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Meet Bree Arline

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bree Arline.

Hi Bree, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
It really started back in 2007, I was a part of the Young Black Scholars club in high school, and we did a trip to New Orleans to volunteer after Hurricane Katrina. I wish I had a camera sooo bad back then, it was an amazing trip and new experience. I was always interested in photography. I knew it was something I wanted to pursue eventually. Fast forward, I entered myself into an essay contest through the church I was attending NDCV (New Dawn Christian Village) and wrote about my experience last minute and actually won first place!

It was at that time I made my first big purchase. A Nikon D40, I was introduced to the camera back when I attended NDCV. Deacon Stephan, I’ll never forget how he gave me the opportunity to start shooting. I started using the church camera to film sermons, praise and worship. I knew this is what I wanted to do forever. Being behind the camera just felt so natural and brought me pure happiness. I wish I held on to that dream longer. Instead, I got super discouraged at this time, mind you, I’m almost close to graduating, and I attended a college prep school. I had no interest in college. I let people around me encourage that there is no money in the photography field and I need to study something that’s going to pay well. So after shooting for less than a year. I went ahead and decided to attend community college, sold my camera, and live a wildlife.

2016, I had just gotten out of a very toxic relationship. I just wanted to heal and pursue my dreams, find myself again and become the best version of myself. I was just tired of repeating the same mistakes and not giving myself the space to grow. I wanted better for myself and I knew once I removed myself from toxic situations and people. I had to be selfish and focus on me. My mental, physical and spiritual health was my number one priority. I knew I wanted to pick up that camera again. My younger sister had a huge influence in encouraging me to shoot again and to not give up. Her and my mother were my biggest supporters. I was working at Trader Joes at the time, and I made a promise to God. If he allowed me to find my purpose for the sake of helping others and my family, I would focus on him and his will for my life. I went full throttle. He removed me from my situation and I moved into my first place on my own. Shout out to Francisco from Tjs! This was the first and only time I had been completely alone. I took this year, dedicating 365 days of prayer, manifestation, and reading my word. This was my year of healing.

2017 I decided to fully commit and go after my dreams. My first move was to figure out which camera I could afford. I couldn’t afford a new one at the time but I knew if I got a used one I could just get started. This was also the year I decided I would write down all of my goals in a notebook until I accomplish them all and continue to add new goals every new year. Prior to searching for a camera, I had watched a lot of videos on manifestation and success stories. I was determined to be successful and live a better life. I made sure to pray before every move I was going to make from that point on. I downloaded the “offer up” app and I came across a Nikon D5000 in excellent condition, the guy who was selling is said he no longer needed it and would also work with me considering I didn’t have the full amount of funds at the time. He could see I was determined to make this purchase so he worked a deal with me, and let me pay half, pick up the camera and then the rest on my next payday. so I was able to get a great price and on top of that, got the camera in advance. The minute I got a hold of it, I started shooting right away. I had a plan and I wasn’t going to stop no matter how hard it got. There’s a motivational speech Denzel Washington gave, and I listened to that speech for two weeks in a row every morning on YouTube before work. He says, “true desire in the heart for anything good is God’s proof to you, sent beforehand to indicate that it’s already yours”. That stuck with me everyday til this day as confirmation that I was on the right path to success not knowing how it would happen but trusting the process.

At this time, I was shooting anything I could just to start building my portfolio, I knew Instagram was a huge business platform so I had to get strategic about my presentation. Pray, grind, be humble, be patient, stay focused, I reminded myself everyday. There’s so much detail in between that I wouldn’t even know where to begin how to explain the way this journey has been. I was working at Trader Joes at the time so I was able to slowly fund all my equipment needs. I bought my first lense and was ready to put myself out there as a photographer. I really didn’t know what I was doing to begin with but I knew I loved working with people and if my work made them smile at the end of the day, then my job was complete. I did lots of research and watched lots of videos to teach myself new skills everyday. All year I made it a goal to do as many photoshoots as I could even when I had no way of knowing where I could really go with this. It was really all the strangers along the way who became my biggest supporters and helped me grow in the process. I got canceled on and stood up so many times I was starting to get discouraged, but this is when I knew it was different this time around. Every time I got discouraged and wanted to give up, I pushed past that point and turned it into a positive. This changed everything for me, I was ready to go even harder. A year goes by, and I finally had built my portfolio up to start getting clientele.

My Life didn’t really start changing until 2019. By this time, I was fed up working a 9-5 because all I wanted to do was take pictures, videos, and edit. I started investing more time in my craft believing I can go as far as I’ve dreamed. I knew the only way to make this happen was to work harder than I ever have. I would even start to bring my laptop to work on my lunch break and still work when I got off. It was time to start taking the bigger risk. I also knew at this point I was confident and determined to make my dreams come true.

