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Meet Breanna Chianne of VULGR in Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Breanna Chianne.

Breanna, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I’ve been active in digital media for years prior to getting my degree in Broadcast Journalism from Howard University. I’ve always had a passion for entertainment – primarily music, so establishing my career as a content creator was obvious. But while I was growing my name within reputable media publications like The Walt Disney Company, Karen Civil and VladTV, I couldn’t ignore how unfulfilled I felt. That’s when I had to come to terms with the fact that I’ve been depriving myself of pursuing a career in fashion strictly out of fear and feeling like I wasn’t good enough.

There were many factors against me. I didn’t go to school for anything remotely close to fashion, had ZERO contacts in the industry, wasn’t a social media influencer with a massive following and absolutely refused to go back to school just to have a piece of paper dubbing me capable of achieving tasks.

COVID-19 hit the world hard, but the lockdown was weirdly a blessing in disguise for me. It’s like it gave me the wake up call I needed to say, “Eff it! I want this and I’m going to get it. Period.” Aside from New York, I was in the city of “anything is possible.”I recognized there was an opportunity to create my own income with a major consumer trend of online shopping. A huge part of me was tired of allowing my hard work to go towards making someone else’s dreams come true. If I could put that energy in for others, I owed myself the same justice.

I began educating myself on everything I needed to successfully launch a fashion brand. My research started from opening my eyes in the morning reading the legal responsibilities of a sole proprietor to falling asleep watching Youtube videos of marketing techniques at crazy hours of the night. All the while, working 7am shifts keeping up with my digital content work for NY’s Breakfast Club and even gaining a correspondent role with the JasmineBrand in LA.

I didn’t cut corners or ask for handouts. Three months later, I self-financed and launched my very first company, VULGR.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The entire process was what I like to call “organized chaos.” Having so many concepts, ideas and responsibilities in my head made things hard but being the control freak I am helped me filter everything out so I was physically progressing. Intimidation by brands I was inspired by, however was mentally toll-taking.

The most intimidating part was worrying about the brand’s social media presence. This generation thrives on what’s trending on Twitter and Instagram. I felt like, “Why would people buy from me if they can buy stuff from this brand or that brand?” My personal Instagram hasn’t even hit 3,000 followers so I didn’t feel like VULGR’s presence would be that much bigger. I was 100% convinced followers=success. It was like I was trying to sabotage myself mentally.

Readjusting my mindset was the hardest part. I had to force myself to remember that everyone starts somewhere. It takes a woman to realize you need help, but it takes a boss to actually act on it. Pride and fear were my worst enemies. But it dawned on me that those emotions equated to not being confident in my brand. Knowing that my mission statement is “For the unapologetically bold,” I knew I couldn’t preach it and not live it.

I started off self-promoting with faith in my followers’ and true friends’ support. Eventually, the control freak was able to let go and I, most recently, hired a Social Media Marketing intern to take on more responsibility. Not only was I concentrating on making my brand thrive, but I took even more pride in knowing I can supply an educational opportunity for someone else.

Please tell us about VULGR.
VULGR (pronounced vulgar) is a confidence-based women’s fashion brand that occasionally carries unisex pieces.

When you hear the word “vulgar,” you think inappropriate. or vulgar language. It’s human nature to use swear words to put an extra emphasis on how we express our thoughts and emotions. So I figured, “why don’t we put an extra emphasis on how we express ourselves through how we dress?”

I wanted to put a twist on what’s considered “inappropriate” and make it more about being bold. It’s all about embracing the “vulgarity” we ALL have inside of us. Looking for something that will help you stand out in the crowd? Do you like those go-to conversation starter pieces?

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My favorite memory from childhood was when my mom volunteered to make the costumes for my ballet performance.

It was a small company but our performances brought out the masses so it was crucial that every costume was absolutely perfect. *Enter my perfectionist mother.* She’s a single mom so I grew up watching my mom accomplish amazing things. That’s definitely why I’m so fiercely independent and determined.

I had a couple of different roles, one of them being a tree. She voluntarily hand-sewn and paint 12 individualized costumes for girls that were well-varied in size. It was fun to watch my mom in her element because she’s so effortlessly creative, but it was her generosity that stood out the most. It was like she didn’t think to hesitate to help because we were all family. She wasn’t a stage mom but she was definitely a familiar face backstage that all the girls felt comfortable with going to for help. My mom was everyone’s mom! It gave us the opportunity to spend even more time together by intertwining my passion for dance and her love of just being around her daughter.

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