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Meet Cintia de Mita

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cintia de Mita.

Cintia, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
One of my favorite things to do is to turn the ideas in my imagination into something real. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and when I was about five years old, I started creating stories and making shows at home for fun. I realized I loved to perform in front of an audience when I started doing show choir a few years later. When I was 14 years old (2013), my friends at school had to force me to join our school’s dance team so we could enter a dance competition. I tried so hard to resist joining the team because the rehearsal schedule conflicted with my choir schedule.

At that time, choir was my number one priority. But no matter how hard I tried to forget about joining the team, it was always on my mind. So, after long internal debates, I finally gave in to the direction I felt God was pushing me to: towards dance. Our dance team won 3rd place, and throughout the process of the competition, I fell in love with dance.

To be honest, I felt like everything just fell into place since then: I quit choir because I realized my passion is in dance, I became a part of several dance teams, an amazing dance teacher in Jakarta named Morine Erine took me under her wings and opened doors to many opportunities, I got to coach a kids dance team, and I eventually began to direct, act in, and choreograph for productions at school. I also fell in love with creating dance concept videos, which then grew into one of my current goals to direct feature films.

I decided to pursue dance professionally towards the end of 2016 –a decision that my 14-year-old self would never believe– and a year later, I moved to Los Angeles. Fast forward to 2019, one of my dance career goals came true… I became a dancer in a creative company known as immaBEAST, created by WillDaBeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra-Adams. Right now, and always, I’m just trying to continue growing as a person, expand and improve my skills as a creative, and create purposeful art. I want to achieve more of my goals and get better with each and every project I do.

Has it been a smooth road moving to LA?
No, it hasn’t. Luckily for me, the technicalities of my visa and financials weren’t the biggest obstacles for my move to Los Angeles. My mind was my obstacle. LA can be overwhelming, and I didn’t know how much I depended on the people I love until I moved oceans away from my family and everyone I knew. I felt so lost here, at first. The culture is different, the dance world here is competitive in ways I never knew existed, and I’m also in college, majoring in film production, which is a whole different kind of tough. I was homesick, intimidated, and uncomfortable, but I knew I’m exactly where I should be.

After two months of living in LA, I was still struggling to adjust. So, as an attempt to feel better, I decided to make a dance video and asked a couple of dancers I’ve met if they wanted to be a part of it. One person straight up told me she had better things to do, and the other person said yes, but cancelled on me on the shoot day, while I was already waiting on set with a videographer. These things might not sound like something that could hurt someone, but they were some of the very few people I knew back then, and I was hurt. I felt so alone, became trapped in a negative mindset, and for what felt like forever, I didn’t feel like myself.

In 2018, I found out about KreativMndz Dance Academy, auditioned, and thankfully, got in. I’ve gotten a lot better at dancing because I trained at KreativMndz, but what I’m most thankful for is how the mentors and friends I made there guided me out of my negative mindset. The next year was a great year for me because I strengthened my faith in God and in myself, and it was the year I finally fully felt like myself again. Wow, that’s a tongue-twister. But anyway, when it comes to me, my struggles are often internal. Mental battles can be some of the toughest battles if you feel like you’re fighting it alone. And I can’t fully explain how grateful I am for all the love and support I have in my life, but it’s definitely not something I take for granted anymore.

We’d love to hear more about your work.
I am a dancer, choreographer, and aspiring director. I love every challenging, inspiring, stressful, and unexpectedly exciting experience that comes with creating and sharing art. As a dancer and choreographer, I want to keep getting better, create memorable dance projects, and I want to work with the best choreographers and dancers. As an aspiring director… Well, I’m currently producing a short film with Brandon Esparza, my go-to cinematographer. The story of this passion project is about being blinded by ambition, and it is my first time directing, writing, and producing a short film!

One of my other passions is to teach kids through dance because I think that dance can build confidence and help them realize and embrace their own creativity and talent. I think it’s very important for young kids to realize how amazingly creative they are because in my opinion, the future is built on creativity.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
I believe that dance will be bigger than it ever was before and that dancers will be respected for our craft in a way that isn’t a reality just yet. I also see a world where anyone of any age who says they want to become professional dancer won’t be judged or questioned like the way many people I know are being questioned today. And last but not least, I believe there will be more talented Indonesian dancers in Los Angeles.

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