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Meet Camila Gonzalez and Alan Munoz of Power2thePeople in Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Camila Gonzalez and Alan Munoz.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Camila and Alan. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Our journey began even before we met six years ago. Our connection initiated the visions and songs that have now evolved into what Power2thePeople is today, but we recognize, things started coming to life for both of us at a very young age.

(Camis Story)
I, Camila, was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA to immigrant parents; a Mexican mother, and Argentinian father who met in L.A back in the 80’s. I grew up in and around the streets of Hollywood, North Hollywood, and East L.A. My love for music, dance, and the arts started very young. At the age of five, I would sit my parents down to watch me perform my shows in the living room. My favorites were dramatic Cirque Du Soleil numbers, anything Disney, or jumping around to the spunky sounds of Little Richard.

My mom and dad’s affinity for Disco, Salsa, and Soul Funk really inspired a lot of great music around me. My parents kept me aware and connected to my Latin roots, even as we embraced the American way of living. It all has definitely created a unique fusion in my life, especially being the first generation of my family born in America. One of the things I greatly appreciate from my childhood was my parent’s openness and encouragement for my self-expression. They opened space for me to connect with what I most resonated with from all cultures, which will always continue to be a part of me.

I started attending dance and music schools in and around LA by six years old, and by eight I was singing Mariachi at the yearly Calle Ocho Festival in Huntington Park. Even then, I remember I would rebel by singing my favorite Selena songs when the theme was Mexican regional. In my favor, the crowd would ask me to sing more songs, so my teacher wouldn’t have much to complain about. As I grew into myself more; dancing, singing, and guitar continued to have a very special place in my life. Especially as a much-needed outlet for my hyperactive, highly emotional, and hypersensitive ways of being as a child. I know my mother always intentioned to do her best with all she had at the time, especially being a single mother, but that couldn’t stop the journey we were meant to have. I am convinced this life is a divine journey we all share, I had to learn from those experiences to be where I am now, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

My childhood came with great extremes, amazing joys, and deep pains all from early stages in my life. The things I couldn’t change or control in my life, like my parent’s toxic relationships, the sexual abuse I experienced, or the extreme body hate I had to learn through, created the perfect catalysts for all the passion & love that goes into my life in general. My ideas on love, self, family, and connection were very skewed and distorted at that time though. This initiated a series of traumatic events that lead me into depression in my early teens.

At that stage in my life, I started getting into my own toxic attachments with others, adrenaline rushes, and substance. I felt like I didn’t know my place in the world without another person in my life. It was a weird mentality I was becoming aware of and yet felt trapped by. Within the extreme of dark times, I had many amazing experiences that came from travel, my extended family, and the land of my ancestors. My mother and fathers’ genuine intentions for a better life for me contributed to my expanded view on the world. My mom would occasionally share her views on life, specifically to the ideas of God and nature. That she viewed God as an energy, like the air we breathe, the sun, the stars, everything we see that was good in the world. This was definitely a doorway into an alternative understanding from the religious catholic churches we would still attend. Unhealthy relationships, self-deprecating mindset, and family chaos was the perfect recipe for depression by the time I was 15. The relationship with my mother always had great contrasts and the inconsistency I felt with my father would play out in my personal relationships with others. Life felt complicated, but somehow I still felt big dreams in me through it all. Music, dance and singing was always my solace.

By the time I was 16, my ongoing battle with depression and unhealthy habits lead me to three different diseases at the same time. Health issues started to manifest in my body and I am certain the high levels of stress I felt at the time contributed to it. I was misdiagnosed my first year of observed illness and then diagnosed properly in Mexico with Polycystic Ovarian Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and Hypothyroidism, two which are considered by Doctors as incurable. I spiraled into some of my lowest points in that time and I realized I had some deep unresolved issues from emotional traumas I had to figure out. At first, I didn’t understand it would all end up being the perfect situation I needed to inspire all that I share in my music. Those experiences triggered the process of my healing and awakening to being of service to my purpose, to nature and humanity in my unique way.

