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Meet Beverly Hills Makeup & Hairstylist: Paris Volsch

Today we’d like to introduce you to Paris Volsch.

Paris is a go-getter who started working as soon as it was possible, was licensed at 17 and a full-on stylist by 18.  We’re thrilled to share excerpts of our interview with Paris below. 

Paris, please share your story with us.  How did you get to where you are today?

I’ve always been obsessed with beauty and fashion. Ever since I can remember I always admired style and the way hair and makeup can truly transform someone. When I was a child I used to always use my little sister as my live mannequin. Whether it was styling her hair into some piece of art or using the play makeup kits to give her a makeover. Who knows how ghastly the results may have been but it was always very fascinating. I remember my mom would come in our bathroom when I was playing beauty salon and giggle at the results. Sometimes mom would even oblige and let me style her hair into what I thought was a masterpiece up do! When I was in high school I started my own little business so to say, I had done one of my friend’s hair and makeup for a school event and she was a hit! The next big school dance I was completely booked for hair and makeup. I was 15 and didn’t work in a salon obviously but my mom let me turn her vanity into my own little beauty salon for when my “clients” came. The first dance it was mostly girls I had classes with. The next week I was getting calls from girls I didn’t even know that wanted me to do their hair and makeup for homecoming and so my beauty journey began. By age 16 I was cutting and coloring people’s hair I went to school with. It drove my mom crazy with the mess id make but I loved it. That same year I enrolled in beauty school. Luckily my high school had a beauty school so I went to regular class for half the day and then went to beauty school. I finished high school one year early so I could attend beauty school full time. By age 17 I had my license. I had already been working in a salon and was falling more and more in love with the industry. By age 18 I had completed my assisting and was a stylist on the floor. It was exciting but nerve racking as well. I used to always get so nervous for no reason, but my clients always left happy. I have been working in the Beverly Hills area for over 5 years. I work hard to provide superior services to my ever demanding clientele. I hope in the near future to open my own salon which I plan to make THE beauty destination. I have big plans for the future! 

Has it been a smooth road?

The biggest bumps in the road have been my non-gender norm style/lifestyle and my age. Even though the beauty and fashion industry is progressive and accepting being outside the gender norm has its challenges. I somewhat consider myself genderless but definitely feminine. I have never let what other people think of me affect what I choose and want to do which definitely has helped shape who I am today. Even though not conforming to stereotypical gender norms has been an obstacle it hasn’t been as much of an obstacle as my age. I started pretty young in this industry and often coworkers and clients have not taken me seriously, especially in the beginning.

What are your plans for the future?

My long term goal has always been to open my own salon. I want it to be the premier one stop beauty destination. I want to have under one roof the best the beauty industry has to offer and not just limited to hair and makeup. I want to offer skin care, injectables, laser treatments, peels, nail services, esthetician services, and cutting edge products in addition to the hair and makeup.

I look forward to creating the ultimate beauty team. I want to mold a team that shares my same passion for fashion and beauty, which is much more difficult than one would think. I consider myself a total beauty nerd, I want to know down to a molecular level how a product changes the skin or hair. I’m always researching new products to find the latest and greatest and what makes it so great. I want my salon to be somewhere people want to spend half their day getting the total beauty experience and feel their very best when they leave.

Let’s dig a little deeper into your story.  What was the hardest time you’ve had?

Can we go a little deeper into your story?  In particular can you tell me about the hardest time in your career (or life) – why it was hard, how you found yourself in that spot and how you got through it.  Can you also share a little more detail about any moments/experiences where you realized you had made it (or if too humble for that) a moment when you felt wow – my career is really starting to work out that way I dreamt it would?

The most difficult times in my career would have to be when I first started working as an assistant and then when I decided to move to LA. When I graduated from beauty school and got my license I was determined to not take the easy route to a job and just start working at a super cuts. I wanted to work at a high end salon. It wasn’t easy finding a job at the time since the economy had just collapsed and most salons weren’t not hiring freshly licensed kids but I was determined. I finally got a call back from empire salon in Irvine and I couldn’t have been more excited. I went in for my interview and landed an assistant position. For next year it was crazy long hours for very little pay. Being an assistant is no easy feat and often people give up part way through but I was determined to become a stylist. In little less than a year I was working as a stylist and also going to school for fashion design. I was torn between the two fields and unsure which one to pursue. After a lot of soul searching I realized that I had true passion for the beauty industry and fashion was more just fun for me.

Do you ever just stop and think WOW – I’ve made it?

Soon after I graduated from FIDM I wanted to move to LA and work in Beverly Hills. It took a while to find a job because I was basically starting from scratch again with no clientele. After a couple weeks of handing out resumes I got a job at a salon and couldn’t be more excited especially because I didn’t have to restart by being an assistant again. The next few year though were painful. Hoping for walk ins for business isn’t easy. It didn’t take too long though before I was getting lots of referral business and getting booked up. That’s when I felt my career was really starting to blossom and flourish. It’s the biggest compliment when an existing client raves about you to all their friends and family. Soon you know everyone and everything that’s happening in everyone’s life. I love the how personal this career is. You really get to know your clients and often the turn to you for advice on many things beyond just a new haircut how if they got enough botox the last time they saw the Derm. Now it’s just been about continuing to build my clientele in preparation for opening my own place. 


  • Prices of the following services are the base starting prices:
  • Base color $95+
  • Highlights $175+
  • Haircuts $120+
  • Makeup $65
  • Brazilian/keratin smoothing $300
  • Extensions are priced upon consultation.
  • Our prices are competitive for the Beverly Hills Area. 

Contact Info:

  • Tel: 310-860-1880 (Salon)
  • Cell: 949-276-1844
  • Email:
  • Facebook: Paris Volsch
  • Instagram: @Paris Volsch

Check out her work below:


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