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Meet Bobby Delgadillo of Ireadsouls in Hollywood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bobby Delgadillo.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Bobby. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I remember the move from Shaver Lake, California to Los Angeles being quite a culture shock. From living in a mountain full of almost only trees to living in a valley of sidewalks and lamp posts, I found solace in a place much like childhood. I was fortunate enough that my parents had gotten us all annual passes to Disneyland before the divorce so I had already met a couple of genuine people in LA before the move.

Disneyland truly seemed like a magical place. During the day, my friends and I would run through the park playing pranks, riding attractions, and meeting girls like every 14 years old boy loves to. At night, the whole vibe would change. Three bright blue lights would illuminate the sky and everyone would start running toward the side of the amusement park called Disney California Adventure. The movie “Tron” was being revamped and released to theaters so the park was running a “rave type” promotional called “Electronica”. I truly believe this is what fostered my career choice.

Being amongst people that loved dancing reminded me of dancing with my great grandpa as a toddler and the curation of the DJ brought back the feeling of when I did the same during my middle school dances with my father. This place had the feeling of home and our way of communication was the music. So for the next four years of high-school, this would be my home. I really didn’t mind being ridiculed for being different than the kids down here because I knew every weekend I was going to be seeing my family, and with them I felt like a rockstar. How do I explain that feeling? Well everyone in this family had talents, ways to “step into the spotlight” and we’d encourage each other to perform these talents simply for entertainment. We all came together by dancing and we’d draw crowds of hundreds that would watch us, but when the day came it was a little different. We didn’t have the DJ, therefore it was on us to create the vibe.

One of our brightest lights, Reggie, always solved this with a chant. “NO MUSIC, NO MUSIC,” he would yell and we’d all chant and clap along creating an atmosphere of pure joy that complete strangers would be drawn to. Once we drew a crowd, we’d connect with them and keep showing our talents. I was just a bystander until Reggie found out I could sing and he kept me singing, helping me strengthen my voice. The desire to sing on stage had always seemed like a distant dream but around these crowds I felt I was on the right path. I just felt happy.

Fast forward through high school to senior year, and we’re still hitting Disneyland every weekend. The pressure of college, career, and adult life start creeping in. My mom’s asking me if I know what I’m going to do with my life. I knew what I always wanted but fear stopped me from committing. So, out of impulse I went to the recruiters office one day to start the process of joining the military like the rest of my family. This was an interesting point of my life. I was now living a double life. One side of me was dealing with the stress of making my mother proud of me while the other side was trying to fulfill my own needs and dreams. So for six months after graduation it was from studio to the recruiters office over and over; right before I’m about to leave for bootcamp, I crash my car, get a DUI, and it’s back to square one. However this time, I can’t go back to join the military.

“Well, to pursuing my dreams,” I think to myself feeling the disappointment but also hope for the first time in a while. “Divine Intervention,” someone had called it one day while I was working to pay off my bills. This was three years ago and in those years I’ve spent bonding and building with my team: Raul Menjivar (one of the Disney family members), Frank Benji (a brother Raul met at Los Angeles Recording School), and Camillo Gomez (a producer/dreamer from Columbia). We make powerful music together and created a blood like bond so we decided to name ourselves (XP), a homage to the experiences God has given us and a promise to share those experiences. We’re here to bring that atmosphere of joy and entertainment to the world in a hope to see all kinds of people dancing together.

Throughout the time collaborating with this group, I’ve really found my niche and strengthened my versatility. From recording vocals in studios with rappers to singing at church, I have found myself in R&B and Soul music; With the broad spectrum of artistic experience I have accumulated over the years, I will continue pushing the boundaries of modern music. I am ireadsouls.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Honestly, I thought the music industry would go a lot smoother than it has. Most people hold with them this hope that their talents will be enough to propel them to stardom. However, you learn quickly that hard-work trumphs talent in today’s industry. There are really no shortcuts to your own success.

After the DUI at the end of 2016, my dad let me live with him for about five months before I decided it’d probably be better for me to move out and continue my growth. I’ve been living on my own since then continuing to feed both myself and my music career. I’ve definitely gone through moments of not knowing where I was going to sleep or how I was going to eat but God has truly blessed me with friends and opportunities that have kept me pushing.

I’m reminded of a theology my dad had shared with me multiple times in these last three years. I am now going to reference Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. If you haven’t heard of this, I encourage you to research. It’s truly been a blueprint for my life. The theology talks about these basic needs that all humans need to survive and flourish. All in all, my father’s message to me was that I was never going to reach the level of artistry I desired until I took care of these basic needs.

ireadsouls – what should we know? What do you do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
ireadsouls: to look into someone’s eyes and see them as deeply as you see yourself. A representation of modern day technology intermingling with spirituality.

I established this brand independently at the beginning of 2019. It started as a platform I use to release my music and has slowly become more of a title.

Independently, I am a vocal-recording artist with skills in sound-engineering, production, & artist development. With beginnings as an artist, I’ve now ventured into the fostering of artists. The goal is to allow these artists to foster themselves, therefore eliminating any limitations on their artistry while in studio environments. This is truly what I’m most proud of when it comes to my work. Creating an environment where one can be themselves with the steady push for improvement.

As a Collective, my brothers/business partners and I lean towards a whole industry take over. Frank Benji, Raul Menjivar, Camillo Gomez and I came together to create (XP). A brand created to express the experiences that we take from our past to strengthen our future, kind of like video game experience points. Our team is full of recording artists that all produce and engineer independently. All solo artists in a not so solo vision. As we continue to work with artists in the surrounding areas to perfect both their crafts and our own (XP) is truly becoming the sound of the underground in the Los Angeles Area.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
Performing at House of Blues in Anaheim with (XP) was a beautiful experience however, I truly won’t feel fulfilled until I’m touring worldwide.

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