At 18, I decided to move away from my situation in Los Angeles and dedicated that year to clean eating habits. Leaving behind my friends, parents, and trade school for My Mother’s homeland in Jalisco, Mexico. In Mexico, many things took place. One of those many things was a pilgrimage faith walk in my family’s home town of Magdalena that would change the fate of my health and my entire view on life. At that time, I was told by my doctors I wouldn’t be able to bear children without surgery and they told me I would have to poke my finger my whole life to keep me safe from a diabetic coma. I realized then I had to radically transform my life and the toxic choices I was making. No one else was going to make them for me.

The faith walk in Magdalena is dedicated to a Virgin Mary deity who was said to be very miraculous. This was a time where I was determined, but in disbelief, desperate, and down to try anything. I decided to join along with my cousins and what seemed like the entire town of Magdalena on this faith walk to a nearby town. A walk that’s about 6 hours through mountainous terrain. My family encouraged me to hold my intention through the entire walk to ask for what I wanted help in with all of my heart, and with that I could possibly experience what this ancestral ritual had for me. I saw small footprints on the dirt road we started on and asked why that was. They informed me that entire families go barefoot; the kids, grandmas, grand papas and all because it brought about miracles. From full on self-proclaimed atheist, to a deep connection with the power of faith and intention, three months after the walk I rid myself of all the dis-eases, one year after the walk I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Luna-Sofia and three years after I came back to L.A with my daughter, my guitar, and lots of songs inspired from my time in Mexico.

I started community college again at the Music department in Santa Monica and the series of events that led me to my college budtender job, where I crossed paths with the bridge that would change my life forever, once again. It is said through chaos a star is born, so here I stand ready to be seen, share my story, my dark and my light with the world. I give thanks everyday for my daughter and my partner. Especially as the fate of our stories began to intertwine.

(Alan’s Story)
I, Alan (RawOne) was born and raised in San Antonio TX, to a Puerto Rican mother and a Guatemalan father. I grew up in a housing project in my early years and would hear the sounds of rap and hip hop through the neighborhood. Be it old Cadillac’s bumping some UGK or some boom box carrying neighbor walking past as I played outside. So my ear was tuned to the hip hop sound from the get. One day my cousin put some earphones on my head and told me to listen, little did I know, that moment would be one of the hugest catalyst and inspiration for my future to come. It was 2pac “Dear Mama” I was six years old and the poetry he spoke, the story he told, the realness and love he radiated was so powerful to me! Even at that age. I didn’t know fully what it was but I knew that it touched my soul. By 4th grade, my older brother Edwin and I would go to sleep every single night listening to the 2pac + Outlawz CD “Still I Rise”.

The summer after 5th grade was a hard one for me. My parents divorced and it left me with a huge void in my life. I really took it hard and started acting up in school, giving my mother a very hard time (Sorry for that Mom), and searching for connection to fill that void in a very distorted way that led me to a very destructive path.

As I grew through my middle school years, I never really thought about being a rapper or a singer. I thought I would be a businessman or a lawyer or something like that. One thing I knew was that I had a knack for writing and expressing my self through my words.

My passion for making music and actually wanting to become a Hiphop artist happened later in my teenage years when I started hearing some of the older homeboys who I was hanging out with freestyling in backyard party’s. I loved it! I thought it was one of the coolest things to do. Back then, I was definitely still going down the destructive path now filled with drugs, alcohol and guns. So one night after a party at my homeboys house, at the age of 16. I decided that we would learn how to freestyle. We stayed up until the sun rose and just didn’t stop rhyming. The whole next day, I just couldn’t stop rhyming. Any little rhyme I could come up with, I would just keep rhyming. I eventually got better over time and me and a few of the homies would start cyphers together everywhere we went.. I was chilling with the boy’s real tough back then. I actually was kicked out of the house by age 17 and would just stay at friend’s houses partying all the time. By the time I turned 18, I was abusing substances almost everyday.

