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Meet Cori Cauble of Elevate Your Life in Belmont Shore

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cori Cauble.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
When I was a little girl I had a lot of polarity in my life. My parents were very young and dealing with major life issues. It was the early 1970’s, they were teenage parents who were very loving, funny, generous, and with strong spirits. They both struggled with addictions.

I learned early in my life to separate their love for me and their actions or behaviors. I had a bright light and a lot of love and compassion for them. When bad or dramatic circumstances happened, I was able to see both sides of things, what my family wanted to do and what they actually did. As a child I grasped onto the better side of things in order to survive. When I saw my parents in pain, because of my compassionate nature, I automatically made it my job to help and take care of them. Even though at the age of 5 the only thing I wanted to do was play, I didn’t feel I had a choice, so I stepped into the caretaker role.

This job I created for myself wasn’t to only help people in pain, it was help people in pain but to omit my personal needs, wants and desires. It became a wired pattern inside my brain that later became a big part of my neuropathic system and true self identity. My 3 to 5-year-old brain created this during the crucial time when our developing brain and system uses experiences as collections and first imprints to create our original operating system. When the brain imprints and the evidence shows up again and again, this creates a neuropathway and neural net. The more you use the evidential experiences the bigger they become, almost like a muscle, thus creating an automatic response inside you. This now is wired in you and doesn’t need your permission, it becomes automatic with each experience, i.e. your family life, love language, trust, worth etc. then shows up in your adult life unexpectedly and sometimes crippling. These thoughts, feelings, actions or reactions are typically triggered into what your brain reveals as authentic but they are actually coming from your “original” wiring.

This pattern I unconsciously created to abandon myself then coupled with my nature of compassion and love for others created a duality inside me. A push and pull. I began attracting the people that struggled with their darkness and lightness just like my family and now me. This became a feeling of normalcy that was comforting while unconsciously damaging. The “original” wirings that my young brain had created for me thinks it’s authentic because of the concrete evidence it has gathered through experience. This is what I now call “The old operation system”.

I had been in therapy and active in the Christian church since I was 8 years old, so I had some foundation in connecting to God through prayer and talking to a therapist to help me feel better. I saw the disconnect within the church and therapy through the pain and humanness in regards to who they were presenting to be. It was loud and very apparent to me, somethings that seemed so clear to me, were not seen by so many others. I began to truly understand that I was different in how I viewed the world around me. People’s patterns, beliefs, words, actions, reactions, their operating system and their spirit, I began to see on a deep subtle level. Trillions of neural systems are in the brain and I could see them in a pattern… right in front of me. I quickly understood that my desire to make authentic true change, to stop the pain and change the pattern was my solution for happiness.

The beliefs and patterns were wired and strong within me already. Even though I wanted to change, I found it very difficult to do so. I felt like I was pretending to be someone I wasn’t. Thinking the pain and the old wirings were who I was, the real me and my better self was a fake or inauthentic me. Why do I keep feeling abandoned or continue to put myself into bad situations? Why do I feel out of control or powerless? How do I stop this?

My parents split up when I was 2 years old. They each individually began a life in recovery. I lived with my mom and felt I was her caretaker due to the job I took early on. I felt like I was the mom but when she got sober, she began to want her role back and I did not know who to be any more, so I rebelled.

At 13 years old, I made a conscious commitment to go on a journey to heal and listen to that voice inside of me wanting to be a healthy human being and woman. Although I did not know how to describe this polarity within me or how I was going to change, I just knew I had to. I wanted to feel better, I changed my environment and started to remove the negative dynamic in it. I knew I had to change my “people, places and things”. The duality to which I learned was that, “no matter where you go, there you are” and I had to ultimately find the serenity between the two.

At 15 years old, my mother would set normal boundaries but I heard them as rejections. I overwhelmingly felt that she no longer wanted me so I took matters in my own hands and left home, dropped out of high school and started working as a waitress. I was homeless for a short time, lived in a local park with some other runaway kids. Again, unconsciously I was creating the same life as I experienced as a child. I was in physically and emotionally abusive relationships for many years. I didn’t have a problem with drugs or alcohol instead I had a life problem. I was desperate to change, so I checked myself into a recovery center for safety and support. I spent almost 3 years in halfway houses. I continued therapy and went into 12 steps recovery programs.

Part of the recovery is to be of service, which I already knew so well because of the role I had played for my parents. I supported people in their recovery through encouragement and relating to their stories while trying to help them see their patterns. Additionally, I delved into spirituality, Eastern and Western religions and philosophies, quantum physics, law of attraction, multiple modalities of therapy like transpersonal, cognitive, gestalt, behavioral, as well as bio feedback, energy reiki, holistic healings, touch therapy, taping, on and on. I took pieces from each one for it grew to be my solace. It became my way out. These teachings, my ability to see patterns and my compassion for people became the formula to my awakening.

