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Meet Christina Winsor

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christina Winsor.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
My story as an artist is a bit of a recent and welcomed explosion that has blown open doors I never thought I could open. Creativity has always been something I’ve felt most at home with. Growing up, every sign pointed toward pursuing a career path related to art, but I was always afraid to make an attempt at turning that passion into a living because it was so unknown. I took the safer route out of fear of failure – maybe the things I thought were beautiful weren’t good enough or didn’t speak to others. I stopped investing in my love for creating years ago and put my focus into other things. I almost forgot that it was a part of me.

And then one random day I was driving home from my office job and just could not stop thinking about watercolor. I had never water colored, hadn’t seen anything related to watercolor to prompt these thoughts, but I just couldn’t stop myself from driving straight to an art store, picking up a set of paints and getting something on paper. The process instantly transported me back to the therapeutic, peaceful mind space that I had forgotten existed. It was like that smell you can’t pinpoint but brings you back to the exact feeling you had during that one significant moment in your life. I was completely hooked. From that point on I went to sleep every night thinking about painting and woke up at 6am before work to finish where I left off. I spent all my free time teaching myself new techniques, ruining my floors with paint (didn’t want that security deposit back anyway), and trying to become better and better. Flash forward one year and I’ve been able to participate in a few art shows, sold a number of pieces and turned my apartment into a canvas hoarder’s dream home.

Please tell us about your art.
I mostly create abstract pieces that are inspired by landscape, color interaction or occasionally my favorite food groups (Macaroni Mountain and Chicken Nugget Chariot still available for purchase). I love working with earthy tones and try to create a sense of movement within all of my pieces. I typically don’t like to attach my own messages to my art because I think the message is individual to every person that sees it. The process itself is very personal to me, of course, and I put a lot of my own feelings and emotions into it, but I love to hear how the pieces speak to others.

I work mostly with acrylic and resin, but love to experiment with incorporating texture as well. I recently began painting geometric patterns on reclaimed wooden panels and turning them into furniture, which is something I’m really excited to continue exploring. There’s something really unique about the way the paint and patterns play against the natural wood grain. A project you will probably be seeing more of from me in the near future!

Choosing a creative or artistic path comes with many financial challenges. Any advice for those struggling to focus on their artwork due to financial concerns?
Could someone actually tell me the answer to this question?! I myself still have a long way to go before I could rely solely on my art for a living. Luckily, I work for a great company that encourages the pursuit of passions outside of the office and allows for a healthy work-life balance. I think that is key if you’re looking to pursue art full time, because I could probably build a two-story fort out of last year’s art supply receipts. It can be a really expensive hobby, so find a job that lets you both fuel the fire and allows you the necessary time to develop your craft. And if you can’t find a job like that, you can come live in my receipt fort.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
At the moment, the best place to view my artwork is through Instagram (@space. mcdamon). I’m always up for participating in local shows and will post any news of where I might be next. If you would like to support my work, feel free to reach out about pricing. I am also open to commissions based on availability. A website is in the works and should be live within the next couple months!

Contact Info:

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  • Instagram: @space.mcdamon

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Photos by Christina Winsor

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