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Meet Christian Cintron of Stand Up 4 Your Power in West Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christian Cintron.

Christian, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I’ve lived many lives. I was a shy Catholic schoolboy in Flushing, Queens. I was a queer-POC at one of the most expensive colleges in the country. I was a marketing executive in New York City. A stand up comic in New York and San Francisco. I was an improviser and actor in LA. I was a drag queen. I was a spiritualist.

They’ve all been parts of my psyche and the parts given the chance to shine. We all become different people to please others and navigate the world. But I am thrilled that now, all the horses are running in the same direction and headed where I want them to go. Stand UP 4 Your Power is the culmination of a ton of deep heART work. I am excited to leave my mark on the art form I love.

Has it been a smooth road?
It was a rough-ass road. I’ve dealt with bullying, abuse, heartache, addiction issues, and struggles with my self-worth. I firmly believe the universe only gives us what we can handle. But I think some things get normalized. That social gaslighting can keep us from ever addressing how we feel. We repress and press on. Certain abusive characteristics or behaviors become the norm and so we just blindly accept them. We rarely challenge the things that bother us. We rarely share the feelings that weigh us down.

In my class, I talk about emotional debt. So often, we just repress and press on. But those feelings live on in defeating thoughts, emotional blocks, and even physical illness. I’ve been surprised at how capable I have been to handle the things that might break other people. But I’ve struggled with some things that people take for granted. I used to get really anxious when people liked me or when I was particularly happy. We all have our triggers. But how we navigate them shows the sum of our character.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
Stand Up 4 Your Power is my personal take on stand up comedy. I created an inclusive, self-improvement blend of spirituality and stand up comedy. My work in comedy has fundamentally changed me as a person. I’m a more dynamic public speaker, stronger personality, and way more able to control how I show up in the world. Stand up comedy can really be a dark art form. While you are making people laugh, you are facing a lot of demons and past trauma. But as I tell my students, “As we edit our jokes, we edit our thoughts.” We fundamentally get to be in the driver’s seat and control the narrative. So why can’t we do that offstage? I found no matter how many people tried me, I would use all the tools at my disposal to stand in my power. And I wanted to help people who may be struggling finding their own voice.

There’s a lot of talk of privilege. I’m a tall, white-passing man in America. But I’m also a queer BIPOC person who has never fit in. We all have privileges and limitations. Sometimes, I joke that I am teaching privilege. But on some level, we let other people take our power away. Only we can control how we think, feel, and react. And if we give that to someone else that’s on us. What sets my class apart from other stand up comedy classes is I am not only talking about stand up comedy. I was sick of comedians taking cheap shots at minorities and queer people. And worst of all, with basic hack jokes. I also found a lot of comedians get really attached to certain narratives like being “depressed” and “damaged.” We all have to do the work. If not, we can’t expect our audience to handle our emotional loads. I choose to stay optimistic and still maintain my edge. I believe once you let go of the things that you are holding onto you still have the strength to carry them. Imagine what you can do with all that strength without holding a bunch of stuff that doesn’t serve you?

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I think Los Angeles is the perfect city for my class. LA is an enclave for artists. If you ask me, it’s a city of Alphas. If you don’t know why someone is an “alpha” then you might be sleeping on some of your shortcomings. It’s like an easy bake oven for artists. If you let the little light bulb shine on you, you can really become something great. The taste might not be there but it will look cute and make people happy.

But seriously, I think Los Angeles is a city full of really talented people. And while people may scoff at “new agey” things. I’d argue a global pandemic would be exactly what would usher in a “New Age.” People have been talking about a “new age” since the 1960s and here we are. There’s a mind-body-spirit connection that we’ve neglected for too long. And while it may get written off as hippie BS, I think good vibes, choosing to see the good, and keeping it light can actually help us all. But that doesn’t mean you deny your shadow, put your head in the sand, or deny that the darkness still exists. You just don’t have to focus on it, Carol!


  • I structured my class into 4 sessions for $55 per class ($220/per class)

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