on a journey of healing my body temple. I learned early in this journey that I needed to set boundaries with people because although they had good intentions, the different opinions on how to approach my healing could interfere with the clarity that my soul and spirit needed at that time. This is why I emphasize this principle with my clients to take time for themselves and listen deeply to what their hearts need.

For two years, my whole life as I knew it was turned upside down but there’s always a blessing when you look for it. This health scare, though terrifying, brought me back to my center, causing me to dive deep into my soul and into parts of myself I had never really taken the time to know and while at my worst physically, the care and support of others carried me through to health again, along with a mixture of traditional and alternative medicine.

I got my golden ticket from the Universe when my doctor revealed to me that I was free of illness. I recorded a deeply emotional video that I sent to all my friends. The closing message in that video was “I’m going to get my strength back and conquer the world again” and that’s exactly what I am doing for myself as well as inspiring others to do through my Unleash your Inner Wealth coaching program and intensive workshops.

Has it been a smooth road?
Smooth road? The journey has been more like driving up a steep hill, not sure if the vehicle is about to fall off the side of the hill, but knowing that the reward at the top of the mountain is worth every ounce of adrenaline rush. Throughout my journey, there have been obstacles and challenges along the way, however, I believe that obstacles are really opportunities disguised as challenges. From leaving my hometown to go to Paris, every stage of change in being in an unfamiliar place has called for lots of readjustments. Moving to a new country, not speaking any English or Indian. Starting a fashion business with nothing but a childhood dream and taking it to seven figures requires getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. Losing loved ones at a time when I should be celebrating business, love, and life. The battle with a life-threatening illness, knowing that this too shall pass, yet being suspended in the waiting period. Then having to reinvent me in completely brand new and unfamiliar ways. Yes, there have been obstacles, yet I give gratitude and grace because through them, I have uncovered something far greater and more powerful in me and about me.

One of these obstacles, yet again, turned into the most beautiful opportunity. When I started to regain my strength, I moved to Maui and lived on the beach in my campervan. I had longed to be lulled to sleep by the sound of the quiet waves crashing on the sand. These months were glorious, and, you guessed it! Within months, this journey to find solace and reprieve turned into a campervan business.

Whether I have been in India, Holland, England, America, Spain or Austria, the impact of gratitude and grace is always immense in my life. It has cultivated in me qualities that allow me to serve others at the highest levels and help them tap into and unleash the greatness that is on the inside of them as well as embrace the genius that most people are not confident enough to see in themselves.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Unleash Your Inner Wealth story. Tell us more about the business.
I specialize in mentoring ambitious, creative entrepreneur women who are postured for exponential impact with their true calling by tapping into their genius & mastering self-motivation. As we walk through my process, they discover their blind spots, and within minutes, we get to the root of their struggles, which is where their transformation begins. They will know that they can expect the unexpected as they are activated, charged and gain the confidence needed to embrace the next phase of their business. I am well known for being straightforward and unapologetic about how intensively they are experiencing breakthroughs and this is what makes my work so sought after.

I am proud of the versatility that I offer to the women I work with. It is always amazing for me to see how the transformation happens for my clients in the areas of self-motivation and mastery. Unleashing your inner wealth is not just about attracting abundance, it is about extracting what you already are gifted with, which is the capacity to recognize, to build and to believe beyond your beliefs. Like attracts like, therefore, you must first possess it from within if you intend to manifest it on the outer world. I am proud of the results I get the opportunity to witness in my clients’ lives and in their businesses as a byproduct.

I am Frenglish! Here’s what this means for my clients. They get exposure beyond mere expertise. The power of linguistics is a huge part of my self-expression, a skill that I developed during my travels and exposure to a large variety of languages and cultures. When working with my clients, I pay keen attention to body language and word choice for expression and manifestation. One simple word can change the mood and mental approach around a task and when my clients learn how to harness this skill, they experience exponential growth. What used to be difficult for them becomes a simple task of exploring a different solution. They build up awareness, self-love, and self-esteem as they work with me, bringing about a chain reaction of positivity, happiness, and productivity. The specialized experience that I bring cannot be found anywhere else. In one of my client’s words, I translate the unspoken language of their heart’s desire into concepts that reflect the image of their best selves. I show them how to transform these concepts into tangible results.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
The coaching industry is experiencing one of the most exponential growth spurts and I am so grateful to be available to serve at this level. People are being awakened to the gift of coaching. In the past, the idea of coaching was reserved for athletes and for the wealthy, but people are discovering that coaching is an art and science that transcends so many boundaries.

I believe that within the next 5 – 10 years, it will be the norm for a person to invest in a coach. The same way they go to the specialist on an annual basis for their medical checkups, or to an accountant for taxes, they will see a coach as the bridge that can help them make the leaps and bounds in the various areas of life, wellness, and mindset, to fast track their transformation.

Most recently, the global shifts have caused us to become more aware of ourselves and the areas we need to devote more attention to. I look at awareness like a flashlight, illuminating the areas where the emphasis is placed. More people are beginning to realize how crucial awareness is to their growth and development. More people are seeing how easy it is to get distracted. The opposite of distraction is traction, and this industry, specifically my job as a coach is to help female entrepreneurs create traction around their dreams, their desires, and their destiny.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Absolutely! What’s beautiful about coaching is that it offers lots of flexibility. Whether in person or through virtual platforms, there is so much potential as long as my clients are willing to do the work involved. Also, this is one of the most beautiful places to come for a mastermind or seminar. It’s a very inspiring and legendary place with Hollywood being right at our fingertips. If someone was just starting out, I would definitely recommend starting out here. The opportunities to network and collaborate with supportive peers are endless. Not to mention all the inspiration, creativity and art that surrounds us here in this city and beyond.


  • When discussing price with my clients, I prefer using the word investment. It is important for them to understand before we begin our work, that they are investing in their future, their productivity, their joy and their growth. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am offering a Voyage LA coupon code for 50% off my private 1:1 Zoom session. Please mention Voyage LA to have the adjustment made to your investment.
  • For anyone looking to learn more about me, you can follow this link to get a FREE copy of my e-book. You are also welcome to take advantage of my other freebies which are a gift full of treasures.

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