In March of 2008, I was shot twice in the stomach, one went in and out through my left side and the other one hit my liver. I was at a club called Babylon on the west side of San Antonio. My group of homies got into a fight with a different group of homies and as I went to help one of my friends from getting jumped, one of the guys pulled out his .38 special and let me have it. Thankfully after a very intensive surgery, I survived. This was my first BIG wake up call. But I still didn’t get it, even though my life had almost ended, I still chose to keep hanging out with those friends and after a grueling two month recovery, I was back in the streets. I know… it was stupid. But I was still dependent on drugs and my homies were the only friends I had.

Exactly a year later to the month in March 2009, I was hit by a drunk driver, thankfully I walked away from that accident on my own two feet. I did injure my back a bit but nothing too serious. And in March again exactly a whole year after that, in 2010 I received a decent settlement check from that accident and decided that I was going to move out of San Antonio. My path was only getting dimmer there and I felt if I stayed in SA I would either wind up dead or in jail. I only had one option, a friend who had moved out of state a year before who wasn’t connected with my homeboys.

He just happened to move to LA. I had my friend take the train down to SA and help me drive my car, my basket of clothes and my pillow and blanket (everything I owned) out to LA, I was 20 years young. It was a very rocky road the first couple of months as my settlement money was gone in the first three and the friend who I came to live with got arrested. Now I was in a new city by myself, still using drugs and had no job.

Thankfully a synchronicity like a sign from the universe came at the perfect time. I went to a little house party my neighbor at the time was having and noticed the car outside had Texas plates. So I asked who in here is from Texas? and that’s when I met my brother from another mother to this day, Miles. Mind you, I did not come to LA to make music. But as I have come to learn, there is no hiding from your destiny. Miles said he was from San Antonio, and he was a rapper! One of the craziest things is, when I was driving to LA, my friend had a CD he was playing from a local San Antonio group called the “Duffel Bag Boys”, that I had never heard before. Come to find out Miles was one of those rappers. So without knowing it or ever meeting him in my life. I was listening to him on the way to LA before I ever even met him. Shortly after we met, we became good friends and decided we would have each other’s backs. We both got jobs together and found a new place to live. Most importantly, he reignited my passion for rapping. He told me there was much more to being a rapper than just freestyling with the homies and that if I wanted to make something happen with it I had to have something to show for it. He inspired me to write my first song and taught me how to record my self on GarageBand. From then on, I would continue practicing my craft, writing and recording my self at home. I performed for the first time on my Birthday on Jan 30, 2014 at The Airliner in Lincoln Heights. And also released my first mixtape that same day.

At this stage, I thought I was serious about pursuing music as a full-time gig but was still holding back out of fear, uncertainty, and insecurity and I had no idea the actual dedication and practice it would take to really make it happen. This was also around the same time I was starting to open up to my spiritual path. And that year of 2014 is when my life would change forever…

(Our Story)
On a spring day in 2014, we both aligned at a warehouse party called “Pancakes & Booze” that happens annually in the warehouse district in DTLA. We instantly connected on a deep level. We exchanged numbers hung out a couple of times and became fans of each other’s music. It wasn’t long before we realized that we were in love, that we shared a deep passion for personal and spiritual growth and a strong love and reverence for nature, that along with our own personal stories and the recognition of inequality and manipulation in our world inspired our relationship and collaboration with a deeper purpose. This led us to write our first song within the first month of dating where we combined our unique styles to begin to create what Power2thePeople’s sound is today. Within the second month, we were going out to festivals in the desert sharing our songs around campfires and cypher circles we would initiate with Camis guitar. That was only the beginning of our journey.

