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Meet Downtown Photographer: Edwin Ortega

Today we’d like to introduce you to Edwin Ortega.

Edwin, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Since I can remember photography was always been part of my life my mom loves photography. She took millions of photos of me and my sister throughout my whole childhood as we were growing up. So I was got older my passion for photography grew. I picked up my first DSRL camera at age 14. It was a Canon t2i. I began photographing the beauty that surrounds me in my hometown San Diego California. In high school, my interest for Italian designers and the beauty they portray really started to captivate my attention creating a passion for what I saw in Vogue, Italian Vogue, and W fashion magazines. Last January, I decided to move to LA to pursue my dreams and to continue my education.

Has it been a smooth road?
No, it hasn’t been a smooth road at all. haha. I’m an independent 22 year old so as cool as it sounds it’s really hard to be an adult, sometimes I work full time to support myself and being apart from family is hard. I have been wanting to go back to school since I moved to LA but due to my financial situation and also that I don’t have my parents support it has been hard to go back I did get accepted to school but I been having to defer from it for that same reason. Also like I mentioned, not having my parents support is hard. They both don’t speak to me due to my sexual orientation so I haven’t had that moral support since I moved to LA, but I always try to find the bright side of things and have everything that tries to pull me down become a motivation to push myself harder to accomplish my goals.

When you look back, can you point to a period when you wanted to quit or a period that was really frustrating?
Yeah, there’s been a few moments that I have felt overwhelmed by setbacks for example not too long ago when I got my letter of acceptance from school. I was really excited that I could finally resume my education again to later find out that my financial aid didn’t go through. It was really frustrating also by not having the full support of my family. Sometimes, it can be discouraging but I’m not the quitter type that’s not who I am. I consider myself to be driven and a fighter and everything time life throws at me, I have always found a way to overcome that obstacle. My parents taught me that every time you fail, you can cry about it but crying won’t change anything. If you want to see a change you got to get up and fight back always push yourself to be better and that’s what I always try to do when I’m faced with an obstacle. Always try to see the bright side of things and see it a part of growing up and a life lesson.

Let’s change gears – is there any advice you’d like to give?
Yeah always stay true to yourself that’s what is wanna make you different from everyone else and also don’t be scared to try new things and getting out of your comfort zone. Pushing yourself and always keeping in mind your goals and the things you got to do to get there.

What are you looking forward to?
Well, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me but I’m eager to find out 1 step at a time!

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  • Instagram: Edwin0_o

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Devon Tomlin. Martin colledge. Laisha. Levy Erskine. Victoria Victor loo.

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