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Meet Burbank Photographer: Moses Sparks

Today we’d like to introduce you to Moses Sparks.

Moses, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I began studying photography as a kid, the mad scientist who converted the basement into a darkroom, etc. One of my first jobs was assisting a professional studio photographer, where I learned the basics of lighting, directing models, and commercial production. I took an online course from the New York Institute of Photography and after completing that I was eager to learn even more about all aspects of photography, so I attended classes wherever I could find them. I was always fascinated by lighting, so I made it my mission to master it. Today, I work primarily for Fortune 500 companies in the corporate and entertainment worlds. Some of those clients are NBC Universal, Disney, Public Storage, SAG-AFTRA, and Loyola Law School.

Has it been a smooth road?
I did commercial work using film for many years, so when digital imaging came along it really presented a huge challenge in adapting to the new technology and tools, not to mention the financial investment required. It was clear to me it was the future, though, so I spent a full year totally immersing myself in the hardware and software to get up to speed and make the transition. It continues to be a challenge from a business standpoint because cheap DSLR’s have made it possible for anyone with $500 to pick one up and proclaim themselves a “photographer”. They lack the skills to solve problems on assignment or deal with complex technical issues…things a seasoned photographer does every day…but they still muddy the water and dilute the market for working photographers and potential clients.

How would you describe the type of kid you were growing up?
My family moved a great deal as I was growing up due to my father’s work, never lived more than a year or two in the same place. Always being the new kid made me a bit shy, but also taught me how to relate to new people and surroundings and to make it work. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that experience would prove very valuable later when I began working as a photographer. I was always interested in travel, science, music, and art. I loved animals and had a lot of weird pets as a kid, many of which I caught out in the woods when I lived in rural areas.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
Catching fireflies at night to see how many I could get into a jar, trying to make a living lantern. When I had enough to really make it glow I would release them all and watch them fly away.

So, what should we be on the lookout for, what’s next in store for you?
I’m pretty consumed with getting my kids ready for college at the moment. I’m looking forward to launching them into the world and then having a little time for myself for a change! Years ago I had the opportunity to do some gallery shows of my personal work and that was very satisfying. I would like to have time to devote to that effort again.

Contact Info:

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