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Meet Edgar Fabián Frías of Our Sacred Web

Today we’d like to introduce you to Edgar Fabián Frías.

Edgar, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I began Our Sacred Web after graduating from Portland State University in 2013 with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and earning a graduate certificate in the field of Interpersonal Neurobiology. I was seeking to find a way to integrate my extensive knowledge of mysticism, healing, somatic counseling, and ceremonial work into an art-healing-life praxis.

From an early age, I have been fascinated with the ways in which art and healing practices mirror and are influenced by one another. In 2010 I helped start the Not Enough! Queer Music and Arts Festival in Portland, Oregon, a non-hierarchical and do-it-yourself event that has had over six iterations all across the city and has also helped start similar events in over five different cities across the US and Canada. In 2015, I moved to Los Angeles with my partner, Thaddeus Pedisich, and have been able to establish myself as a mental health therapist, healer, tarot reader, educator, curator, and contemporary artist.

For example, at the beginning of this year, I curated and performed in Cuerpos Unidos, a performance and social practice event in collaboration with the Vincent Price Art Museum (VPAM) and a part of REDCAT’s Pacific Standard Time Festival: Live Art LA/LA. It featured new works commissioned from five Los Angeles-based artists responding to photographer Laura Aguilar’s retrospective at VPAM. In 2017, I was commissioned by Angel’s Gate Cultural Center to produce Give US Home Spider, a series of performance rituals across Southern California inspired by the sacred journeys of the Wixarika in Mexico, of which I am a descendant.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I have definitely been met with some challenges. When I first moved to Los Angeles, I habitually started to look for full-time work. Thankfully, before I found one, I had the honor of receiving a psychic reading from Asher Hartman, who told me very clearly do not look for a full-time job as I had many other opportunities wanting to come to me.

This was very difficult at first as I was only working a couple of days a week as a mental health therapist and, for quite some time, had nothing else happening for me. But, slowly and as a result of receiving incredible support from people in Los Angeles and a lot of work on my behalf, I began to see my “non-work” days become filled with opportunities.

From being asked to produce art for exhibitions, to being invited to lecture at universities, the diversity and range of activities I saw myself being called to do began to astonish and delight me. I have always dreamed of living this way. I get to choose what I do and how I do it. I have a diverse range of interesting and integrative activities make up my life. As a Gemini with a Scorpio Moon, this diversity of activities I get to relish in and the nomadic, site-specific, and collaborative way of working I experience is bliss. I get to jump around and choose things based on passion and pleasure.

Of course, while having a large part of your income come from temporary and project-based endeavors is incredibly exciting and dynamic and it can also be unstable. There are moments of excess, where I can barely keep up with requests for readings, talks, art opportunities, etc. and times where nothing is coming in and I retreat to work on creative projects or take time to focus on my own healing. This instability was at first incredibly uncomfortable and would paralyze me with fear.

Through much communal healing and lived experience, I have learned to see this instability as an ally that keeps me on my toes and has taught me much about the value of trusting in the Universe and in the communities that surround and sustain me. I now lean into and truly cherish having time to play and to rest. I see it as vital to my process and as a way I can prepare myself for those moments of vocational and creative abundance.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Our Sacred Web – what should we know?
I carry within me a cross-pollination of powerful and alchemical magic. I was not only trained as a mental health therapist, I also studied Hakomi, a form of mindfulness-centered somatic psychotherapy developed by Ron Kurtz in the 1970s with the M.E.T.A. Institute in Portland, Oregon. In addition to this, I have years of experience working on do-it-yourself projects, organizing grant-funded creative events, collaborating with queer and transgender communities, and exploring and expanding my own trans-disciplinary creative processes.

Our Sacred Web reflects this diversity of process and practice. I have collaborated on workshops and have been asked to teach with The Golden Dome, an autonomous educational and curatorial platform dedicated to studying intersections of art, metaphysics, and ecology and have also been asked to do workshops and performances for the Mystic Bazaar, a nomadic platform where healing, music, ritual, and art come together as one. I work with individuals, couples, and groups as a healer, educator, and ceremonial leader. I have been the wedding officiant for four queer pagan weddings in Oregon, Washington, and California and will be officiating my fifth wedding in July of this year.

I am also a bridge between the metaphysical, therapeutic, and artistic communities and my creative practice is just as diverse, collaborative and interdisciplinary. For example, I make gifs on under the name “Mutant Magic,” and they have almost 22 million views and have recently begun to collaborate with Sarah Zucker on psychedelic and inspirational videos for Instagram. In the two and half years I have lived in Los Angeles, I have been asked to perform, speak at, create art for, or curate at various venues across Los Angeles, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, PAM Residencies in Highland Park, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Machine Project in Echo Park, and the Hammer Museum in West Los Angeles.

I am the most proud of my ability to transform, co-create, and dream with others and of my ability to take risks, not be afraid of failure, and continue to challenge myself to expand and integrate from the vast array of people and experiences I connect with on a daily basis. My experiences and connections set me apart and help solidify my mutable business.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
There are countless people who have helped me on my path. I mentioned him earlier, but an artist and psychic Asher Hartman has been a huge champion of my work as both an healer-artist and a public figure. He was my art teacher at UC Riverside back in 2005 and we have stayed in touch ever since. Curator, artist, and overall amazing visionary, Martabel Wasserman, was the first person to give me an opportunity as an artist in Los Angeles and has been vital in my own artistic development.

Zut Lorz and Mark Allen at the now-closed Machine Project in Echo Park have provided me with an incalculable amount of creative opportunities and have also helped me connect to a vast number of artists, organizers, healers, and educators. In 2016, I was a research fellow at land’s edge, an autonomous pedagogical platform based in East and South Los Angeles that nurtures the voices of cultural producers who are committed to social transformation.

Through them, I was truly able to see that my creative practice is intergenerational, ancestral, pedagogical, and culturally-influenced and produced for and with my varying communities. Director of the Vincent Price Art Museum, Pilar Tompkins-Rivas, has also been critical in my development as both an artist and curator within the Los Angeles scene.

Last, but definitely not least, I have received MUCH support from Los Angeles’ divine web of witches, healers, artists, and some of the West Coast’s most influential movers and shakers, including: Eliza Swann, Saewon Oh, Amanda Yates Garcia, SA RA Kwon, Yunuen Rhi, Tanya Love, Estela Sanchez, Erin Aquarian, Sheana and Jen Corbridge, Sarah Zucker and Bronwyn Lundberg, Rafa Esparza, Sergio Julio Torres Barrera, Demi Espinoza, and Brian Getnick, to name a FEW! Los Angeles is FULL of magical, powerful people who want to see you step into your own power and magic!

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