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Meet Brianne Dodd of B Conscious in Ventura County

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brianne Dodd.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Brianne. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Ever since I was a little girl, I felt that there had to be more to life. Anything of the spiritual nature fascinated me. I wanted answers nobody else could give me. Many things I did growing up were labeled by others as “weird”. Often, this made me question myself with a feeling of what can I do differently to be liked. This is an example of how my childhood conditioning formed and had such a HUGE impact on my life. Little did I know that my “weirdness” was the very essence of my personal power.

Growing up, I was known as the nice girl in school. I wanted everyone to like me. I tried to maintain that title to the point where people pleasing and putting other’s needs first, even if it cost me discomfort, became the norm. Looking back, it seemed as if I had no voice. Through these experiences, I’ve learned that when I act from the opinions and desires of others rather than my own, I deny my personal power.

The more I tried to fight the necessary changes, I so deeply knew I needed to make, the harder the lessons I learned became. The time finally came when I hit my breaking point. HALLELUJAH! I was in need of a wake up call. I knew I had to make a radical change if I wanted to truly be happy. That change happened to be me abruptly moving out of my current living situation and closing a chapter, for which I wasn’t sure I was prepared. The following day I packed up all my belongings and moved in with my sister.

As my gifts opened up and my intuition fine tuned, I found myself being guided to quit my successful job, pack up my belongings and move to Maui for further guidance. Many told me that I was crazy (which I recognized is their own fears arising) and how it wasn’t smart to move to an island without a game plan. However, the second others start questioning me or calling me crazy is the moment when I know I’m on the right path for something greater! There was something about all the unknown and uncertainty that felt so right. This was the beginning of learning to TRUST my gut, even if I couldn’t SEE the whole picture.

A few months later, I found myself in Maui with a couple of suitcases and without friends, a job or a sense of familiarity. I had no idea what I was doing, but subconsciously in the depths of my soul I knew I was exactly where I needed to be. I felt like I was truly living and the excitement was REAL! I felt free with a fresh start: free to be me and fully explore my spirituality and gifts – unconditionally. I had made it to paradise.

Maui opened up my heart more than I thought was possible and showed me that real magic does exist: by far my biggest growing experience. It taught me to slow down and how to really appreciate life. The culture, land, lifestyle and aloha spirit forever changed me for the better. I learned to get grounded and be grateful. I started diving deep into my practice of self- discovery and self-love. The more I continued to dig and bring everything up to the surface the lighter I felt. It was not always roses and butterflies but rather WORTH every second.

After living with my sister for a couple of months, I stumbled upon a craigslist ad that caught my attention. The address numbers were 777. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE angel number fan. Without knowing, I was being divinely guided to meet my first energy healer. She was the property manager who gave me a tour of the place. Her name was Joy and she was simply that – a Joy.

In my first session, I expressed that I wanted to embrace speaking up and how to exude confidence from within. That led to the following week of me speaking my truth and setting boundaries. It wasn’t until a friend of mine said, “Since when did you get a backbone?” I then realized, hmmm maybe this energy healing stuff might have something to do with it. I signed up for more sessions and kept receiving noticeable results, such as losing weight, more confidence, inner peace and doors opening with ease. This was just the beginning and I was HOOKED!

I was obsessed with energy healing. I felt like a little kid playing with magic. I didn’t quite understand how it worked but I knew that it did. It unleashed a deep desire to learn as much as I could about it, so I could then gift the experience I had to others. That’s when I found Reiki. Shannon was my next healer. She was a very down-to-earth wise soul. She eventually attuned me to Reiki Level I and Level II.

My next healer, I would work with was Leslie: such a sweet loving soul with a great sense of humor. She showed up in my life at the perfect time. Once she attuned me to becoming a Reiki master, I felt strongly guided to start touching as many lives as possible. I donated my time offering Reiki at the sacred garden while working at a Reiki clinic building my personal practice.

