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Meet Brooke Luciano of UltraRed Light MD in El Segundo

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brooke Luciano.

Brooke, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I was introduced to Light Therapy in early 2000s while pursuing a BS in Marine Biology from UCSC. I played basketball competitively with the guys, and an elbow to the face with a split brow bone led me to meet an Engineer and Inventor named Dan Schell. He had recently developed an FDA approved phototherapy device that uses LED light to increase cellular energy and results in a faster healing process. It was used in the beauty department for facials and scar removal, so he treated my split brow and chronically injured ankles with amazing, fast results. We stayed in contact and I did Light therapy sessions at least 10 more times on my ankles and various broken toes or jammed fingers; each time with remarkable results. Dan said back then that I would be good at treating people with light because I understood the cellular process from my biology days. I was curious, but stubborn and fresh out of college.

Fast forward to 2007, and I was rear ended at a stop light by a driver going 50 mph. My neck was severely injured, with 3 herniated discs and a reverse curve in my cervical spine. My life came to a halt, I could not work and couldn’t hold the weight of my own head with my neck. I was not even able to stand or sit without extreme pain. After a year and a half of doctor visits, chiropractors, and many different therapies, I was declared permanently disabled, and would never be active without pain again. The nerve damage was permanent to my whole body and in particular I would not be able to feel my fingers and thumb on my right hand. After three opinions from the spine doctors, they all said I needed neck surgery and metal to replace the part of my neck that was curved from impact. This is when I called Dan to see if there was anything his light machine could help me do to recover without surgery. He said it absolutely would and then brought me a machine, asked me what took so long to reach out, because it would definitely work, and to have faith. I had faith and did light diligently every day on my neck, brainstem, shoulders, back, chest, and face. Within one month I weened myself off of all prescription drugs (pain meds, muscle relaxer and nerve desensitizer) including extra strength Ibuprofen. I was able to do this because my pain was reduced, muscle spasms stopped, my nerves regenerated, and the feeling came back in my fingers as well as the rest of my body. Within three months, I could tie my long hair up in a ponytail, carry a purse, and wear high heels (which I missed feeling like a lady). After 6 months of doing light therapy regularly, I was back to running, playing basketball, and 100% pain free. The light saved my life! Literally. I was given a brand-new pain free opportunity to fulfill my dreams. Included in those dreams was to find a way to help others feel better. From there, I began doing light studies on friends, family, and neighbors who wanted and needed a natural healing modality for their ailments. Fantastic results and miracle cases kept occurring.

My scientific background fed my curiosity and led to this new opportunity to use non-invasive light to help people and animals help themselves. My dream of living in NY came to fruition in 2009 when I moved there to help 9/11 First Responders and Firemen. The light helped clear lung debris/ smoke inhalation by 90% after one session! The radiation exposure during that time caused pain and rapid bone degeneration in these brave people. Light helped with the pain as well as helped to regenerate their bones and tissues, enabling them to walk more comfortably. We had encouraging and quite amazing results in NY, but unfortunately my Mother became sick with Breast, lymph node, and kidney cancer shortly after my move, so I moved to Austin to be her full-time caretaker. The light was able to help her through the good fight. It aided in strengthening her organs and keeping her immune system strong while the chemo did its job killing the cancer. Her side effects from chemo were greatly reduced with the light treatments. Once again, the light proved to be extremely important in the recovery and quality of life for my Mother. After her recovery, I went to train and work directly with Dan in the Bay Area. Shortly after, he joined Richard Williams, who birthed a new company together called Light MD. They have completely upgraded the equipment, pads, and LED technology is cutting edge. This device is extremely unique in that it does both Red and Infrared light at multiple frequencies and wavelengths, with dense power. It can safely reach every tissue in the body, and works on a cellular level to provide energy directly into the cell, which the body intelligently knows how to use. From there, I worked with Dan remotely and continued my research and case studies with the Light machine, treating both people and animals.

Two years ago, a dear friend’s father was suffering from stage 4 ALL cancer in his bones, blood and brain. I moved to LA, lived with her, and worked on her Dad for an hour, twice a day, 5 days a week. I coordinated with his doctors and nurses at UCLA Vets hospital and cheered on with his family and team in amazement as he fully recovered. His team was beyond great in finding the right medicine for him to aggressively kill the cancer, while the light sessions helped by giving him energy to fight for his life. He is alive and well and is in remission.

