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Meet Davita Moodley of Awaken Your Heart Hypnotherapy in West Los Angeles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Davita Moodley.

Davita, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
The short story is: I grew up in a very loving spiritual and meditative Hindu family. From as early as 7 years old I was interested in the origins of consciousness, pouring through pages of advanced meditation studies. Growing up without my dad also fed my curiosity as I tried to understand why human beings had to suffer as much as they did. Needless to say, my interest in the mind and psychology grew. I majored in clinical psychology as my undergrad. During this time, I had become reacquainted with my father and spent my summers in California and the rest of the year in school I South Africa. I decided to moved back to California when I finished school. After some difficult months with my father I took off on my own to live in Los Angeles. A city I had always dreamed of. Like so many others, I thought I may have had a chance at acting, a childhood dream. Around the same time a dear friend arranged an interview for me to work at a company that specialized in behavioral programs for children with Autism. My love for children and psychology got me the job and for the next for years I poured my heart and soul into some of the most beautiful children I’ve ever known. They taught me so much about compassion, wisdom and understanding the human mind from a completely different perspective. I began to understand that our minds are truly as Limitless as all the teachings from both eastern and western mysticism had said. This time coincided with the last cycle of a very painful and toxic relationship. After failing to get my bf at the time to go to hypnotherapy, I ended up taking his place. Miraculously after a few sessions I began to change. My addictive draw to the relationship began to decline. I knew then and there that this was my life’s calling. I attended Hypnosis Motivational Institute which in terms of quality training of hypnosis is the Harvard of Hypnotherapy Schools. They offer a 1-year long program, that runs 5 nights a week with a clinical internship. I couldn’t speak more highly of this school as it was a transformation journey of healing for me as well as an amazing education in the therapeutic and empowering applications of hypnotherapy. After I graduated I immediately began to see clients and it felt like I had found my calling. I opened my practice in Westwood at The Wheel of Well Being a year later. My clients came from all walks of life and were coming in with serious and painful issues, loss, childhood trauma, divorce, anxiety, depression and within a few sessions these problems were dissolving. This was a truly amazing thing to watch as, as a hypnotherapist we do diagnose or medicate. We simply work with both the conscious mind, through identifying limiting patterns and beliefs of the mind and the subconscious, through hypnosis that works on healing these beliefs and patterns at the deepest level. Once this healing takes place, clients begin to quickly discover how powerful they are and that through their subconscious mind, they can create absolutely anything and that’s just what they did.

They each become powerful conscious manifestos, utilizing the capacity of their conscious and subconscious mind to create the life, love and Happiness they always dreamt of. My work with relationships truly inspired me most. Since this had always been such a difficult issue in my life and simultaneously the thing I loved most. to love and to be loved. It meant the world to me to see my clients walking away from toxic situations, transforming their relationship with themselves and stepping into self-love and manifesting a partner that was perfect mirror image of this. In this way soul mates went from being an occurrence you had to wait for to a conscious choice. From my work with clients I created a special program for those that want to heal, love themselves and consciously manifest a love aligned with their highest selves- The Conscious Love Program. This worked so well that a friend asked me why you don’t use it on yourself! That almost hadn’t occurred to me, ironically. So, I did. Six months later after going through some of the most difficult experiences with relationships and losing my grandfather who has raised me. I met my husband. He was everything I had imagined in hypnosis and more.

We got engaged in Venice after four months of getting to know each other. We got married a year later and I couldn’t be more happy or grateful. He is loving, kind, passionate and deeply spiritual and self-aware. Our relationship is based on all we believe in, in that our bond is sacred and a vessel to self-realization. This step in my life catapulted me to the next level of my life’s calling. I began to integrate my knowledge of eastern wisdom and Mindfulness that I learned from my husband into my practice. My practice grew and spread across the country and the world. Through Skype I have been able to work with clients remotely as we travel and then continued to see my clients at the wonderful Wheel of Well Being. The integration of Mindfulness into my Hypnotherapy practice really added a remarkable element to our work. It brought in the powerfully positive scientifically backed benefits of mindfulness to my clients lives. Dramatically decreasing destructive emotions and increasing peace of mind. My work expanded to teaching seminars and workshops on relationships and personal self-transformation. I was able to touch more lives and share the tools I had leaned and created in a way that was inspirational and empowering.

