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Meet Danielle Kitzes of Divine Radiant Living in Chatsworth

Today we’d like to introduce you to Danielle Kitzes.

Danielle, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I started in my healing and metaphysical journey as a child. I grew up hearing stories of the “gifts” or abilities other relatives had, including my mother. Whether it was the ability to work with animals, psychic abilities or any of the “clairs” (i.e. clairsentient, claircognizance, clairvoyance…), I was surrounded by mysticism and spirituality at a very young age, in combination with devout faith. In my personal experience, I have always been very empathic and sensitive to the energies of those around me, including deceased or crossed over energies. I recall having a healing alter in my room at my grandparent’s house while in high school when my mom was going through Stage 4 Breast Cancer in Costa Rica (it was more affordable for her to get treatment in her native country than here as a Spanish teacher).

But once I went off to college, I detached from my spirituality seeing how “different” I was from most, and went through almost a whole decade of adventures, mishaps, growing pains, and life lessons. I did not step in fully again to this spiritual and healing lifestyle until my late 20s/early 30s. I was quite successful in business, married, about to have our first child and had started to pay more attention to that nagging feeling that something was missing. I’d had a yoga practice off and on since I was a child, and decided to continue more consistently in that movement, which breathed life into me when at my most stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. After becoming a certified 200 hour yoga teacher in 2016 where I experiencing multiple breakthroughs and met my Reiki mentor, I knew my path would eventually work its way out of a corporate structure and into the healing realm. The day after my 21st birthday, I started and worked for nearly a decade and a half in the family real estate business, and I loved my clients, the adrenaline, the knowledge, the expertise, the service.

However, various escalating incidents in the industry and in the business after selling it to a bank would eventually come to its peak with me, and I finally made the choice to leave that security blanket behind and start fresh, all while being seven months pregnant. I truly believe that we are always surrounded by signs and messages that become louder and stronger and more intense until we finally listen to them. And, in my case, until I decided to follow my calling. I’m blessed that I have always had the support of my husband, my family, my soul sisters, and my mentors who are all true embodiments of G-d in action.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Haha. No, that’s the short answer. Given the intense, stressful work environment I used to be a part of, I had developed a solid spiritual practice that kept me afloat but that didn’t help me dive deeper into peeling back the layers to heal. So once I left corporate and started venturing in learning Reiki, reconnecting with my Medical Intuition, Intuition in general and my Medium abilities–that journey would truly thrust me into the deeper layers and what’s called a Healer’s Crisis. My healing journey and practice has been intense and powerful and required that I go deep into unhealed traumas, embracing all of my feelings, communicating in ways that felt super uncomfortable (especially from a cultural perspective as I’m a 1st generation American on my mom’s side), shedding the layers of “people pleasing,” embracing my ADHD, truly dealing with my anxiety head-on, and learning how to work with all.of.the.things starting a new business.

After having my first child and then my 2nd child, I struggled with Post-Partum Anxiety. So starting a new business with a toddler and newborn and then my husband at a new firm had its own set of challenges–redefining my role as mother, wife and entrepreneur; constantly digging deeper in my own personal healing to confront my triggers; sleepless nights; being willing to receive help from others; revamping my nutrition to meet my needs as a breastfeeding mother with a child with food sensitivities, and constantly asking myself if I was doing things for myself or others, to name a few. What I have learned is that there have been highs and lows as I’ve learned who I am and as I’m still evolving into the fullness of my being. These challenges and obstacles are lessons in how I can better evolve and align into what’s needed of me and my family and my calling. Plus I’ve found that they’ve all been necessary for me to serve my clients and community with compassion, empathy and non-judgment.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Divine Radiant Living is a hub for whole-istic healing and each word’s definition is what I hope the people I work with can achieve in their lives. I am an Intuitive Advisor and Spiritual Healer, and I draw upon a variety of healing modalities, customized to each person’s unique energy to get them healthy and whole on their terms. What am I most known for? That’s a tough one because I would say pretty much each service I offer. I am known for the Intuitive Healing and Readings, my Medium Readings, my Oracle Card Readings, my Healing Circles, Mentorship and Teaching Reiki. Being a Reiki Master Teacher, I love to infuse any service I offer (or really anything professionally and even personally) with Reiki.

What sets me apart is my own energy, my own way of being. I have a true love of learning and then sharing what is out there in the spiritual, mental health, psychological and medical communities. I love bridging the science and the spiritual, the ethereal with the material. I really love blending and integrating of all these modalities, including Medical Intuition, Oracle Cards, Crystals, Sound Bowls, Binaural Beats/Healing Music at various Frequencies, Aromatherapy and Lighting of Candles with Intentions. It’s a full experience that is meant to open up blocks, release trapped or stuck energies, lighten the physical body, free up pains, let go of tension, experience peace, and reveal to you what is needed for your own personal healing. I am merely a reflection and mirror to what your intuition and inner intelligence (and guides) have been nudging you to do. It’s a beautiful experience getting to see people open up their hearts, release emotions and cry, and acknowledge the full spectrum of their feelings, along with recognizing the thoughts and actions that have not been serving their highest good or that have been holding them back from embracing success, love, freedom, peace and/or joy.

I’m blessed that these intimate experiences connect me with the G-d energy of each individual and seeing just how much more alike we all are than not. I can share a quality with every single person I work with, which allows me to cultivate a safe, unconditionally loving space to facilitate transformation and healing on their own terms. I am so proud to see the expansion from 1:1 healing services to monthly Breakfast & Healing Circles and now an upcoming group healing program, along with cross-collaborating between other small businesses owned by women and people of color. My motto that I focus on is when I rise, we all rise.

What were you like growing up?
I was (and still am) very eclectic growing up. After my parents split up when I was 4, I remember being shy for a while and snuggled close to my mom in public. With time, I found myself opening up, loving to be silly and goofy and really enjoying making others laugh and smile and pushing myself and others outside of our respective comfort zones (haha). I also had a LOT of energy, loved to talk and connect with people, and really make use of my imagination. I recall my best friend Lauren whom I’ve known since preschool and I used to do Alien TV and pretend we were alien broadcasters in elementary school. And the love of learning started early on. I of my own accord when I was around 9 or 10 I believe picked up an old 1970s yoga book with black and white photos to start teaching myself yoga and learning the asanas (physical postures).

Growing up, music and listening/dancing with my family and friends has always been an outlet for me–starting with my mom’s love of Julio Iglesias, Edith Piaf, Neil Diamond and Patsy Cline to my very eclectic taste now as an adult. I actually experience Frisson with music to this day, which I think is pretty cool in how music then and now can feel like therapy. Interest wise, every single subject has always been fascinating to me. You could say it’s the ADHD. There really hasn’t been any interest I wasn’t into exploring. I’ve always been huge on learning and reading about whatever came my way. I was always excited to explore music, art, architecture, dance, science, history, writing, psychology, philosophy, religion, you name it. It’s really been a “world is my oyster” perspective. But that has had its fair share of challenges because I could never find just one thing to focus on and have just 1 “favorite” thing. So I feel very blessed to have a calling that combines and blends everything around me into a healing art…because what works for one person may not work for the next. It’s really neat to be able to share a great list of tools and resources. (And if there’s something I don’t know, I will gladly reach out, research and find an answer or solution.)

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