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Meet David Wais of Chef Buds in Downtown LA

Today we’d like to introduce you to David Wais.

David, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I was born in New York City. Born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn, I found a love for everything that has to do with culture. Coming from a condensed area in Brooklyn packed with so many different cultures is what added fuel to my cooking passion. I was born into a Carpathian Jewish household in the southern part of Brooklyn called Graves-end. MY mother Caroline is an absolute amazing cook and she was always constantly worried about what we’ll eat and what to make. Her hard work as a mother constantly cooking wonderful eastern European cuisines made me fall in love with food. She wasn’t the only one. My aunt Lilly who passed away a few years back was also a phenomenal cook. I spent summer time upstate New York in the Catskills watching my mom and her cook away. Making almost anything that we would ask from them. They didn’t know much about these cultures but they somehow figured out a way to make it delicious. I fell in love right away. I began at a young age making little cooking demos on VHS and DVD.

Obviously not professionally but at least it was the beginning of my creative exploration. As I grew older, I learned to cook and gained more knowledge through the food network. I learned and watched the best cook on their at home productions. I, for years, watched all types of chefs. Aaron Sanchez, Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Matsumoto, Anthony Bourdain, and many more. I took what I saw on tv and tried to imitate what they did daily. I basically taught myself how to cook. While working part-time in nightlife and the pharmaceutical industry, I began to cater worked locally for a few local catering companies doing heavy volume Jewish catering. I spent weekends from a young age waitering and learning how kitchens operate. In college, I began to work in a few restaurants around town but I didn’t take it serious. I enjoyed being in nightlife and other endeavors seemed more promising. In my third year of college, I decided I wanted to cook. After taking a trip to Cali, I figured damn that place is for me. NO MORE SNOW! I began cooking heavily in the Hamptons and taking on many new clients. I used my network from college and nightlife to accelerate the food passion of mine. It began to take off. I did all types of private catering back home. I practiced and practiced and then fell in love with cannabis. I was introduced to cannabis at the age of 21. I loved it and it basically caused me to stop drinking and smoking cigarettes. I began to mess around with cannabis and cooking and it started to take off. I made amazing local treats and always shared with friends. My community were my test dummies. After wanting to be legal, I finally made a move to the bay area in 2013. I wanted freedom from the harsh east coast laws.

So I moved to the east bay where I would cook for many locals in the industry. Where I would meet all the OGs of the industry. I began cooking at small prohibition shows. The grey market was booming. I used to go to so many pop up seshs and I realized that most shows had no food. I SAW AN OPPORTUNITY. I teamed up with the popupsesh. I cooked at most of their events. I cooked for many other local dinner parties and events. MY name was growing and I was cooking with cannabis. Couldn’t have been any better. I lived out in the bay area for six years and recently in 2019 moved to LOS ANGELES. Things began to pay off. I ended up in culture magazine. I’ve cooked for many events with plenty of celebrities and influencers. The Los Angeles lifestyle was knocking at my door. I threw cool dinners and private functions. MY space is my domain and is called @FOuroneonela. I throw intimate dinners and experiences from my own home. I also do private cooking jobs and I began a dinner series called @elevatedining with my close friend @stonedlayla. I’ve been featured on top cannabis publications such as hightimes magazine, culture magazine, cannabisnow, respectmyreqion, and plenty of other local cannabis pages. With the Hit of COVID, I’ve been taking the time to reinvent myself and it’s going to be amazing the new release of what I will have to offer. So stay tuned!

Has it been a smooth road?
Definitely hasn’t been a smooth road. I began a cannabis business so in itself, it brought tons of negative eyes. I was kinda looked down on by my family. I also moved across the country where I had no family and was introduced to a whole new environment. I was definitely thrown off but I believe it made me the strong person I am today.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Chef Buds – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
My company is Chef Buds and I focus on unique experiences through food and all types of arts. I have traveled throughout my teens to over 15 countries and fell in love with cultures around the world. I bring back bits and pieces of what I learned abroad and implement the lifestyle at our experiences. I’m known for cooking with intense flavors that pack a punch to my cuisine. You’ll never sit at my table and have BLAND anything. I’m working on a new concept I’m rolling out after social distancing loosens up and it will be remarkable. I think its time to get back to the roots. What sets me apart from other companies is that they don’t have ME. I’m filled with passion and my experiences in life cannot be duplicated. I am the reason for my company and I’m the light that keeps its engines moving. Our experiences will hit every nostalgic bone in your body. What makes me the most proud about our company is that we get to inspire, teach, learn, and spread knowledge through our experiences. We help people with good food in their bellies and help people have a better understanding about food and a plant that super complicated.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
The thing I love most about the city of Los Angeles is that there is a huge variety of different cultures around to absorb from. So many amazing food places for motivation. So many freelancers and artists in all aspects. This place is filled with all walks of life all under one roof. It reminds me of New York the most. Out of all the places ive been in CA the past seven years LA has been the best. The one thing I hate about the city is the love for materialistic things as priorities. It seems like nothing is enough for many people out here.


  • I charge 65 an hr plus cost of products.

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