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Meet Danny Fehsenfeld, Actor and Singer/Songwriter

Today we’d like to introduce you to Danny Fehsenfeld.

Danny, please share your story with us.
I grew up traveling the country with my family on bus and track tours. My father was a renowned religious speaker and so from the day I was born, until my father’s untimely death at the age of 42 from brain cancer (I was 16 at the time and my siblings ranged in age from 18 to 1), I toured the country with an entourage that included 30 people (singers, multi-media and sound engineers, etc). I was actually born in Whittier, California while my parents and their group were traveling through. I guess California remained in my blood, because I some how always had a desire to return. I was home-schooled and private tutored (4 teachers traveled with my family during high school years). The first year I stepped foot into a regular school was in my senior year of high school. You can imagine what a culture shock that was for me. The only person I knew in the school of 1400 was a freshman. This began what would be about 15 years of social adjustment. While in the middle of college in Virginia, I walked away from 2 full scholarships to pursue my dreams of being an an acting and music artist. But far greater than the desire to explore my artistry, was an internal knowingness that I needed to begin my journey of self discovery.

From a very young age, I always saw things differently than those around me. I came to understand later in life, that I was born a revolutionist into the home of reformists. (To me, a reformist is a person who sees an existing system or way of thinking that they feel needs fixing, like a politician, a pastor, etc. A revolutionist has original, outside of the box perceptions, like innovators, inventors, etc). This created a life long journey that involved numerous paradigm shifts in my thinking, my understanding, my perceptions, my growth and eventually my functionality. My life path was, and is, a spiritual path of self mastery. I have always cringed at the common question, “what do you do”? I could never answer with a vocation. To be defined by a monetarily driven job description always seemed so foreign to me. In some situations in order to appease the conversation, I might answer ” singer” (I am after all). Other time, I might answer “actor”, “writer” or “entrepreneur”. But these days, my answer is centered and clear, “My purpose in life is a mindset adjuster, to awaken the power we already contain with us.” My personal journey was long and has taken me through many shifts. But, I now function within an imagination driven realm of manifestation, turning dreams into reality through the words I speak and the thoughts I think. I personally believe we are all awakening and I just want to encourage people to step up to who we really are. I believe that truth is written on the heart and that the only dysfunction is within the mind. The true power of an individual rests within the mind. And, to align the subconscious and conscious is the symmetry which produces power. At the core of my being, I am a Creator and any medium through which I can create, is so fulfilling. I am so grateful to be successful as an actor, a voice over artist and a singer. But what motivates me the most is learning how to participate with universal laws that create more loving, peaceful, and powerful lives. In the coming years, my focus is to write books and speak to audiences about how to reprogram the subconscious/imaginative mind, and walk in step with what we would term “the Universe” or “God”, “Source”, etc. Terms we use to try and define what cannot be defined. The very atoms that comprise everything seen and unseen, within and around us. The Energy of all that is. What I would call the true definition of “LOVE”.

More about Danny:
Danny is an actor, singer/songwriter, public speaker, author and entrepreneur. Soap fans know him as “Gil” on The Young & The Restless, and he is also recognized for his work on shows like “How To Get Away With Murder”. YouTube lists his views at over 200 million. His campaign for the Swedish bank Nordnet went viral and according to Adweek, set the entire new trend in advertising globally for “truth in advertising”. It was featured on Good Morning America along with Ving Rhames for Arbys/Pepsi and Anna Kendrick for New Castle, as well as Buzzfeed and 100s of other sites and news channels globally. His face and voice have been seen and heard in hundreds of commercials and print campaigns.

As a singer, Danny’s voice can be heard on recordings behind Celine Dion, Brian McKnight, John Legend, Patti LaBelle, Natalie Cole, The Backstreet Boys, Joss Stone, Gavin Degraw and Wyclef Jean . He has also performed on-stage with Twila Paris, Kathy Mattea, John Tesh, Steven Bishop and John Debney. Danny sang the theme song to Steven Bochco’s “City of Angels” with composer Mike Post, has voiced over 30 characters for popular video games and can be heard regularly on numerous musical and animation recordings including most recently for the movie “Bigfoot” and the Sony/Columbia trilogy “The 5th Wave”. As a singer and pianist, he spent 3 years leading the praise band at the Crystal Cathedral, appearing regularly on “The Hour of Power”. He also a speaks and hosts regularly for conferences, concerts and special events.


Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Every journey has its struggles. We grow and gain our strength spiritually, psychologically, and physically by journeying through the pain. Some embrace the pain and become bitter. Others travel through and get better. It is all a choice. The first major struggle I faced was to heal from my father’s death and learn how to become a man alone. Then, I had to heal from being molested as a child by a staff member. These stored energies created a heart disorder, then generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks, spine injuries, allergies and digestive issues. All of which, I have had to journey through and learn how to heal. I discovered that fear is simply a result of believing lies, a deviation from the truth. And, I discovered that the truth is perfect love. Fear contains disease and its symptoms and that love contains perfect health. The more I reprogrammed my subconscious mind with the truth of love, my body responded with healing. This too, has become the outflow of my external existence. I have faced many challenges since, involving work, relationships and health. But the answer is always the same: Love. And, it is accomplished by aligning my words and my thoughts with this all encompassing universal truth.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about @Danny Fehsenfeld (self-employed) – what should we know?
I work daily as an actor, voice over artist and singer. The most satisfying work is when collaborating with other artists who are passionate and in tune with their vessels and their personal voices. Creating in unison with other creators is the most fulfilling work for me. And, if these collaborations are with the end goal of raising consciousness and loving all humanity and nature equally? That, to me is heaven on earth.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
I have been influenced by so many who have come before me, both as artists and as spiritual alchemists. But my 3 greatest influences are my dad, my mom and my best friend KP. My father and I never saw things the same and so our relationship was a challenge. Because, he saw life through a perception of only right and wrong (common for anyone raised in religion). Unfortunately, I always felt judged and perplexed about love. However, I have still to this day never seen a man run as fast and as hard with passion and purpose and vision for what he believed, in spite of any opinion of man. I honor him deeply for this and I am grateful for this example that I carry with me. I too, have faced much criticism as I have relinquished many of the perceptions of my upbringing in my journey towards higher thoughts and ways. Some things I was taught were true and some were not. I am continually replacing lies with truth and will forever be doing so, as we all should. My mother taught me strength, endurance and consistency. I am of the personal belief that women are the stronger sex (only a woman gives life and it is called Mother Nature for a reason). She, somehow raised 5 of us in trailers moving every 2 weeks all over the country and now is the mother of 7, with 21 grandchildren. She is the definition of amazing. And finally, my best friend KP, he taught me what love is. He helped me reshape my mind and demonstrated that the miracles we read in spiritual texts are not figurative but rather who we actually are. I am forever grateful for his friendship and his wisdom.

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