We experienced a series of synchronicities from the moment we got together. One open door led to another and before we knew it, we were a family of three and had moved in together and the place we moved in to “just happened to be” owned by a shaman practitioner. We became very close with our landlord as we were on a similar path and after some time of living on his property he and his wife introduced us to what would become our teacher & mentor, Dr. Raven Lee Ph.D., Who is the author of, “Unbinding the Soul: Awakening through Crisis and Compassion”. Never did we imagine we would be going through a three year Mystic Shaman training program in various ancient spiritual and self-healing modalities. It was a very challenging training, we faced a lot of our wounded past and had to do a lot of inner work, but we stuck it out and after three intense years, we graduated the training together. To say the least, we learned a lot about ourselves and the interconnectivity we have as human beings with the world around us. In our music, we share our stories of growing through trauma and crisis we’ve experienced individually and in our relationship as a couple.

A year after we completed the training, in the spring of 2019, we signed to Lion City Management in Ventura CA. Where we found our team. With the help of Filiverto Landeros/(Fili)(Filiblunt) as our Producer/Engineer Extraordinaire, we released our first single “Stories” on 8/8/19, our second single “This One’s for You (RevolutionofEvolution)” on 11/11/19. And our latest single “Meant 2 Be” mid-Feb 2020. All songs are out now on all streaming platforms. We have also been hard at work creating our debut release “Death & Rebirth” which does not have a release date yet. We definitely look forward to sharing some of the songs and energy from what will be our double album release.

We are currently diving deep into creating and expanding our catalog. We now have a band we are super excited about and we look forward to further sharing our vision for our live performances. Our sound is definitely hip hop and soul-inspired, but it’s not limited as we bring the live elements that amp the vibe, flow, & groove of the songs that take it to another level.

Our music is fusion of our with our journey of self-realization, self-healing, psychedelic experiences, our pains, our struggles, our joys, our highest intentions for the world, and how we’ve learned to embrace all that life offers as a greater opportunity to grow and evolve. We create our music with the intention to uplift and remind others as we remind ourselves of our strength, resilience, and greatness. That no matter how hard the road may be, it is exactly what we were destined to overcome. We trust in the unfoldment of our journey as many forces come together to hold space for the conscious awakening happening in our world today because ultimately it’s about learning to be of better service to the Earth we share, our future generations, each other and the light that shines from within us all. We believe we all have a gift to offer and that it is our birthright to be free to express and share those gifts. So we extend an invitation to reclaim your power from anything holding you back or limiting you from being your authentic self, from experiencing your greatest joy or creating your highest peace. We all have the power to create our reality. We all have the power.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It definitely hasn’t been a smooth road.

For one, we are a couple working together everyday, so not only do we have the normal relationship challenges but we also have the business and creative challenges too. When you work this close with your partner it can cause a lot of friction and things can tend to get heated. But it also has made us stronger in the process.

Another challenge we faced was breaking through our own self-doubt and insecurities. It’s hard to believe you can actually be great at doing what you love. We had to break through our own blockages and barriers and learn not to give mind to other people’s judgments.

A beautiful challenge we are learning to balance is being parents and musicians, as we pursue our music career professionally.

Please tell us about Power2thePeople.
Our business/brand is Power2thePeople. We are a soulful hiphop duo based out of Los Angeles, CA. We make conscious, empowering hiphop music. We share real-life stories in our songs to pass on the knowledge and wisdom we have gained through our life’s journeys. We are most proud of the singles we released and the hard work we put in everyday to keep mastering our craft.

What sets us apart from others would have to be our message & intentions that we weave into our music. We are a couple and a duo. We also turn every one of our shows into a hiphop ceremony, we’re we share intentions and affirmations of gratitude, awareness, positivity and realness with our audiences. It’s about creating a safe space of community and tapping into oneness state of mind.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My (Camila) favorite memory from childhood was when I learned to scuba dive in Cuba when I was nine years old.

My (Alan) favorite childhood memory was climbing to the top of a lush jungle mountain in Puerto Rico called El Yunque and swimming at the waterfall that was at the top.

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