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Meet Chad McMillan

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chad McMillan.

Chad, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My journey is really a non-traditional path from what I’ve seen…

In the earlier part of my career, I dabbled creatively but was more focused on the traditional path of finance and the financial markets. This came naturally by way of the fact my family has been involved in the early-stage financial markets for nearly 40 years now. Ever since I was a kid, going to soccer games, my father and I were talking business as he would share stories of the big deals he was working on. Growing up like this, dealmaking, business building, innovating and the like have always been in my blood.

As I grew older, I developed a greater sense of my own instincts and abilities, particularly to see trends, lead teams, and inspire others. I infused this into what else I knew, the markets.

Our core focus early on was in resources… the great treasure hunt, exploring for gold and oil & gas, you name it. But the deeper I got into this world from an executive level, the more I realized what was possible beyond this sector. The more I heard my deepest passions and yearnings to create call out to me.

At the same time, I wasn’t feeling fully on path. I wasn’t feeling healthy. Sure, I was carrying these fancy titles, and working in high finance closing multi-million dollar deals and the like, but it didn’t feel right. Both my mental and physical health were suffering from it and I was feeling called to a deeper sense of purpose.

And so I shifted.

I began connecting with a Shaman, who helped guide me in my transformation.. from toxic habits to healthy ones. From mental gymnastics to intuition and feel based navigation. We did a lot of work, over 15 months, to help me develop these instincts until finally I felt ready to take a break from that financial lifestyle as I knew it; I picked up my suitcase and left town.

I had been traveling a lot on business before and noticed a lot of new awareness meet me there, but after sensing and doing a lot of this inner work, I felt it was time to really flex and see what else was possible.

I picked up my suitcase and just left without destination. Sure, I could work remotely as I went, but it was all an experiment. What would happen if I just lept into the unknown? If I stopped working in an office? If I just challenged the universe to meet me out there and let my deepest passions express themselves without constraint?

I left Vancouver and traveled first west, then south. Each day a new step, in a direction unknown. As as soon as I lept into this, I began to discover a new relationship with the world; one full of serendipity and synchronicity, and all kinds of incredible magic. Over the course of a year, I traveled down the west coast, town to town by land, into California, down the Baja, and deep into Central America on my own. I deeply explored southern California in particular, where I bought a one-speed beach cruiser pedal bike on the boardwalk in Santa Monica, connected it to a little kids trailer on the back, threw my pack in, and rode it all the way to San Diego. I stopped everywhere and camped on the coast in state parks along the way. I swear I never felt so free.

My journey continued as I connected with some other travelers and we drove the Baja getting stuck in the desert among other adventures. I then posted up in Cabo until it was hit by a massive hurricane and had to relocate and then carried on my adventure ferrying across to the mainland and south, ultimately taking me through beaches and mountains and jungles, on pyramids, and over ancient ruins, as far south as northern Panama.

This vision quest, this pilgrimage as I call it, changed my life, fully connecting me with what I feel to be the source energy of the universe and everything that is truly possible both in my life and in my world.

Long story short, I ultimately came full circle back to Vancouver, but forward in my life… Fully expressed true to who I am, transformed from the toxic lifestyle habits I was carrying of my past, armed with the experience of those previous business ventures, but then now also inspired in the potential of my future creative journey.

I married what I knew about startups and finance and the public markets with my passions, in technology, art, and entertainment, and began to champion these kinds of ventures. I lept (back) into acting (which I previously dabbled in in my early 20s), drawn to the creative challenge, a vibrational connection of the craft with the magic of presence, and the profound transformative potential of storytelling. But then I haven’t stopped there.

Now, I continue to build new ventures across a variety of teams and industries, as well as mentor struggling companies and entrepreneurs in their own transformations and turnarounds. What I learned along the way is my truest essence, my natural transformative instincts, and purpose to serve the world as an alchemist. To see what could be instead of simply accepting what is, and to help make it happen. To take things that aren’t working, dust them off, clean them up, turn them around, and help get them thriving again. In the truest of sense, this work of turning lead into gold.

And so this is what I do now, across all industries, and medium; companies, entrepreneurs, and creative projects, where is my personal and independent voice and channel to contribute with everything I am and have, in the interest of us all leading better lives, and realizing a better world.

Has it been a smooth road?
I’d say the biggest struggle is trusting the self. What’s true for me might not be true for you, or what’s true for me, might not be what’s currently popular socially.

I’ve generally found that my instincts tend to align with the first 10% of adoption, of transformation. What this means is that I’ve found I tend to see things before other people and because of this many don’t seem to understand what I see or what I’m looking at right away. This takes thick skin because many of the moves I’ve made have been met with real deep criticism and skepticism initially until people start to learn and understand the how and why as things take shape.

I do, and I believe we all have to trust our own instincts and intuition first. I believe our intuition, our gut instinct, is our number 1 compass for navigation in our lives, and it has never steered me wrong. What has steered me wrong is simply making choices because others are making them, or not listening to my own gut. When I started to change the path and direction of my life, this disconnected me (at least initially) from many people because I was criticized for not thinking the same way as them. This takes strength, but once you move through this, you never look back, you’re stronger personally for it, and everyone else eventually comes back around for the most part once they see how the adjustments you make have positively impacted your life and the lives of those around you.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
You know, I wear a lot of hats depending on the scenario… I’ve done everything from running public companies to building brands, to performing in front of the camera. But through all of this, a tree trunk, a spine, if you will, has emerged in my work. With individuals, often entrepreneurs, CEOs and similar, I help guide them in transforming their habits and lifestyle, embracing their intuitive instincts, and aligning with their greatest potential paths and purpose. This can also extend to doing same with their startups or active businesses. With many companies, I am most often called in on early-stage or distressed scenarios to review and realign systems that aren’t working, to improve morale, productivity, direction, etc., where the results of my work have often been exponential, so long as the team buys into the process and come together to start making things happen.

In the arts, I help tell story. Every character I play undergoes a transformation, where the best stories I’ve been apart of and am producing now really leave us with deep takeaways to consider both individually and collectively as a whole, who we are, where we want to go, and how we might be able to get there.

In my personal experience, there are few I’ve found who have the financial and startup experience as I do, specifically combined with the creative and conscious/spiritual/mystical connection and instincts I’ve developed with the world… i.e., spotting new trends, identifying energy blockages and new opportunities, transforming and realigning harmful habits, patterns, systems, channeling new inspirations, etc. This metaphysical approach. So this, this alchemical service I offer, which through me bridges these two worlds, I feel provides unique value to those I connect and work with. Everything I offer through my site, my engagements, my projects, and my collaborations are in alignment with this overall purpose of mine to help us all transform and realize our highest and greatest potential version of our individual and collective selves. I feel this presence and work is both needed these days, and quite powerful, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to contribute with it.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Man, LA particularly, and California more broadly is like Mecca for creatives and entrepreneurs, and the spiritually/mystically aligned. There is so much natural magic and energy in the region I love being there and connecting with like-minded souls. Whenever I need a boost of inspiration or creative energy, I definitely book a trip, and wherever I go afterward, definitely benefits from my having been there.

Depending on the individual, and what kind of business or niche they’re in, I’d def recommend California, but each region offers something unique. Media and entertainment? Definitely LA. Tech? San Fran. These are obvious, but of course, LA being a major global hub you can’t go wrong setting up shop there. And if/when I settle in with a second home or similar in the region, pretty sure you’ll be able to find me down in Venice, one of my favorite spots in the world.

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