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Meet Burbank Photographer, Cinematographer, and Editor: Miguel Amodio

Today we’d like to introduce you to Miguel Amodio.

Miguel, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?

With a camera in my hand, supportive family and really, REALLY good friends.
It really started with my folks. They met in South America and took photos and home movies of everything. My pops did most of the filming and my mom had her trusty NIkon F3 vintage Camera. Growing up, there were very few moments that weren’t captured in one medium or another, so obviously I wanted to play with them when I came of age. I remember in Elementary school, our library had a ton of Nat Geo’s  and I would always love looking at them, primarily because of the people. All the different looking people and cultures were hypnotizing to me and  inspired me to dive deeper into the photography world.  I was always taking photos (whenever I was allowed a camera) or grabbing a camcorder and filming moments or people.
Photography was my first true love. I just didn’t really notice that until after high school. It was a secret mistress I just didn’t  talk about because back then I knew without a doubt, that I was going to be a comic book artist!  So clearly there was no point in really focusing on my  photography.  But it was always there.
Immediately graduating high school, my photography was still just for me, but a few very close friends commented on some of my portraits and street photos that gave me some much needed confidence in my work.
Still, at that point, I now knew Without a Doubt that I was to be a Radio DJ! So I packed up and moved to the East Bay area of California to take radio classes.  They didn’t have a radio program at the school I went to, but they had a really interesting Television Production Broadcasting class that sounded close enough, so I figured, why not!
It was there that everything changed. I met some amazing creative people: a few of them becoming some of my best friends to this day, and one who eventually became my business partner in production.
My secret photography and overall creative mentor was Koji Udea, who is a freelance photographer / videographer in Japan.
He understood the technical side of creation like nobody I had ever met and the quality of his work was astounding. It was very inspiring to watch him work and learn from him. My friendship with Koji allowed me to finally embrace my first true love and never look back. Here was a guy that was in school for broadcast, film, editing, visual FX, you name it – yet still made time (and money) for his photography work.
That’s when I knew I wanted to be in the creative industry. With the help of my family and some incredible friends, I was able to pursue that dream and that dream continues to thrive today.
I now live in Los Angeles where I primarily produce a variety of content as well as run two small production companies: Inner Image Media and Rapid Reelz.
My photography is stronger than ever and besides being a model for me, my girlfriend is my biggest fan. She, along with some my closest friends and a rockstar manager, continue to challenge, push and inspire me into new areas of creativity on a daily basis.
So you ask How did I get to where I am today? Because of them. All of them.
I am currently working on a Desert themed coffee table book that we are going to wrap by end of 2017. My big goal is to get one or two big names attached to help give it some legitimacy. My resume includes short films, music videos, documentaries, corporate, commercial, editorial, fashion, fitness, and behind the scene photography. I am represented by Matt Prater of Dedicated Talent Management

Has it been a smooth road? Any struggles?
Money and not having enough of it. Lol. But that’s especially true for independent creatives. Staying on top of the latest technologies is difficult because of the cost. As the image resolutions and quality improve, so do the computing requirements just to process the photos or video. This is a definite obstacle.

In regards to challenges: Learning the ebb & flow of creative life here in LA.

LA marches to a different beat than any other city I have ever lived in. It’s filled with amazing artists and creatives, many of which would love to make a sustainable living doing what they are passionate about. It requires having an artist’s mind and a degree of business savvy. It was something I had to learn very quickly to thrive but was overwhelming at first. In this market, adaptation is a constant.

Has there been people or an institution that has played a pivotal role in your career?
National Geographic was a huge source of inspiration… as was Cindy Crawford. Lol. But seriously- there has always been this drive to try to recreate moments I felt something from looking at an Image.Afghan Girl, the 1984 photographic portrait by journalist Steve McCurry that was on the June 1985 cover of NatGeo is still, hands down, the most inspiring image. Such a perfect moment.

What kind of work do you look forward to most?
I would love to do more high-end editorial work. Vogue, Maxim, GQ etc. clients with a budget are always nice, but the best clients are ones that have the budget and include me into the creative process. You wouldn’t believe how much pre-design goes into shoots and how little say you often have.

Honestly, it’s just part of it so it doesn’t bug me, but the client (s) that include me in that creative “figuring it out” phase are fantastic without a doubt.

What have been some of the most important lessons you’ve learned over the course of your career?
Put myself and my work out there more. Experience comes from failure. I was afraid of failure in my early 20s so it really held me back in a lot of ways. Just do it.

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Image Credit:
Models: Jessica Clark, Ciera Trussell, Diahnna Nicole Baxter, Kelly Kula, Raven Frasier, Inna McPherson

MUA: Ruby Croak for Jessica Clark images, Christy-Rocket McCann for Raven image, myself and models for all others.

Photo Assistants: Brisco Diggs, Angel Sanchez & Liz Leal

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