My practice and my way of teaching is one of love, vulnerability and a deep belief in my client’s ability to transform and become their highest selves. Long Story 😊 I believe within in each of us we have the seeds of our true destiny. A path and purpose that infinite causes and conditions have fashioned us for. And that we simply need to be in a state of courageous vulnerability to be willing to look at life in this way. A state of heightened receptivity and that’s how I believe I became a hypnotherapist. My childhood had a huge impact on my path as a therapist today. My parents came from different worlds. My father a New York transplant living in California in the 1980s- very much a wounded hippie. My mother a beautiful, liberal, educated Indian woman, from a well-off family I. South Africa whose life had already had several tragedies with relationships. Needless to say, they fell in and out of love shortly after my birth and my life soon turned into a very messy custody battle across continents. This eventually ended by age 6 and I wouldn’t see my father for the next 14 years. These years were difficult for me, I was very loved by my mother and stepdad and grandparents but I struggled with feeling abandoned by my father. My teenage years and college years were riddled with painful relationships. I was a high achiever academically but I was highly destructive in the realm of love. I found my father when I was 17 and began to visit with him every summer.

Our relationship was not the redemption I thought it would be. It in fact turned out to be one of the most painful experiences of my life. I projected this pain outward and continued to choose men that were as wounded as my father that I hoped I could fix. Yet despite the pain I experienced in my life there was always a bright light of love that illuminated my heart and guided me to deeper self-awareness. That shone the light of awareness on my darkest experiences. From as young as 5 years old I was drawn to reading complex texts on advanced meditation, altered states of mind and reincarnation. I had an inner knowing that there was a deeper explanation to human suffering and a way to heal it. I continued to meditate and study throughout high school upon subjects of the mind and reality. I graduated from university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. When I began my master’s program, I quickly found myself at odds with the science-based model of psychology. That views the human mind as just another object that could be analyzed and measured. I saw more than this. I saw the subconscious mind as the infinite valley of human potential. That by studying and understanding how this largely unknown aspect of the mind worked we could help each person awake to their highest potential.

This led me to walk away from my master’s program toward a more unconventional path. I began to study the subconscious mind on my own in particular hypnotherapy and advanced meditations and their links to quantum physics. I also began working with children with special needs. During this time, I began to understand the true power of the mind and how misunderstood many aspects of human behavior are within the medical model of a medicating and diagnosing. I realized I wanted to create a new paradigm of therapy that integrated all I had come to understand about the power of our minds and the limitations of the current model. At the time I was in 2-year long relationship, that has brought up some of my deepest wounds. It was devastating in many ways and simultaneously Awakening. Ironically, I had recommended that the guy I was dating see a hypnotherapist, to help him with his issues (I have to laugh a little here- knowing in retrospect that it was me who needed the help for even being in the relationship) A turn of fate resulted in him suffering I go instead and if it worked for me, he would try it.

That landed me at the Hypnosis Motivational Institute of Tarzana. In front of a live class of 59 students I was hypnotized by my now mentor Tanya Nord. After 6 weeks of hypnosis, I had undergone massive transformations. My attachment to the relationship I was in began to decrease, along with my anxiety. I became happier and more motivated than I had been in a long time. A year and half later I graduated with honors as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. My time there has not only taught me how to utilize hypnosis to help others but had deeply healed me on every level. It has led me awakened within me, my path and purpose. I understood for the first time with great clarity why I was here and exactly how I would be of service to humanity. I was here to help others heal, transform and realize their unique and infinite potential. Hypnosis put simply is a state of focused, heightened concentration in which you can make powerful positive changes to your life. If you’ve watched the movie Limitless- it is the safe, empowered version of tapping into and utilizing your minds full potential. To break past the fears and limitations of the conscious mind and awaken you to all you can be. It’s beauty, power, joy, wonder, freedom, Awakening. This gift changed my life. It transformed my most painful patterns. It healed me and allowed me to help others do the same. I started my practice at the Wheel of Well Being in Westwood. After working with clients for about 6 months, I developed a various method that accelerated growth and transformation. Clients were changing within weeks. Breaking through lifetime patterns of depression, anxiety and anger in increasingly short periods. Healing relationship issues on a deep level. Realizing their goals and dreams within weeks and months. My clientele began to expand across Southern California and Norther California. I expanded my reach by seeing my clients via skype and having amazing results. I turned my work on relationships and self-development in Mini retreats that I started giving across the county. After meeting my husband in 2015 and learning so much from him, a former Buddhist monk. I combined the power of hypnosis and the subconscious mind with the incredible efficacy of Mindfulness meditation. My work now brings together the best of western psychology with the healing and self-Realizing practices of Mindfulness and Vedantic Meditation practices – that focus on the realization of spiritual liberation. I am finding more and more that people across the world are looking for greater meaning. That they wish to Take what was once ordinary – a job, a relationship and achemize it, into the extradentary- to see within it the sacred. That is very much the path that I offer, but I equally meet each person where they are and work with them on their personal path. My relationship with my husband is the greatest gift of this path and my work. I practice all that I preach and healing my relationship wounds and coming into true sacred communion and loving myself is what brought us together.