I just needed one person to really believe in me and be consistent with me to go further. This is when I met Director, writer, producer Christina Cooper, its funny because we crossed paths one day as I was running late to TJs, not knowing her but I knew I had seen her before in the media before we met directly. About a month later, I didn’t know she would be the person id be working with til this day. I was on Instagram and I ran across a post for the movie South Central Love that said, “need a photographer today for a book signing”. I was always looking out for new shooting gigs, and not all would be paid, it was more to connect. I was on my last bit of change and completely tired but used it to catch an uber to the Crenshaw mall just because. I had no idea why I did that but something in my spirit was telling me to get up and go. That day I took a few photos, I told her she was an inspiration especially being from my neighborhood and being successful. If she liked the photos, I told her I would love to keep working! I honestly didn’t think she would like them, but to my surprise she calls me a couple of days later and invites me Warner bro studios and Universal studios to shoot behind the scenes content for her upcoming movie Rising 6. I was so excited, in that moment I knew I had someone who would believe in me and my work.

Also, huge shout out to India Alston for allowing me to rent your camera throughout my whole journey, even when I didn’t have the funds. You believed in me so much and supported my dream. We’ve cried and laughed this whole process. She saw how passionate I was and later gifted me the camera I shoot with today. I’m forever grateful for that. We all put in so much work together that we were able to expand and bigger opportunities started to develop. I went hard all year long and then the Pandemic happened. I Also lost my auntie to cancer and attended her funeral the day of my birthday that same year. Her passing along with all the other crazy deaths throughout the year just made me really realize that time is so precious and what you do with it and who you spend time with will have an impact on your journey. It was after my birthday the bigger opportunities and doors started to open.

The pandemic was actually a huge blessing for me, this was the Time I was able to focus more on my work, I took a leave of absence from my job determined to improve my craft while everything was shut down. Big thanks to My captain Prince and managers Leo & April at Tjs for letting me chase my dreams and not get fired, lol. I was determined to quit eventually. During my leave of absence is when everything took off. One of the biggest dreams come true is working alongside with one of my favorite artist mothers, miss Joyce “mombreezy” Hawkins. She had my back at a time I was fresh in the field. I appreciate her so much til this day giving me an opportunity and trusting my work. Her kind heart and open arms have changed the course of my life. It’s the whole team especially Sabrina Reza and Steph Gilling. Thank you both for always connecting me and checking on me. I’m am just truly honored, humbled, and blessed for everyone along this journey who has helped and believed in me. I’ve worked on so many projects and am finally building a name for myself. Everything that I’ve prayed for and manifested is all unfolding day by day. Trusting the process and never giving up.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
It has not been a smooth road, but what comes easy won’t last and what lasts won’t come easy. I had to remind myself that constantly. I used every obstacle as a stepping stone. I’ve lost lots of money, sleepless nights editing and researching. The hardest thing to do this whole journey was to not give up and to not compare myself to others. It just took a lot of mental, spiritual, and emotional strength. I had to learn to isolate myself and protect my energy and space as I continued to do the work to elevate myself. Also a lot of prayers, the small habits, how I spend my mornings, how I talk to myself, what I watch and listen to, who has access to me that has changed my life. I needed to get uncomfortable to grow. I’m thankful everything happened the way it did, I can truly say I’m becoming the woman I was meant to be and stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually than my journey began. All Glory be to God. I put in the work, he opened the doors.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
I’m a content creator and cinematographer. I specialize in birthday and event recap visuals. I love being able to sum a great time in a matter of minutes. It’s challenging and fun at the same time gives me an adrenaline rush! On the Side, I also create business cards, flyers, and promos for any artist, small business, and just personal content. I’m known for shooting Royalty’s Jungle Book Birthday celebration and Behind the scenes set photographer/ videographer for the upcoming film Trading Soles, Cinematographer for Six Figure Makeover Show, and studio promo for “Floating”- Osbe ft Kanye West. I Just recently teamed up with AT&T for the Head in the Clouds Festival, so I’m super excited to share that recap sizzle, stay tuned! I’m most proud of all 4 of these projects. They are all a blessing and so many more to come. What I feel sets me apart is my faith and love for people. It’s so much hate in this world, and I’ve been hurt plenty of times but I know it’s best to still love on those who may not even like you. Love overcomes everything. Prayer has Strengthened me throughout this journey. I’m able to do what I love and share that with who I come across. Every negative I’m able to turn into a positive, and I feel that along with patience, it’s what feeds long-term success.

Can you tell us more about what you were like growing up?
My favorite subjects were art, film, P.E, And lunchtime. I was into everything but school, I loved sports and eating was a hobby. I’m a 90’s baby, so I love all 90’s everything. I knew at a young age I wanted to be in the entertainment business behind the scenes. I watched a lot of reality shows and music videos. Nothing too crazy, I just knew I was more into the entertainment world. I was actually pretty shy growing up too, but that was also became I had to build my confidence. Definitely confident and broken out of that shell now!


  • Video Editing $500
  • Promo Content $150-$250
  • Photoshoot $85/hr

Contact Info:

  • Website: imdb search Bree Arline
  • Instagram: Breezyshotme
  • Youtube:
  • Other: Breezyblacknwhite

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