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Meet CEO of Rareview Digital Design & Integrated Marketing Agency: Chuck Pearson

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chuck Pearson.

Chuck, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
It’s 2000 and I just graduated from College. I knew I loved computers, and I got my degree in Marketing. I didn’t have any money, so I went to work for a startup. When shit hit the fan a few years in, I got canned along with a lot of other people. So I found another job in Marketing. I moved up the corporate ladder to a senior marketing position but was never really happy.

During this time, I kept tinkering on my computer. I’d make websites, which I thought then were amazing, creative, and innovative — but I know now they were actually pretty bad!

Anyways, I was moonlighting as a web designer with a dream of starting my own business.

After years of doing more and more websites, I created my own company and aptly named it after myself. Not very creative, I know. A year later, I got smart and renamed my company to Rareview. But I still had a corporate job.

When I built up enough clients, or at least the perception of enough clients, I quit my day job and have never looked back.

The first year was scary, exhilarating, and exhausting.

To make this work, I knew I couldn’t be a one-man shop forever. I hooked up with a programmer and I scoured the net looking at portfolios for designers that suited my tastes. I’m a pretty anal dude, so my standards are high. I found a kid named Andrew and over the years we worked as partners on hundreds of projects.

We didn’t have a way to manage our clients and at the time the only solution was some ugly software that we didn’t want our clients to use. So I decided to build my own project management app. When we finished projects, clients would ask me if they could license it and keep working. So I got another idea.

I grabbed some partners, some startup cash from friends and family, and released it to the public. We called it Projecturf. 4 major releases later, Projecturf is it’s own company and we have everyone from small businesses to large enterprises using it.

So in 2009, when Projecturf was 2 years old, Oracle called us. They found Projecturf, loved the interface, and wanted Rareview to design their business social networking app. I thought the gig would last a few months, but I guess we impressed them because it lasted for over 3 years. We got to the see the product go from start-to-finish, and that was a huge milestone for us.

Since then, we’ve continued to do what we do best. Thankfully, I still love what I do. Our agency is small, agile, smart, creative, and dependable. Our ultimate goal is to create minimal designs that users love. But that’s not all, we want to bring the product to the market and help our clients sell it. We want to see them get big. That’s the ultimate satisfaction.

Has it been a smooth road?
I wish I could say yes, but it hasn’t. Every business has ups and downs. We’ve been through the initial startup years, a recession, and bumps along the way. The key for us has been to remain small and true to ourselves, as well as diversification. Some agencies scale up and down, but that’s not us. We started as an agency that specialized in design and building digital products (websites, apps, software) and we continue to do that. We’ve also built some of our own tools (independent of client work) such as Projecturf and that allowed us to grow and expand into different markets.

Who, or what, deserves a lot of credit for where you are today?
I would say, my father. He was an entrepreneur – started his own business and ran it for 20 years. He’d preach about making your own way and going after your dreams. From a young age, that was ingrained in me. He encouraged me to take the leap and was one of my first clients. I’d also say, my wife. She has supported me every step of the way, through good times and bad.

What kind of work do you look forward to most?
Typically, the companies we work with are tech startups, founders or entrepreneurs who have an idea to build a digital product (website or app), or businesses who understand the value of digital marketing. We’ve worked in virtually every industry and we cherish clients who let us work. They hire us because we have expertise in areas they do not, they recognize the need for additional help, and they are open to our suggestions and direction. We love to collaborate and work together, and the clients who want a partner value this relationship. I think those are the projects that have the best outcome.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
One thing I’ve learned over the years is that the people you work with (e.g. the team) is incredibly important. I’m not one for regrets, so I probably wouldn’t change much. But if I was starting over, I would make sure that I focused heavily on hiring the right people, at the right time, for the right job.

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