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Meet Cynthia Martin of Lumière Energy Healing in Pasadena

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cynthia Martin.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I never expected in a million years that trauma would be the gift that inspired my quantum leap of leaving a successful 15-year career in corporate business to become a conscious & spirit-led business owner and mentor changing lives. Even harder to believe that I would be using Energy Medicine, past-life/spiritual hypnosis and integrative mind/body science to empower people to take their life back so they can heal the hidden emotional wounds that keep them stuck unlocking their higher potential for greater success, health, and happiness without years of therapy and medication.

Although I’ve been on a lifelong journey with over twenty years immersed in personal development, leadership and even longer as an entrepreneur the path to purpose came at an unexpected time in my life. A traumatic entry into motherhood changed things forever both personally and professionally.  My two beautiful powerhouse daughters Sophia nine-years-old and Samantha who’s soon to be 6-years old going on 15 are the catalysts of my life mission and what drives me every day. This trauma set into motion a journey to discovering that I am and have always been different for an important reason and that my purpose in life is to facilitate deep transformative healing to activating higher human potentials especially for the 20% of the world (1.4 billion people making it 1 in 5 women, men, and kids) that are just like me who are are not yet living theirs.

When I became a mom, despite all the holistic birth planning I did, I had an unplanned c-section to save both the life of my baby and mine. While I was super grateful that I had wonderful doctors and it all turned out “ok,” there was still something very wrong with me internally and I didn’t know what that was and neither did the experts who I sought support from, and there were many. But like many moms do I sucked it up, ignored my body, my needs for self-care and my intuition in an attempt to continue to conquer the world, business as usual, as a superwoman would do.

However, even with my extensive training and experience in being emotionally resilient and mentally strong I was having mental and emotional trouble which went far beyond the postpartum “baby blues.” Long story short I struggled secretly for 2 1/2 years feeling empty and unmotivated, depleted and disconnected from myself, my life, my family and worst of all my baby girl while riding the shame game roller coaster in secret. When I finally came to a sane place with a slight sense of normalcy I spiraled through it all over again with my second daughter even worse than the first time despite my feeling more prepared.  It wasn’t until four years of not knowing, from the time my first was born, that I finally discovered I had been suffering from Postpartum PTSD and I was never diagnosed.  I had only found a sense of relief when I found an organization that posted an article on this topic and I identified with all of the listed characteristics except one or two.  (Here is that link for anyone who may benefit from or knows someone who can benefit from this information )

In the process I also discovered that my kids and I are a Highly Sensitive People, And No this does not mean we’re overly emo or dramatic, rather we were born with a highly developed nervous system which enhances our extrasensory perception making us more self-aware and able to experience our inner and outer world more intensely and we feel deeply. It shows up as a heightened sensitivity to light, sound, smell, taste, and touch and even more empathic or sensitive to the emotions of others where the average person doesn’t notice these things. We can be hyper-aware of the things we see, can’t see and feel around us which can make everyday life overwhelming, to say the least.

Struggling alone for so long even with access to great tools and resources I realized there was little information, understanding or help for people like me and my family which is what ultimately inspired me to leave a high paying career in the corporate telecom to pursue a path in the mind, body spirit healing sciences. Having had to walk through the fire many times to heal my many faces of trauma alone, was the turning point that revealed what I was missing most, my authentic self-acceptance and spirituality and understanding that I had the capacity to heal myself and empower others to do the same.

Who we are and who I am is constantly evolving and I am super grateful for the journey albeit it has been unpredictable and consistently challenging full of growth opportunities. The good news is that I am well trained and have become better equipped to recognize the opportunities sooner than later. I have learned to blend my life experience and professional background with the personal and spiritual development talents I acquired so I can teach my clients and kids, who were also born different with a purpose, to find their wholeness and find their fit in the world. It thrills me to think of what’s possible when we realize our potential and are all whole together.

Has it been a smooth road?
Being on the lone ranger DIY self-discovery path and becoming a trailblazing spiritually focused entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Leaving a safe conventional career path was one of the most core shaking frightening things I had ever done and I’m a risk-taker. I no longer had the security blanket of a consistent healthy paycheck and awesome insurance I also had to unlearn a lot of what I knew about business and had to shift my mindset completely. In that environment, I had a very strong success-driven mindset but quickly came to realized that my mindset wasn’t as strong when I was faced with having to take full responsibility for creating my success 100%.

The stuff got very real when I no longer had a team to help me carry the load or a leadership team guiding me to provide help when I get stuck. No one was giving me the roadmap or evaluating my performance directing my what’s next, it was all me and I was in a new kid in a foreign world I had not been in before. The even scarier part was how it would change my relationships and test my marriage not to mention my faith which is what led me to leap in the first place.