All I had taught my clients on love and the subconscious mind, healing subconscious wounds and belief systems- manifested our relationship perfectly. Most of the workshops I teach now and my specialty is love and relationships. My greatest lessons in life have been those of the heart. My greatest teachers my father and all the relationships that broke my heart. They brought me to the crystal-clear realization through my own suffering, that I alone- create my reality. That they were not responsible for loving me and approving of me- that was my job. It was upon this realization that I came to love and accept myself. That I finally understood that I was worthy of love without anyone having to tell me so. It just is my state of being.

My relationship now is a perfect mirror to this as I am now loved more fully and completely than I could ever imagine. Relationships are the mirror to our souls. This is the key and focal teaching I offer my clients. My clients are amazing people, that bring joy and inspiration to my life. We work on a deep, vulnerable level and we both invest deeply in this journey of complete transformation. I now spend my time working with clients across the country and the world mostly via skype and in person. I also travel and teach retreats. My goal in this life is to help as many people as I can realize their own power. I am committed to helping people realize just how powerful they are. That they don’t need a therapist they just need someone to guide them toward realizing their own internal powers of complete and total transformation and creation. Eventually I want all my clients to tell me they no longer need me and that they’ve got this! That happens all the time and it’s truly beautiful! My path in this word is that of Awakening each of Us to Our infinite potential.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has not always been an easy road. I picked a path that is definitely unknown to many and shrouded in many myths due to things like stage hypnosis. The unknown territory of hypnosis has given way to doubts in others, due largely to the vast unknown it represents. That unknown is our Limitless potential as Limitless beings. Even though I encountered resistance in the beginning from relationships and people met, I knew it was absolutely my path to pioneer this field that could very well be the key to healing so much of our psychological and physiological suffering through the power of our own minds. The biggest difficulty thinking back was probably my own mind and doubts and that was the best part. I conquered that through the power of hypnosis! But like Mariam Williamson said in her book, “A Return to Love” “Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. You’re playing small does not serve the world … As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” It was my journey to overcome my own limited fears and beliefs so that I could truly be of service in helping others to do the same.

Awaken Your Heart Hypnotherapy – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
My practice is one of healing, transformation and self-awakening. Through the amazing combination of Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Archetypal Work, we offer an approach that will not only change your life, it will give you the power to consciously create it. My approach is deeply compassionate, founded on the principles of love and integrity and a wish for every person not to suffer and reach their highest potential and happiness. I work with people on a very deep level. I begin with where my clients have been wounded be it in the past or now, we work to bring these parts of ourselves that have been hurt, rejected and abandoned to the light of loving awareness. My husband and I are both therapists and deeply spiritual. Our work and our lives are deeply integrated. We use social media and teaching workshops and retreats to both model and share the life we live and the philosophies we live by. To live a life filled with love, joy, inner peace and a sense of great compassion for all beings. We travel the world together and share our lives opening. Our relationship is a sacred one and one that still enjoys the beauty of this life and world. To live in the world, but not be off it is our motto. We neither reject the world or chase after worldly things. We recognize that we are deeply interconnected to everything and that is the way we live, in great love with each other and all things. When we travel we teach conscious relationship seminars and the precise method to creating conscious, passionate and awakened love. Our approach is not one of blaming the past however or ourselves. It is simply to make the unconscious, conscious. As Carl Jung said? ”