In my late teens I got a job at a chemical dependency hospital and I worked there as a treatment planner. One of my roles was to take detailed notes for psychiatrists and therapist about their diagnosis and the plan of their patients’ recovery. This is where I learned about human behavior and the brain and how to assist more deeply in recovery.

My patterns dictated everything in my life moving forward. However, I didn’t understand the depths of them. How deeply they were imbedded in my mind and directly affected my responses and beliefs. When my spirit and soul began seeing subtle patterns, there were several life changing experiences such as the birth of my son, the death of my mother, love gained and lost through marriage and divorce, the fortune experienced through my father’s lottery winnings, all to which led me to the information learned through neural science, the ancient yogic technologies and healings that were an active part of my life had finally revealed itself. I finally began to see a collection of many pieces that came together to make a formula to awareness and consciousness.

People that have been on a path of discovery or exploration have sometimes taken 20 years to really discover and connect. It took me even longer, maybe because it was my path or maybe because I didn’t have a mirror with all these distinctions and guidance. Both are vital for a faster discovery of your unconscious patterns and how they affect your life. This is now my service for others and what I have created my purpose to be known as a Pattern Healer.

I created a 3 step process on how to bring your unconscious patterns to conscious awareness so they are not automatically driving in your present life. You will know how to identify them, stop them and unhook from them with a deep understanding of your feelings and reactions with clarity. Once you have an awareness of your patterns and see the autopilot you can then get present and choose from a neutral place and take conscious actions.

Step 1- Awareness
• Identifying and understanding the patterns
• Unhook and remove blocks

Learning your subconscious mind and allowing you to know a deeper you. Once you become aware of how your individual thoughts are automatically creating your present view, then you can begin to stop the automatic reaction and slow it down. This will give you a clear present opportunity to choose a response rather than automatically go along with the one that was created from the past.

Step 2- Be Present in The Moment
• Determine the desired results and the neutral mind
• Connecting to the leader within

Working with a pattern healer can allow for you to get help in seeing your patterns faster than doing this on your own. Because the brain is storing this information in the subconscious mind it hinds from you. It thinks you do not need to see it. Using meditation and connecting to your higher self are actions necessary to allow you to operate from a present neutral place. Working with someone who sees unconscious patterns you can quickly see them ahead of time almost like using a map. You know the direction you have been, you can see the direction you want to go and reveal anything blocking your way, then make a choice to not go that old route and see a possibility of a new route.

Step 3- Make a Conscious Choice
• Authentic and powerful action
• Commitment and desire highest result

Conscious choice happens when you are present. When you master being present then conscious choice will be the intuitive action. The autopilot will be secondary and easily overriding. Your highest self will be the driver of your thoughts and actions. As you continue to master being conscious about your thoughts and actions, the old auto responses will atrophy and the new present you will begin to get stronger. The action of conscious choice and unhooking the past is the only way to weaken the past and strengthen the present and create the authentic true present of possibility.

As a Pattern Healer, I see and hear the subtle parts of people and subconscious patterns that allows for a quick awareness to happen so you can clearly stop the old auto pilot and start living from a present place. 10 hours to get aware of the major patterns, 10 hours to learn how to stop them and control them, followed by 10 hours of developing stronger actions of the higher you and living in the present moment.

Without awareness people are suffering in the unconscious loop of their childhood imprints, the jobs they took, the patterns they became and how that is automatically the driver in their lives. As previously discussed, I was not able to see the difference between my natural caring, leadership qualities and the automatic abandoning of myself for others when they were in need. What I have found is that if you can identify these deep patterns then you can get present and feel more authentic to make a new choice. When you can unhook from the past and know it, it will allow for a clear present choice to be made, creating a new neural pathway.

Doing this process creates a deep sense of peace and serenity. It can change everything.

Elevate Your Life – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I’m a pattern healer for individuals and business. I’m known for my fast, powerful results. The journey to heal and then turning that into being a stand for others in their consciousness and bettering their lives. I’m most proud of the elevation of my clients. What sets you apart from others? I’m relatable, passionate and fun. I love what I get to do. This work is not work for me nor is it heavy. I feel energized by helping others in this way. Grateful.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
Fully committing to doing this work.


  • 60 Min Individual Coaching Session $125.00 – In Person/Phone
  • 90 Min Couples Coaching Session $150.00 – In Person/Phone
  • 2 Hr Extended Coaching Session $225.00 – In Person/Phone
  • 2 Hr Business Consultation $250.00 – In Person/Phone
  • 15 Hours Leadership Training $4200 – Complete Step By Step Program – In Person/Onsite
  • 15 Hours Awareness Training $4200 – Complete Step By Step Program – In Person/Onsite
  • Custom Designed Workshops In The Elevated Area Needed – Inquire For Pricing

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