Unlearning what I knew about business was the hardest part coming from the corporate world to a full-time entrepreneur. As a lifelong serial entrepreneur I had always done it as a side hustle, but this time it was different, I was all in and although the backup plan was to return to corporate, deep in my heart and mind it was not an option.

My first two years were the hardest because although I knew I needed to help people heal and transform their lives, I didn’t know where to start or who I was helping and in business that is the first thing you have to figure out. I struggled with trying to help everyone under the sun looking for alternative solutions, especially working with people who suffer from trauma as I have, I realized that this doesn’t work because not everyone is truly ready to do their work at the level I was ready to serve. I was sacrificing too much at many levels and it was draining.

One thing that I have always valued was coaching and it was what helped me discover that I am not for everyone and not everyone is for me, which is a big deal when you’re trying to effect change in the world. I had to learn to accept that the work I do is to transforms lives in a very short period of time and it’s a result of the decades of training and tons of money I had to invest to learn how to do this right so I can truly be of service making the outcomes I facilitate far more valuable than my rates. This was a very hard road to come to but a valuable realization for sure because it has changed how I do business and I can now do it more effectively while supporting my clients better, my family and myself so I can continue to serve more people who truly need the help and are ready to change their lives for the better.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Lumière Energy Healing – tell our readers more, for example, what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Lumiere Energy Healing, a Holistic Wellness & Whole Life Transformation & Business Consulting practice specializing in healing emotional trauma, anxiety, and burnout working directly at the subconscious and cellular levels to unlock a higher human potential for success and leadership whether personally or professionally.

Delivering a one of a kind personalized, collaborative experience where we integrate coaching, Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology, various Energy Medicine therapies, spiritual mentoring and an understanding of mind science to accelerate the transformation results for clients who are ready to unblock their life and leverage their innate gifts and talents to contribute in high impact ways in all areas of their lives. It is always exciting to see people who have struggled their whole life become empowered to completely change their circumstances, improve their relationships and start to fulfill passions that got lost on the back burner of their life in as short as a few months. I can’t get enough of it and I love taking part in their process celebrating along the way!

I am also proud to have developed collaborative partnerships to enhance the transformation process for the people ready to achieve their extraordinary lives while building a community of like-hearted, like-minded, high impact individuals.

One of those partnerships which I am most proud of was born of a vision I had four years ago and is now coming to life. We are Emerging Sisterhood – Whole Life Mentoring, a newly formed Women’s Empowerment & Leadership Organization dedicated to changing the conversation of how women lead and achieve holistic sustainable success through collaboration and community.

What is unique about this new organization is that we are creating a concierge mentoring platform where we can facilitate growth and support at many personal and professional levels for students. Also, we are looking to provide the opportunity for mentees to come on board and become mentors to facilitate that same level of support for others which also, in turn, can help them grow their business and fulfill their life mission or bring their boldest vision to life. The time of trying to improve our lives or trying to grow our businesses and effect change in silo’s on the DIY is no longer sustainable. As women, we thrive most in community and we are excited to introduce this innovative way of growing and doing business to the world while cultivating a true sisterhood where whole life success is sustainable.

Another collaborative partnership I am proud to share is HeartCore Moms Inc. where I partner with a fellow mom and change maker Sonia Marie to deliver various all-encompassing holistic wellness & nutrition programs so we can truly help women heal themselves and their families naturally in body, mind, and spirit to become H.E.R (Healed Empowered and Restored). As part of HeartCore Moms, we created a women’s wellness education vlog/podcast called “Under Construction – Restoring the Whole Woman” which is available on YouTube, iTunes and all podcast feeds. We are committed to spreading awareness on our mission to empower ourselves, our kids and future generations. (P.S. I share more details of my PostPartum PTSD experience in episode 12)

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
What I like most about our city is the diversity that lends itself for businesses like mine to thrive because we have a culture that is open to seeking out alternative solutions that are accessible to those who are seeking them. And even if you do similar work of other healing practitioners there are the right people who are looking for you so there is enough business for everyone and the right help for anyone looking.

What I like least is that we are still in the infancy stages in terms of learning how to collaborate and leverage the multifaceted talents of many people on the change maker path. We’re still trying to survive alone and are influenced by the outdated ideas of competition. This is why I am excited about Emerging Sisterhood because we need to start bridging that gap and start to cultivate a stronger support system within the community. As a community that is seeing more and more innovators and visionary leaders, I feel we need to combine our efforts to develop greater sustainability. The way I see it is that it not only takes a village to raise our children but it takes a village that collaborates and cooperates for it to grow and thrive. No better time than now.

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