Until we make the unconscious, conscious we will call it fate” This is what I help my clients discover: They are not fated to be in painful relationships. They are not fated to working in a job they hate. They are not fated to depression, anxiety, guilt and anger. All these things are cries from the painful voices within us, to be heard, validated and awakened to their potential. Hypnotherapy provides us with a gateway to access these deeper parts of the mind. Hypnosis is simply a focused state of mental concentration in which you can make positive changes to your life. I emphasize that instead of being out control in hypnosis, you actually have heightened control and are more aware of what is going on around you and within you. My clients generally work with me for at least six sessions at a time, in which we set up goals and a conscious and subconscious plan to get these goals met. A typical session involves an hour of discussion with a client on what has come up that day and week. How my client is feeling, emotionally and mentally and then addressing the deeper subconscious beliefs, identities and patterns that are giving rise to these issues and then creating a plan for the week to work on these issues. I then create a recorded audio hypnosis which my client listens to every night until our next session. This hypnosis will work on the subconscious mind in releasing unhealthy patterns and beliefs and integrating new, empowered ways of thinking and behaving.

I specialize in the area of love and relationships. I have spent much of my time and energy mastering the how and why of relationship difficulties and how to heal the wounds that lead to this. I’ve also created a specialized program the Conscious Love Program, that takes clients from wanting a relationship or wanting to improve their current relationship to a completely loving, passionate and conscious relationship with themselves and their partner. Another area I am very passionate about is helping clients manifest their highest goals and aspirations and Awakening their highest potential. Whether it be in career, the arts, sports or any other area of self-mastery I have helped many clients realize their greatest dreams through our work together. I have also had great success in helping clients with: Confidence and Self Esteem Anxiety Depression Childhood Trauma Post traumatic stress disorder Achievieving Goals Self-love and acceptance Fears and Phobias Medical Issues And much more! Just to note that medical and psychological conditions do require a medical referral. The point of this form of therapy is that you are seen as pure potential. That you are a precious gem and the problems you are experiencing are your guide to your own power. A good metaphor is that of alchemy. The process of turning lead into gold. Of turning pain into empowerment and happiness. When you come to me, I will guide you to your own greatness and look forward to the day that you say- Davita I think I’ve got this! Which happens all the time😊

What were you like growing up?
I was a reserved child, I grew up in a very spiritual and loving Hindu family. My mother loved me fiercely and completely, she always encouraged my interests in the arts and psychology. Growing up without my father certainly led me toward much internal contemplation. I wondered why there was suffering in the world, where it all came from and how we could change it. I spent much of my youth reading books on psychology, meditation and the path of self-realization. I was a funny and playful child around my family and simultaneously quiet and reserved. I made a few close friends who I loved deeply. Yet I wasn’t a social butterfly. I was shy and my mind was often on deeper aspects of the universe and the mind. I felt deeply for the plight of the poor and those that suffered. I knew as a young girl I would find a way to ease the pain of the world. I must say that all that is good and true in me was cultivated by the love and guidance of my family. The birth of my sister, Hemali when I was 7 years old changed my life forever for the better. She gave me a reason to better myself, to heal myself and to believe in my path here. My spiritual journey showed me that we had great inner power within us to create the world we wanted. I always believed that our lives were each unique and that we each had a gift to give to the world. As a teenager I continued my path of meditation and contemplation. I also studied the dramatic arts and dreams of the silver screen one day. At the same time, I became rebellious and got involved in toxic relationships. The pain I experienced in these years began to inform my understanding of relationships and the mind. This would later inform what I would create in my relationship teachings.


  • Hypnotherapy Power Session $150
  • Manifest Conscious Love Program 6 Session $725
  • Awaken Your Limitless Mind Program 90 Days $3500
  • Manifest Your Goals 6 Sessions $725
  • Emotional Elegance Mindfulness 12 Session Program $2000
  • Weekend Conscious Love Seminar $800

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