Being able to live in Maui (doing what I love) has always been a dream of mine that turned into my reality. Energy healing has changed my life for the better in countless personal ways, but my greatest gifts come from fulfilling a prophecy which empowers myself and others to reach a place of harmony. It’s a precious treasure to witness others discovering and demonstrating peace, love and happiness. It continues to fulfill my passion and purpose that I know for certain I was destined to live out.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has not always been smooth sailings however WORTH every second. One of my biggest lessons that kept showing up for me was speaking up and not caring what people think. In the beginning of my practice, I had no confidence in myself and my gifts. I had so much judgment towards myself and what people would think about my new practice. Whether they would think its weird or that I’m crazy for thinking energy healing could possibly heal someone. Therefore I unconsciously attracted people to confirm that belief and make me feel crazy and question myself. However the deeper I got into my practice the more I realized how powerful it really was and that it was never for me to make people understand. Healing is like a calling. Only you know when you are ready and nobody can make you do the work. It’s all you. The more I fine tuned my intuition, the louder spirit got at telling me to speak up for myself and set some serious standards. Setting standards when you never have can feel impossible at times. However, once you start realizing how much better YOU feel it becomes a ripple effect. I’ve realized a self-care practice is the key to long lasting success.

Please tell us about B Conscious.
In my practice I am passionate about freeing others from subconscious limiting beliefs, childhood conditioning and patterns that hold us back from experiencing our fullest life. I enjoy awakening people’s minds and opening their hearts for a shift in transformation.

Receiving clarity to a situation or guidance on what next steps to take enhances over all well being and brings more balance to oneself. I then use energy healing to assist my clients in releasing any unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs, which in return awakens their soul and unlocks their fullest potential.

An in-person session starts with creating a sacred space for a comfortable environment. We then talk about what your intentions are, the challenges you are going through and the changes you are willing to make. Through spirit and angel cards, I am guided to deliver specific messages through visions, inner knowing, feelings or hearing. After the intuitive guidance, I start with a hands on service where I am intuitively guided to put crystals and do hand placements along the body. This allows the body to deeply relax while working directly on the problem and condition instead of just masking of relieving symptoms.

Distant healing is an advanced form of energy healing. My phone and zoom sessions start out with creating sacred space followed by intuitive guidance and an angel card reading. We then move onto the distant healing part. You are asked to sit or lay down comfortably in a space where you won’t be disturbed for the next 20-30 minutes as I use different healing modalities I have been trained to use to clear conscious and unconscious blockages and release mental and physical pains.

Through the ups and downs, I am very grateful for how far I have come and how I have built my own business. Especially a business that allows me to share my gifts while healing others or simply guiding others along their own journey.

What sets me apart from the rest is this type of work is very foreign to most however it is on the rise. We are starting to notice our medicines are no longer working for us or making us sicker. Alternative medicine or all-natural routes is becoming more popular everyday. This is an exciting time to be alive!

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
If I had to start over, I would have made my needs more of a priority, spoke up more often when necessary and not care what anyone thinks. My lack of speaking up for myself cost me lots of learning lessons. Life would become so uncomfortable until I had no other choice but to speak up. Now I can speak my truth confidentially with ease and grace. Life is too short to put anyone’s needs above your own and cause yourself discomfort. Once you let go of caring what others think, in a compassionate way, it’s very empowering and catapults you forward on your journey.


  • Alaū session- in this Angela card reading I will pull 3 cards and send them to you for $15
  • Pono Session- In this 30 minute phone or zoom session you will receive an angel-card reading and intuitive guidance to bring more peace clarity and joy to your life for $65
  • Ho’ōla Session- In this 1 hour nurturing healing session you will receive an angel-card reading with intuitive guidance followed by energy healing for a shift in transformation for $135
  • Mālama Session- In this 2 hour session dedicated towards taking care of self, you will receive an angel-card reading, intuitive guidance and energy healing to rewire your subconscious for a deeper shift in transformation for $220
  • Kakou- In this group angel card reading it’s a fun way to receive clarity and bond with family and friends. Price varies based on size of group. Rate starts at $40 per person.

Contact Info:

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  • Instagram: Live_2_b_conscious
  • Yelp: B conscious

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