I found that being in LA felt like a great fit for me and the light. From there, I was referred to more clients and acquaintances in need of light. I met my boyfriend in the summer of 2015, and he became a friend and a great study as he came with a long list of pains following back surgery and injuries sustained from playing NCAA D1 Soccer. We fell in love a year later and he became not only my life partner, but my partner in Light as well. We both share the passion for helping others in becoming pain free, and both know from personal experience that the light can do amazing things. We joined forces with his sports and business background to bring the light to many more people.

We cover most of Southern California collaborating with the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Network of doctors, therapists, and trainers. We aim to spread the knowledge and natural pain relieving powers of Light MD to anyone in need. It is safe for people and animals of all ages, as everyone can benefit from Light energy. It’s 100% natural in that the same light comes from the sun, and we are all creatures of light anyways. It’s time to get back to the basics and what the Universe provides for us: LIGHT!

Has it been a smooth road?
It hasn’t been a smooth road while pursuing a career in Light Therapy. I’ve had my share of obstacles and setbacks, but since I have had the light machine, I always have hope and extreme confidence that wherever I am, I know I can help someone in need, as well as myself and loved ones. As a society, we are inundated with {overdosable} prescription meds for fast relief (which actually slows down the healing process) which cause addiction and have many side effects. With this machine, there are no negative side effects. The light takes a basic understanding of Biology and cells, but it works, and I am living proof! It requires an open mind and willingness to try this new technology that is backed by Medical research and thousands of studies. Our biggest obstacle is getting validity from mainstream thinkers and making Light therapy accessible to everyone in need. If more people were without chronic pain, then they could have a better quality of life and work pain free, therefore helping the community as a whole. We would like it to be the first line of defense and not the last option for relief.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
We at UltraRed Light MD provide light to anyone looking to recover from injury or surgery faster and get relief from pain with phototherapy. Our doors are open to everyone of every age. Clients include children, adults, and the elderly. We specialize in treating competitive and professional athletes and animals. Clients include players in the PGA, MLB, NFL and NHL Team Doctors, Fighters and Olympians. We also provide Light MD at a therapy clinic in Newport Beach called Go Good Guru for the OC residents. In addition to treating people, we also present the technology to MD, General Practitioners, Chiropractors, Professional Trainers and Sports Teams and Therapists looking to enhance their practice with the benefits of advanced phototherapy.

We specialize in reducing pain, inflammation, and recovery time while increasing circulation, cellular energy, and tissue strength. The Light enhances treatment for pain, ligaments, sprains and strains, muscle spasms, bruises and contusions, blisters and hematomas, arthritic pain, scar tissue, back and shoulder pain, joint pain/injury and painful tendonitis, we are known for stimulating the body’s natural healing response and using premier flexible pads for greater comfort and increased coverage area. No other device, Laser or LED, provides a higher or denser output than our system. This system provides a full light spectrum from Red to near Infrared, which allows us to target parts of the body with the wavelength of light to which it best responds.

We are most proud of providing lasting, natural pain relief to our clients and spreading the word, encouraging others to see the light and get relief.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Los Angeles is a great place to start sharing the light with likeminded individuals and professionals. Californians are considerably more open minded to new technology and natural healing modalities. People in LA are constantly looking for the new thing to help you look beautiful, feel beautiful, and live beautiful. The answer for all three is UltraRed LightMD. We feel that the Los Angeles area could greatly benefit from more business’ offering Light therapy for their clients’ aliments. If you have an existing practice, I highly recommend adding phototherapy to enhance healing.


  • $50 session, 20 minutes of Light, 2 areas treated
  • $80 session, 40 minutes of Light, 4 areas treated
  • $100 , 1 hr session of Light, 6 areas treated for whole body health and wellness.
  • $400, Package of 10 sessions, bought in advance (2 free)

Contact Info:

  • Address: 310 East Imperial Avenue,
    El Segundo, CA 90245
  • Website:,
  • Phone: 714-829-8943
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @ultraredlightmd
  • Facebook: UltraRed Light Therapy
  • Twitter: @UltraredlightLA
  • Yelp: Ultrared Light Therapy

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Thomas Pellicer Photography, PetLight Therapy Center, and personal photos

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