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Meet Downtown Los Angeles Photographer: Jared Rubin

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jared Rubin.

Jared, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Growing up in New Jersey in the early 1990’s, right outside of the Princeton area, my upbringing was filled with rural farms and breath-taking landscapes. My father knew everything about nature and wildlife and from a young age taught me compassion for all living things and how to appreciate the world around me.

At 14, during my first paying job as a lifeguard, I got my first compact digital camera. I started bringing it to concerts to create images and the artists I photographed actually used my images on MySpace! My passion for helping people continued to progress as I became an EMT-B at age 16. I wanted to become a trauma room surgeon so I took AP classes while taking film photography as an elective. By the conclusion of my freshmen year I was making my own images and developing them, I fell in love. Between studying and riding my dirt bike 24/7, photography became my ultimate passion.

Sophomore year I was made the head of the yearbook’s photography department. Every second of every day my camera was out and ready for birthdays, school plays, sports, science class, and even the lunchroom—and all of the images made the yearbook. That summer break there was a message from a woman from another school, asking about my availability. I called her back to find out more information and she asked me if I was available to photograph her husband’s surprise birthday party at a really nice banquet hall. I asked her to hold on for a second while I checked my calendar (note: I’ve never had a client before!).

I asked my father what was I suppose to do since I didn’t officially have a business. He told me, you do now! I got back on the phone, gave a quote and without hesitation, she agreed!

Within 24 hours with my father’s help, I established an LLC at 16 years old! I was the only student in high school with business cards!

I landed my first photography job and it paid cash!

During my early years and before getting that first paid photography job, I was introduced to modeling by a girl at school. After observing those shoots and working with different photographers, I began, almost instinctually, paying attention to lighting, equipment, pricing, publication marketing and knowing what people made to do all this. I utilized my behind the camera experience to begin really knowing how to direct models and convey emotion in my images.

At casting calls, I began recruiting models to photograph. The first one was with the same agency I was modeling with at the time. I took a look at her lookbook and said she was missing a beach look and that we should create together. Within two days we found ourselves on a local beach on an overcast day–perfect for dramatic skies and lighting. And we got the image! She loved them and so did her agent, who asked who the photographer was.

Within no time, the owner of the agency called me and said she’d like for me to be one of their house photographers. So I started making images of models.

Realizing my natural gift in photography and how I could support myself independently, overpowered my early desire to be a doctor. However, the love and passion for people became stronger.

I pride myself on what separates me from other photographers: my connection with subjects. I can connect with anyone from any walk of life.

Has it been a smooth road?
Volunteering as an EMT for 7 years exposed me to situations that no one could ever prepare for, but even those couldn’t prepare me for the loss of my father, who played such an integral role in my life and the start of my business. The constant struggle and what makes life most difficult is when I book new work or a client or need advice; my father was always the first person I called and the one person whose opinion mattered most. My goal is to make my father proud and make my subjects feel empowered and look the best they possibly can.

How do you define success?
To me success is defined by happiness, being surrounded by great friends and family, and getting to spend every day doing what I love.

My criteria is setting goals both immediate and long term and working hard to make sure those goals are achieved.

What are your plans for the future?
The most recent big changes in my career is, I opened up my own studio in DTLA (833 S spring St Suite 203/204) and am working with CTRL Collective as their house photographer.

Furthermore, I have a couple projects in the works that I am very excited about!

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 609 240 5665
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @jaredrubinphotography
  • Facebook: Jared Rubin Photography
  • Other: Twitter: @jaredrubinphoto

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Image Credits:
African American Model/Actor in Blue Jean Jacket @Christopher_Gary_Lawson (LA MODELS/Daniel Hoff Agency)

African American with hand up: Singer Vincint Cannady @iamvincint

Two female models against white wall: Model: Blonde on left is Leah Towery @leeeaaahx
Brunette model: Natalie Fortman @Nataliesandwich

Landscape image: Road in Idaho

White shirt Actor: Jordan Wisely @jordan_wisely

Model running in sand: Dallas “Flashman” Wade @flashman.wade

Model in white bikini on beach in sand : Bree Olson @breeolson

Girl behind green leaves model: Alexis Delia @alexisdelia image Fashion/Celebrity Stylist: Justin Lynn @justin_lynn11

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