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Meet Downtown LA Creative Director and Editorial Fashion Advertiser: Cameron Devon

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cameron Devon.

Cameron, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
In 2006, My business partner Gabriel Shah and I founded Devon Advertising Design Group, LLC. We developed a boutique advertising design agency with a network of website designers and developers with a primary focus towards the fashion industry in Los Angeles. Some of our recent progress in creative advertising and media marketing include our Pre-FW16 Campaigns, Tom Ford AW15 Women (LA)  | Escada AW15 Editorial Photography and marketing promotions. We’ve been quite busy in the LA Fashion Market… so proud to announce our Hollywood Chic Design Projects: An Interactive Website Platform | Design App | Web-Series Production. Our overall objective is developing an Interactive Website Platform | Design App to advertise brand labels, marketing campaigns, and seasonal promotions for Los Angeles-based fashion designers. The site features designer collections, apparel & accessories, online shopping, fashion news, fashion shows, fashion trends, street style, fashion events, fashion blogging, social media, beauty, arts, and Southern California culture. The design layout will be structured for e-commerce, user ID subscriptions, social media links, style blogs, advertising layouts, the latest fashion news articles, email media marketing, fashion newsletters, social commentary/following/sharing, feature celebrities, feature events, and a charitable donation support fund established for aspiring fashion designers and other charitable causes. We’ve teamed with contributing partnerships with Amazon Fashion | Getty Images | Weissman Markovtiz Communications. We received rave reviews from our conceptual design presentation and stronger interest when featuring design content from contributors Lisa Kline Consulting | Lisa Kline Stores.

Devon Advertising Design Group, LLC. provides our clientele with sensational imagery of the most elegantly defined beauty on the edge of an emerging fashion world. Our design process develops advertising campaigns, high-end fashion look books, catalogs, web design | development and stunning photographic editorials for our clientele to compete with the top designers in the world. Our services include an initial design meeting to develop compelling storyboards that dazzle the eyes leaving your audience intrigued for more. Our itinerary plan will detail scheduled castings of high-end fashion models from the most inspired modeling agencies in the market.

For the past 14 years, my work in creative direction has been the most rewarding business venture. As an experienced fashion photographer whose clientele comprises of young upcoming fashion design talents developing their premiere collections. We’ve created iconic fashion labels with sensational photographic editorials, captivating advertisements, and demographic media marketing launching their design brand labels to exemplary levels. Our design portfolio includes a multitude of design styles ranging through contemporary chic, boho chic, divine, elegance, glamour, golden, lifestyle, luxe, and posh. Presenting forth the creative development on seasonal advertising campaigns, media marketing, catalogs, line sheets, design look-books, social media platforms, hangtags, and promotional media.

Our luxurious settings will create an atmosphere of heavenly delight captivating your design label with unique visions of glamour a la mode. Our fashion design team brings forth the most powerful and astonishing imagery to define our client’s iconic image. All post production development includes our photographic enhancement process and a profound advertising campaign that symbolizes our client’s bold look to be desired by all others. Devon Advertising accommodates our client’s marketing budget that specifically targets their main advertising objectives and seasonal goals.

Has it been a smooth road?
We’ve been fortunate through a stilled economy which has greatly transformed the fashion retail industry, apparel production | textiles, and trend forecasting. Our dedication to pioneer the online advertising world has reflected very well for our business development. Of course, we’ve been squared against heavy competition in this emerging marketplace, Many clients which dropped outside advertising agencies to pursue their own in-house marketing development through social media campaigns have still faced on-going declines in sales. This part is due to lack consumer confidence and the relentless pursuit to shop for the lowest prices. As advertising executives, we are continually challenged by retailers to innovate solutions, advancing us to new conceptual design templates HTML5 featuring e-commerce base; website platform | design app | Amazon Prime Production HOLLYWOOD CHIC. I truly believe our dominant stance will be through these three media outlets; easiest consumer purchasing available with the strongest network of e-commerce shipment | delivery – Amazon Prime. The millennial generation purchasing reflects work-lifestyle as a primary for a successful | good lifestyle. This aspect connects to spending patterns for unique elegance on their physical appearance as highest of values; less spending on housing, automobile, and even entertainment. Clothing apparel presents their ideal lifestyle because it’s the strongest reflective in an anonymous digital world. The demand for relaxed, positive environments, fashion advertising will sponsor a choice of lifestyle. There is overwhelming demand for color-tone palettes; with textured layers. Each individual desires to present a customized reflection of themselves which increases the demand toward private label designers. Our design projects will feature the top 10 fashion designers per seasonals; such as Spring | Summer Collections to be followed by Autumn | Winter Collections. In addition, we will be pursuing digital advertising features – these will be 7-second | 15-second advertisements; this is a productive method for enticing consuming spending. These features present designer labels in a luxurious, fashionable scene highlighting a visual stimulation as a taste of lifestyle. As we move forward, our pursuits will continue introducing augmented reality and alternative avenues in the next generation of advertising.

Has there been people or an institution that has played a pivotal role in your career?
My business partner Gabriel Shah has been the most significant figure, he’s like a brother to me. Our new creative consultant Joanne Koch is a delight, she’s extremely talented. We have seen all the LA Fashion Week Events | NY Fashion Weeks | London Fashion Weeks | Paris Fashion Weeks. We’ve started with Smashbox Studios | Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Los Angeles) | SBE Entertainment – Brent Bolthouse; to working with legendary Escada SS15 Women | AW15 Women, Tom Ford AW15 Women (LA) – Editorial Photography and marketing promotions. Our Hollywood Chic Design Projects brings a bright future; this will be an experience of the LA Fashion District. Special Thanks to All the collaborating parties: Amazon Fashion | Getty Images | Weissman Markovitz | Lisa Kline Consulting | Devon Advertising Design Group.

Do you have a favorite type of client or project?
Our clients are the visionaries, it always a voyage with simple, clean fun. In design we challenge our standards and esthetics. Advertising displays light-hearted dreams – we live and visit these moments, consumers will always be encourage to live life to the fullest. As an artist, personally, I’ve always favored the Romantic Period | Baroque Period because these times glorified beautification and divine elegance.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
I feel extremely blessed for the opportunities, experiences and beautiful moments building my career in Hollywood. I believe there is a profound relationship between Hollywood and Fashion. Most of the world stays connected to the limelight of Hollywood Glamour; symbolically fashion creates the allure to daydreamers. Every image is designed to inspire and lead fashion trendsetters all over the world. The beauty of art is within the passion that builds the dreams of innovation, triumph, and hope. We create our advertising design campaigns with such passion, as our client’s fashion lines flourish with next generation of millennial consumers.

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